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The story of Vikramaditya - a confused young man who is a real father

Stories of Vikramaditya Vedalam

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The Vedas told this story to Vikramaditya who was carrying the Vedas through the forest. In Jayanagar, there was a young man named Mayan. Ivan had his profession of stealing. Once upon a time when he was wandering around the town to steal at night, the guards on night duty chased him to catch him. The Mayan hid in a room of a nearby house to escape from them. Sukanti, an unmarried young woman in the room, saw him. But she did not betray Mayan to the guards outside. Thus the Mayan had a good impression on Sukanti. Sukanti was also attracted to him for some reason.
Then their meeting continued daily that night. At one point Sugandhi became pregnant because they became so close. Knowing this, Mayan also promised to marry her as soon as possible. But while Mayan was unexpectedly involved in a robbery, he died in a fight with police when they tried to arrest him. Sukanti was shocked to hear this. At the same time, her parents wanted her to marry Jayne. Sukanti also hid her pregnancy and married Jayan. Then ten months after giving birth to a baby boy, she convinced everyone, including Jayne, that it was Jayne and her own baby.father, Jayne, died. Nakulan, now a well-to-do teenager, performed the pooja of Didi on the banks of the Ganges to his deceased father Jayan and when he left the Didi body in the Ganges water, two hands appeared out of the water. One of them belongs to Jayan and the other to Mayan. Both, claiming to be Nakula's father, asked him to give Tithi Binda to himself. Nakulan was shocked to see this and told his mother Sukanti about it. Then Sukanti told the truth that Nakula's real father was Mayan. Now Nakula is confused as to whom to give this Didi pint to.
“To whom should Vikramaditya Nakula give that piece? Vedalam asked. “The Mayan who made the mistake of making a woman pregnant before marriage. And except for the fact that Nakula was born Mayan, Nakula did nothing of the duty of a father. Nakula's mother Sukanti betrayed Jayan by marrying him and committed a great betrayal to Jayan. At the same time, Jayan considered Nakula as his son and lived and died as his best father. When all this is discussed on the coast, Jayane becomes worthy of receiving the pint. ”
The story of Vikramaditya, a young man who refuses to marry a princess;
As Vikramaditya was carrying the body from the forest at the request of a sorcerer, the Vedas inside the body began to tell Vikramaditya a story. Here is the story
Once upon a time there lived a young man named Kurubasenan in a country called Vijayapur. He was born with a slight deformity in his legs and was unable to move like the others. And since Kurubasena's mother died when he was a boy, his father remarried. His father's second wife, who thus became Kurupasena's stepmother, often pointed out Kurubasena's physical disability and came to demolish him. Thus Kurubasenan came from a frustrated state in life.
attended by a number of princes. At that time, Indumati had stated categorically that she would marry only the person who would prove her heroism by participating in the competition organized by her. According to her, the king announced that Princess Indumati would marry a man who would walk on a high platform without even the slightest scratch between the sharp blades on either side and jump over the sand dune a short distance away. Hearing this, many princes gathered there but no one attended the contest.Kurubasenan, who was there at the time, asked the emperor for permission to take part in the contest. The king was hesitant at first to see his physical disability but later gave permission.princess. Thus Princess Indumati also agreed to marry Kurubasenan. But Kurubasenan refused to marry her. “After winning the Vikramaditya contest, why did Kurubasenan, who was born in an ordinary village, get the chance to marry the princess of that country and refuse it? If you know the answer to this, tell me. ”
"Kurubasenan had been suffering for a long time due to his aunt complaining about his disability. When such a person hears about the competition, he attends the competition to prove to the world that someone like himself can achieve anything, without worrying about his life. He did not care at all about success or failure in it.
At the same time, Kurupasena refused to marry a princess who had won a contest and agreed to marry him, citing a legitimate reason that he was not fit to face a country in danger. ”

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