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By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago Updated 10 months ago 8 min read
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I grabbed the innocent looking brown package and ran.

They always place it in the red box. But my instinct tells me that this time it is the brown one for certain.

Why am I running. I have to start from the beginning, when I accepted that job working in the basement archive of the covert operations section of the secret 'government' organization. It is so top secret, it has no name. I have no idea who I work for. They recruited me straight out of college. Offered me everything I have ever wanted.

People make me uncomfortable. It's just the way it is. I like to work alone. I love to pore through files and paper and information and form intelligent analysis on any subject. They tell me I am smart, genius even. Whatever that means is of no importance, I just love what I do, it's the simple fact.

Anyway, I was offered a lot of money, a comfortable apartment, a decent car and health benefits. I accepted, this pandered to my reclusive lifestyle. I was happy.

I am Special Agent Alyth. Names are shrouded in mystery. Every agent is given the name of a fierce historical female warrior. So far I have met, Nandi, named for the African mother of Shaka Zulu, a warrior in her own rights, she is second in command. There is Brunhilde, Beadu, Hermenia, Euryleia, Camilla and a host of others.

But Amina, the Supreme Commander of the whole secret powerhouse was never seen. Commands were given, orders were followed unquestionably, yet no one except for a very chosen few knew what she looked like.

Amina was named for the African princess of 16th century Zaria, she became queen and ruled for almost forty years in a time when men dominated, she never married or had children because she refused to give up her power to a man.

The building in which I work is not your everyday intimidating, fortified government building which you can't miss from a mile away.

The sign in the window says "Collectibles", intentionally vague. The few displays in the bare windows were priced from $2000.00 and upwards, dissuading most people from entering. The few brave ones browse for a few minutes and then flee, there is hardly ever any sale.

But sale is not this shop's purpose. My first visit almost made me late because I walked up and down and around thinking that I was at the wrong place, before I timidly entered.

The 'cashier/clerk' was a cheery young woman, sitting doing her nails. I barely opened my mouth when she smiled and pointed to a bare wall. I saw no door, I looked at the wall, back at her, tried to say something, but she only pointed again. I squeezed my briefcase closer and walked towards the wall.

A door opened where there was no indication of a door in any form. I glanced back, full concentration was on her nails. I stepped inside. It was an elevator. The 'door' closed and I was zoomed at lightening speed downwards. I stepped out, almost nauseous. The door disappeared. I had better mark the spot so I don't get stranded down here.

"Welcome to the dungeon." A voice said. laughter in the tone.

I entered cautiously and recognized the young woman who had come to the college to interview me. I swear she was no more than 14 or 15 years old..

"Hello, thanks."

"You are free to make any changes you want around here," she offered, waving her hands. "If you arrive for work and there is ever anyone except Zelda in the store, you will not be given entry. The door is uniquely configured to individual signatures and will open only to detection of such signature. Zelda being anyone manning the store at a particular time."

"Oh, cloak and dagger, I love it." I thought. It would not seem so funny after I found out the truth.

I had been sworn to an oath of secrecy. this was an all female organization. From the highest to lowest rank. All women. I had three months of intense physical training. Apparently every agent of this company had to be in top physical form. Training was mandatory and consistent.

I was in charge of all activities in the 'dungeon', There was one other young woman there, my assistant, Alala, she looked more like my bodyguard. Six feet of Amazonian litheness and grace. I doubted she was any type of assistant. She did not speak much. Good, neither did I, a perfect pair.

The only visible computer was in the Collectibles front office. The entire organization was run as an elaborate and well oiled non technological machine.

There was a systemic formation of tubular networking connecting each floor of the building, and paperwork or tiny brown boxes were always flying up and down. Elegantly wrapped and bowed little brown boxes or bowed paperwork made up our days.

I collected and categorized, analyzed, eliminated and disseminated information, names, addresses, designations and anything required by my employers. Whatever finally went into the neatly tied and bowed boxes was the job of Alala, I never knew the final result of the boxes. Was I really in charge?.

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I started to get suspicious after watching the news one night. One woman said her husband received a tiny box wrapped in brown paper, he went out after that with the box and was never seen again. The next day she disappeared too, along with her two daughters.

This was happening everywhere, Not in the same place, so it did not seem like a serial disappearance. I noticed because it coincided with my work and the boxes. I started my own covert investigations.

I had now been at the Bureau for three years. For the next two years I tried to get information. This was not easy. Information was on a 'need to know' basis.

The kind of basis where 'if I tell you I will have to know'.

Under the guise of wanting to advance in the organization, I started to delve deeper into the everyday operations and structure of the company. I quietly and cautiously started questioning a number of more trusted agents. I had become close to them over the past years and hoped it would not seem as if I were getting inquisitive.

I now know that once you join the bureau you joined for life. I should have paid closer attention to the fine print. There were retirees but they were closely watched and scrutinized. I needed to get to one of them. But which one, I felt certain that there must be a disgruntled one somewhere.

I innocently enquired if everyone who retired was happy and held no grudge towards the firm.

"Are you kidding," Brunhilde guffawed, in a quite unladylike manner "who isn't disgruntled, maybe not as much as Lulu," everyone laughed.

"Lulu." I asked, trying not to sound too interested.

"Oh, she was the leader before Amina assumed the role. She was not happy to go, but she was older and got outvoted. She looked around startled, "you did not hear that from me, ok."

I saw my chance. I was now being allowed to visit other floors and got a good layout of who worked where and where everything went. I still did not know why or what the final results of all the comings and goings were.

I discovered where the retired files were kept, got permission to browse through for a project I was assigned. I found Lulu's file and got her address. I am no longer searched before leaving, my five trusty years were paying off.

I got to Lulu. I cannot explain how, it is Top Secret.

She was happy to relate the whole story to me. It was unbelievable.

Apparently, the basement was not the final floor. There was a whole world under there. Two wormholes had opened under there. One led to a beautiful world where only women were allowed to enter. That was Amina's goal.

The other was livable but a little less fruitful and plenteous. She sent all the men to this world. Lulu had objected to the separation of the species. But most of the women wanted it that way.

Women would now be recognized as the dominant species. I had no objections. I was ready. I knew a few men that need to be stranded on an island. I saw a small brown box on her table. I asked the significance.

This is how you are chosen. If you pass the criteria for citizenship to 'Aurora' you receive a brown paper box. So that is what the suspicious package wrapped in brown paper was. It was not ominous, or maybe it was a little.

The world as we know it now is ending. The new worlds were a new beginning for a chosen new generation. People aged slower there Lulu said. You can live a very long time, have good health, and best of all, there are children everywhere. Hey, men cannot enter our world, but we certainly can enter theirs. The family structure has been re-established.

There are new rules, but they are top secret for now. No one in the present world can know except the bureau of secret women.

The bureau has been around for a long time. It's time is coming to an end in this dimension. The wormholes were closing to this world. They had figured a way to join the two worlds but keep them separate.

Who knows how long that will last, new ideas come with new rulers.

Lulu was on her way to her new life. She had come to terms with the new plan. I raced back to the bureau.

On my desk was a red package and a brown package. The red one was objection to plans.

I grabbed the innocent looking brown package and ran.

My new home awaits.


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