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The Unseen Guest

A Family's Encounter with a Haunting Spirit

By MaheshhPublished about a year ago 4 min read

The Johnson family had always dreamed of owning a big, beautiful house in the suburbs. So when they stumbled upon a stunning Victorian mansion that had been on the market for quite some time, they knew it was meant to be. The house was in a great location, had plenty of space, and had all the charm and character they had been looking for.

They moved in and quickly settled into their new home. But as time went on, strange things began to happen. Objects would move or disappear, and strange noises would come from the walls. The family put it down to the house settling, but deep down they knew something was off. They began to see ghostly apparitions, and most often was a young girl in the shadows, sometimes it was just a glimpse of her hair or the corner of her dress.

The family soon realized that their house was haunted. But by whom? They decided to investigate and found out that the house had a tragic past. It was said that a young girl named Alia had died in the place, her death was mysterious and never solved. The family now knew that the ghostly apparition they had been seeing was Alia, the young girl who had died in the house.

They were saddened by the news and felt sympathy for Alia's tragic fate. They decided to reach out to her, to try and communicate with her, to find out why she was still here. They did some research and discovered that the house had been built on an old burial ground and that Alia's body was never found. They believed that her spirit was still searching for her body, and that was why she was haunting the house.

The family decided to help Alia find her body, they reached out to a local medium and held a seance in the house. Alia's spirit appeared during the seance and revealed that her body was buried in the basement. The family was shocked but relieved that they could finally help Alia find peace. They dug up the basement and found Alia's body, and she was finally able to be laid to rest.

The Johnson family moved out of the house soon after, they couldn't bear to live in a place where a tragedy had occurred. But they were glad that they had been able to help Alia find peace. They knew that the house would always be haunted, but they also knew that Alia's spirit was now at rest.

The house still stands today, and many have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl in the shadows, but now it is said that she is at peace and no longer haunts the house. The Johnson family will always remember their encounter with the unseen guest, Alia. They knew that they had helped her find the peace she had been searching for and in turn, she had helped them find closure for the strange happenings in their once dream home.

However, not all the people who heard the story of the Johnson family were convinced that Alia's spirit was now at peace. Some believed that the family had not done enough to help her find closure and that her spirit was still trapped in the house. They believed that Alia's ghost was still wandering the halls, searching for answers and seeking revenge for her untimely death.

These rumors soon spread, and the house became known as the "haunted mansion. People started to avoid the area, and the house became abandoned. It was said that anyone who entered the house would be met with strange occurrences and that Alia's ghost would appear to them, seeking their help to find her killer.

Years passed, and the house fell into disrepair. The windows were boarded up, and the garden was overgrown. The house became a haven for teenagers looking for a thrill and ghost hunters seeking evidence of the paranormal. But none of them found any proof of Alia's ghost, and the house remained abandoned.

One day, a young girl named Mia moved into the neighborhood with her family. She was fascinated by the stories of the haunted mansion and often passed by the house on her way to school. One day, while walking past the house, she heard a voice calling her name. She turned around and saw the ghost of a young girl standing in the window. The girl was Alia.

Mia was shocked, but she knew she had to help Alia find closure. She went to her parents and told them about the ghost she had seen. They were skeptical at first, but they decided to investigate the house. They found old records and newspaper articles about Alia's death and discovered that her death had been ruled as a suicide. However, Mia felt that there was more to the story, and she knew that Alia's spirit was not at peace.

Mia and her family decided to hold another seance in the house, this time to find out the truth about Alia's death. During the seance, Alia's spirit appeared and revealed that she had been murdered by her father, who had been struggling with mental illness. He had killed her in a rage and then buried her body in the basement, falsely reporting her death as a suicide.

The family was shocked and saddened by the revelation, but they were glad that they could finally help Alia find closure. They contacted the authorities and provided them with the evidence they needed to reopen the case. Alia's father was arrested and charged with her murder.

With Alia's killer brought to justice, her spirit finally found peace. The house was no longer haunted, and the neighborhood slowly began to forget about the tragedy that had occurred there. Mia and her family moved away, but they would always remember the ghost they had helped, the unseen guest named Alia.


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Hello, my name is Mahesh. I am a creative individual and I enjoy creating stories, such as ghost stories and fiction. I would like to share my stories and I hope that you will take the time to read them. Thank you.

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