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He is more than my life ...!

Love story

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Love is something that always makes you think. There will be no one who does not fall in love. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. One can find a love story in this area.
I was in the twelfth grade then. My family is a very strict family. They would never let me out anywhere. It was a rare thing that left me in Duson. I will go to Duson in the evening. Then one day my favorite song rang from someone's phone. I love listening to that song. Then I don't know everything about downloading and listening to the song. I looked back when the song sounded like a ring tone on his phone ...!
If someone sees us we will look at the opposite or not .. as well as he, why did she look at me like this. But I didn’t take it too seriously ... once again I saw him on the bus. Even then his cell phone rang the song on that quiet bus .. I saw him .. I looked back at him. He looked at me too. Alas ... I returned shyly. I saw a small smile on my face with one glance as if I was ashamed.
When I went to Duson on a beautiful evening, he stood by the side of a tea shop and called me Hey baby ... they would call me baby at home ... I suddenly came back .. but he called ... it was a little baby .. .I ran away screaming that he had found my craziness too ... He was the first familiar person in my life so all night long his memories ... dreams .. chased me out of sleep ...
If I look at everything on the bus from where he sits, I will stand like I know. I would look in the bus mirror and see his face .. It continued every day .. One day the perfect meeting on the bus .. The situation where he was standing nearby ... That was the day even on Valentine's Day .. He asked for my bag. I gave too. That night when I opened my bag there was a greeting card in it. It threw me off ... on the one hand it was happiness .. but I was afraid of what to do if someone saw me at home. Also, this experience is new ...
The next day I took the card and gave it to him angrily .... He parted it and smiled away, I was happy .. Because, I wrote Me Too in it ... Our love continued ... He understood me so much .. To him He was afraid of theft and could only speak four words. Then he got a job abroad. He will come to a certain bus only on Friday ... I think it will be the time to talk to him ... because it is a very close time. I did not have a cell phone then .... I did not talk to him every day ... I only see him on Friday nights ... I will rush to catch that bus .. It is a pleasure for me .. Even if I do not see him for a week there will be great suffering. Knows his hometown .. Knows about family. But I did not see anything in person ..
I did not seem to check whether what he said was true ...
He would buy me a gift every week ... I would look at it and give it to him. I asked how everything is possible in marriage ...
I said I see .. I did not speak again .. I told all my friends about this .. They said stupid love .. They said without talking ... How without looking .... But exactly eight When he married me a year later ... my friends' faces did not flinch ....!

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