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The Ultimate Taco Tuesday

Savoring the Surprise Showers

By Jessica C.Published 2 years ago 5 min read

It was Tuesday morning, and all the children were excited for the forecast. Today was the day, and they could hardly wait. They eagerly made their way to school, watchful eyes gazing upon the sky in anticipation.

They had everything planned out. The children knew that teachers and principals would prevent them from enjoying the unique weather, so they were determined to take matters into their own hands. Nothing would stand between them and their desires. Today would be the Ultimate Taco Tuesday; it would be the day that it rained tasty tacos from the heavens. They would not be stopped.

The determined students had orchestrated the perfect plan. First thing they needed to take care of the head of the school: the principal. It was simple, really. They switched out his toothbrush with the toothbrush of a child that was sick with the measles. The contaminated toothbrush swiftly knocked the principal out of commission.

Then they had to deal with the vice principal. They didn’t want school leadership to get suspicious if many staff members suddenly became ill, so they proceeded to frame the vice principal. This resulted in the vice principal being fired, shipped out to Alaska and, realizing that destination wasn’t far enough away, then Australia.

The children had a plan for any teacher that tried to get in their way. They knew they couldn’t ship them all out of the country, so they settled on a simpler solution: any teacher that wanted to prevent them from going outside would be punched. Not the most civil solution, but there were way too many teachers to have individualized solutions for each.

With all the staff dealt with, the children raced outside to frolic amongst the taco rain and munch on some tasty treats. When they reached the playground, they became disappointed, only finding normal rain. While dancing in the rain could be fun, it would only make them wet. They wanted tacos!

Their classroom teacher laughed at their dismay, which the children didn’t take too kindly. Although, it might have been justified, considering the extreme measures the children went to in order to be outside. They had been rather ruthless in acquiring their goal.

Silence descended upon the playground as the students looked up at the sky with wide eyes. A special cloud suddenly appeared, calling out to the children. This cloud began to sing “It’s Raining Tacos,” and the children erupted into cheers as the taco-shaped cloud rained a bounty of tacos onto the playground. Finally, they received what they had been dreaming off, and there was no need to ask why. They opened their mouths and closed their eyes, declaring, “It’s raining tacos!”

Needless to say, their classroom teacher was unhappy about the turn of events. She had been hoping the children wouldn’t get what they wanted. Their teacher was rewarded for their earlier laughter with a hot-sauce taco nailing her in the eye, as if a normal taco wouldn’t be painful enough.

All of the students paraded around the playground with the tacos, jovial and victorious, having a party. It was definitely a day for celebration and celebrate they would. It was history in the making, and they would savor every moment of it.

The taco cloud then released a special taco that Freddy proclaimed was delicious. The other kids scattered, suspicious of the taco abomination. They were unconvinced and preferred the regular tacos. Freddy was insistent, causing the ire of his classmates.

He began trying to force the gross spider taco on Vanessa, and she was furious, chasing Freddy around the playground and screaming how she’d never eat such a thing. Her sister came to assist her, but Vanessa’s sister wasn’t just any old sister. Vanessa had an identical twin sister, who also happened to be named Vanessa, and both sisters wore the exact same clothes, which only made matters all the more confusing.

The Vanessa twins didn’t get along all that well, either, often getting into feuds. One of the Vanessa sisters even chose to be a bully. Today was another typical day for the twins, getting into a fight, but this time they turned into giants as they munched on more delicious tacos. Unfortunately for the school, those tacos granted the Vanessa sisters the superpowers of laser beams and flight. They almost squashed the entire school in their squabble.

The real plot twist of their fight was the big reveal where the other Vanessa turned out to be the true bully. The true villainous Vanessa began to unleash her rein of terror, cackling about how no one would stop her.

Her villainy was short-lived, however, as the taco cloud had one more surprise in store. A special taco, haloed in golden sunshine, descend from the sky, granting Sofia the necessary superpowers to save the day with grace and ease. For her heroic deeds, the taco cloud granted her a taco airplane (a plane full of tacos), and Sofia left school for a vacation getaway. She definitely earned it for all her hard work.


“And that’s how I saved the school, and ultimately the world, the day it rained tacos,” Sofia declared triumphantly. “Since I’m always hungry, it was a fabulous day—so much free food! It was the Ultimate Taco Tuesday!”

“Remind me never to stand between you and tacos,” Serena remarked after hearing Sofia’s latest tale. The girl definitely had an imagination; the story was brimming with her creative juices, but Sofia and the kids seemed to go to any lengths to acquire tacos—I certainly wouldn’t want to stand between the two. They’ll just conspire to ensure they get the tasty treats, and I don’t want to be on the receiving end of their concocted schemes.


About the Creator

Jessica C.

I've always enjoyed creating, whether it be art or stories. I've enjoyed creating art from a young age and have worked in a variety of schools. I adore anime & cats. Over the summer we adopted baby Tsuki/Tsukihime, my moon princess kitten.

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