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The Thrills of Joyless Spell-Casting

By Alberta Rollins

By K.H. ObergfollPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Thrills of Joyless Spell-Casting
Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

“Class, please keep it down. There’ll be no excitement here, that I can promise you.” Professor Quillgriffis cautioned.

“Magic in the real world is not what you see on TV. It’s deadly, dangerous business and not a ton of fun.” She paused, giving a stern look to a few students nearest the back.

“That’s it. Lock your wands away. Open your books to page Four-Hundred-and-Sixty-Two: Chapter Forty, Greatest Spells for Wandless Charms. Projecting your Success.”

“She sure is a dud,” Florence Silverling whispered amidst an assortment of giggles.

“So, you think you can do better?” Professor Quillgriffis queried, "Let's see..."

Young AdultShort StoryMicrofictionHumorFantasyAdventure

About the Creator

K.H. Obergfoll

Writing my escape, my future…if you like what you read—leave a comment, an encouraging tip, or a heart—I’m always looking to improve, let me know if there is anything I can do better.

& above all—thank you for your time

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