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The Story of the Starlight Tree

The old tree is said to be a thousand years old

By Dylan M ParkinPublished about a year ago 13 min read

Because of its special location and beautiful posture, a steady stream of visitors come to enjoy it every day, and everyone has lamented that this old tree has actually grown so much on the steep cliff.

Indeed, when the old tree was just a small sapling, it found life so difficult.

As a seed unfortunately brought here by a bird of prey, it was not destined to stay and grow easily on the flat and fertile land of its hometown like its own brothers and sisters. From the moment it sprouted, it had to fight tooth and nail against the barren and harsh environment here.

It took all its strength just to get its roots into the rock crevices.

The surrounding cliffs cast boundless shadows, but also let its desire to shine more sunlight again and again failed.

But these are not the most difficult.

The most difficult thing is that in this cliff where no grass grows, the sapling does not even have a small grass or flower that can be used as a friend.

It has only itself.

Sometimes looking across the mountain at the trees nestled close together, the sapling would shout as loud as it could, hoping they would hear its voice and give a response.

Unfortunately, everything in the mountains is close and far away, and the trees cannot hear the sapling's shouts.

The only thing that answered the sapling was the hollow echoes of the valley over and over again.

After countless times of disappointment, the sapling could not hold back any longer and cried out secretly in a moonless night.

It feels so tired of living, so lonely.

Do not want to hold on any longer.


At this time, it was a star that saved it.

In fact, the stars in the sky can hear the voices on the ground, including those buried deep in the heart, it is difficult to say the voice of the heart.

If they are willing, they can also respond to this.

But most of the stars are cold in nature, not willing to take care of what happens on the ground, so people mistakenly think they are very silent.

But this star is different.

This is a gentle and kind star, willing to listen to the sapling's cry, and the loneliness and sadness accumulated in the heart for a long time.

It said to the sapling, "It is remarkable that you can persevere from such a bad past to the present. Such a remarkable sapling, life's hardships will not be endless, as long as you persevere a little more, bravely grow up, life will not always be difficult, will encounter many good things.

The sapling will look at the star in faith: "But ...... what good things will happen?"

The star thought about it and smiled: "From now on, I am your first friend, you will no longer be alone."

The star did what it said, and many nights after that, it would take the initiative to chat with the sapling, telling many warm or funny stories, and also sprinkling the fine starlight on the sapling's newly grown young leaves.

It said, "Look how lovely this new leaf is, when you grow up in the future, it will be a beautiful tree.

The sapling blushed a little, but at the same time was very happy.

It has a very good friend, and friends chatting and joking, being friends care and encouragement, which makes the usual wind and rain, rooted in the rocks and so on, do not seem so difficult.

Even the night in the valley was looked forward to by the saplings.

Although there is no sunlight in the night, dark and silent, and always scraping the biting wind, cold and unforgiving, but it does not matter.

There is a star in this night.

A very special, very warm star.


The sun rises and sets, spring and autumn come and go, many years have passed, the sapling's roots are deeper and more stable than in the past, the trunk grows taller and faster than in the past. This time, it no longer need to worry about the unstable roots, the shadow of the cliff can not cover the sunlight that fills the canopy.

It has grown from a short sapling to a really big tree.

Whoever sees it, will admit that it is a very beautiful tree, elegant posture, branches and leaves, and in certain seasons, will bloom full of flowers.

It has become the most visible presence in the whole valley.

The star was surprised, and it did not spare the tree's praise, saying that it had seen countless trees in the past millions of years, but few were as good-looking as you.

It also said to the tree, you have persevered over the years, really hard work.

The big tree smiled implicitly and said that all thanks to the stars for many years of companionship, they have the strength to hold on.

There are also some words that the tree did not have the heart to say out loud.

It had heard the stars said, the stars every night hanging in the sky with nothing to do, will be bored and bitter, if the ground has a beautiful scenery, will let the stars see a little more happy.

The tree secretly wrote down these words, and during its long growth process, it carefully designed the shape of each branch, rendered the color of each leaf, and tried to grow into a more beautiful appearance.

It hopes that the stars can see the ground more beautiful scenery, heart a little more happy.

And this beauty, these happy, a small part of which will be specially given to the stars by the big tree.

Of course, the tree will not say these words, and do not have to say.

It and the stars have been together for many years, and their tacit understanding has saved them the extra words. Countless quiet nights, even if they just look at each other from afar, they feel very peaceful and solid inside.

The only regret is probably that they are too far away from each other to ever really touch each other.

The good thing is that there are still trees full of starlight, overlapping the friendship between the trees and the stars.

While stretching its leaves to hold the starlight, the tree vowed in its heart that I would try to grow taller and taller.

Although it knows, no matter how high the tree grows, can not reach the stars in the sky.

At least it can be closer to each other, closer to each other.


Unfortunately, everything in this world has its own rules of operation, just like trees can't reach the stars, just like stars don't twinkle all the time.

Like life in this world, the stars will also grow old.

The aging stars lose their brightness, and their voices seem so weak when they speak to the tree.

The tree looked at the star sadly, but the star was relieved and advised the tree not to be too sad about it, saying that it was happy to have met the tree and that the good memories of the past helped it to keep its inner peace and to stop being afraid of its imminent fate.

It was just a little sorry that it could no longer accompany the tree and eliminate its loneliness.

So before parting, the star intended to give Big Tree a gift.

"Every star eventually turns into a shooting star and leaves the night sky, and at the same time it can send a wish to the ground. Big Tree, what is your wish?"

The big tree did not speak.

But the stars still heard the big tree's answer, which is the ability that every star has, to hear the heart that is buried deep in one's heart and difficult to say.

This is the basis for them to judge who to give their wishes to, for those who can not be achieved, the stars will not respond.

The wish of the tree is to let the stars remain in the sky, which is something no one can do, according to the rules, this wish should not be given to it.

But the stars finally decided to give this precious wish to the big tree.

"You may have other wishes you want to grant in the future, so you can use it when you think of it. Until then, this wish will stay with you instead of me."

The stars that had been dull re-lit, gentle starlight surged like waves, submerging the whole tree: "Goodbye, my friend."

A shooting star crossed the night sky.

As if a teardrop born of parting, falling from the sky to the earth.


The big tree still likes to look up at the bright starry sky.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The twinkling stars reminded it of a most special star, and the years of companionship with each other.

It is not lonely at all, as there is a buzz when we meet and anticipation when we don't see each other.

The bewilderment is that among the countless stars that all look alike, there is no longer the one it is looking forward to.

It makes it feel even more lonely.

The only comfort left is that there is still a wish left by the stars to accompany the tree.

The tree never used the wish, it could not use it, and there was no new wish to be fulfilled.

It just kept the glowing wish on a young leaf at the top of the canopy, and thought over and over again about the past when the treetops were drenched in starlight.

In this way, it is as if the stars are still around and never left.


In the blink of an eye, many more years have passed.

The originally untouched valley actually became lively, because some explorers stumbled upon the beauty of the place, especially the big tree on the cliff.

It is too beautiful.

So much so that people could not look away and stop to admire.

For this reason, people do not hesitate to open the winding road into the valley and build a viewing platform looking at the cliff, just to be able to look at the tree from afar.

Everyday visitors come to enjoy the endless stream of visitors, people have lamented that this big tree can actually grow into such a steep cliff, it is really not easy.

Some people say that this is a tree blessed by heaven, if you sincerely wish to it, maybe the wish can also be heard by heaven.

This was initially a joke, but some people really believed it, and more and more people came here to make a wish on the tree.

People usually do not say what they wish for, but the tree can hear.

Probably because it also holds the wishes given by the stars, it also has the ability to listen to the heart, no matter how far away, those deeply buried in the heart of the voice can hear very clearly.

The countless wishes have their own appearance, some optimistic and positive, full of hope, some humble, full of sorrow.

The tree silently listened to each person's wishes, sometimes glad for them, sometimes sad for them.

It found that everyone's life is filled with confusion and twists and turns, and the moments that are truly beautiful are always as fleeting as a shooting star.

It is not easy to have a peaceful and solid memory in a long life, and it is worth cherishing.

At the moment of understanding, the tree was suddenly relieved.

It believes that it will not forget the stars, and the time it spent with the stars will never change in the memory of fading.

So, this complete happiness it has long had, there is nothing to regret.

It was the star itself that said to the tree, "From now on, I am your first friend, you will not be alone anymore.

It will never be alone again.


The big tree is also old.

After all, it has been standing on the cliff for nearly a thousand years, and has withstood countless storms, lightning and thunder.

Now it feels tired and wants to rest.

People also noticed the old tree's fatigue, although people do not want to admit it, but it is really old, old even to grow new leaves are not strong, whenever the cold wind blowing through the valley, there will be a piece of dead leaves rustling down.

Soon, there were not many leaves left on the tree, and the bare branches stretched into the air, showing a cold silhouette.

Even so, it is still beautiful.

To be precise, it presents a different kind of strange beauty.

In the clear night, people look far away, will see the cliff side there is a nearly hanging tree, the tree is beautifully stretched, the stars are its leaves, starlight adorned with the entire canopy, moving, beautiful and extraordinary.


While people marveled, the old tree made an important decision.

It wanted to pass on a wish that it had kept for a long time to a person who wished for it.

By now, the old tree has no more wishes to fulfill, and it is clear that even a wish gifted by a shooting star cannot break through the established laws of life, old age, sickness and death, and change the world.

It is grateful that this small wish has been with him for so long, and now it is time to send it to fulfill its final duty.

But, there are so many people who make wishes to the old tree, who should I give it to?

This question is a rare dilemma for the old tree.

Fortunately, the heavens felt that it had suffered enough and could not bear to let it tangle at this time to worry, and soon gave the answer for the old tree.

It was a starry night, the viewing platform was crowded with people, among them an innocent little girl, was climbing the railing towards the old tree, eyes full of curiosity and expectation.

"Ah, it's a tree that grows in the sky! The tree is full of stars!" The little girl shouted excitedly. "Mom, I want a star too!"

This is the most simple wish of the little girl at this moment, hearing the heart of the old tree abruptly back to look at each other.

With just one glance, the old tree saw the fine starlight in her eyes.

So familiar, so bright.


The valley suddenly blew a gust of wind, there is no hint of cold and bitter, this is a warm and refreshing mountain wind.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

It was a young, tender leaf that would not wither or deform, but would only emit a glowing light that would never fade.

The little girl held up the young leaf in surprise and tugged at her mother's coat, shouting, "Mom, look, I've just picked up a glowing star leaf."

Although she shouted very loudly, but the distance is too far, no longer have a meteor wish of the old tree can not hear.

But it does not matter, the old tree does not care at all, it does not care about this.

At this moment, it only feels the starlight of the long-awaited reunion spilling over the canopy again, bringing a heartfelt feeling of emotion and happiness.

Great. The old tree smiled.

My star, it's back.



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