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The Story of Promiseum - Dream Walker

by Llwyd L. Brenin 9 months ago in Sci Fi
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Chapter Six - The Story Unfolds

The Story of Promiseum - Dream Walker
Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

"It all started with a man," he began. Arrogant SOB. He thought he could control powers he didn't fully understand. Anyway," He continued. "He discovered that the universe was split into three separate energy fields. Two being filled with physical matter, with the third separating them like a barrier."

"So, you're saying there are more worlds out there than this one?"

"Actually, there are two physical worlds and one of pure energy." He corrected. "We live in the right realm, and other people live in the left. Every person in this realm has a double in the other."

"So, there's another me in this other realm?"

"No. That's part of what makes you different. You're equal parts of both realms with a huge amount of medial energy."

"I know about medial energy," Danny said. "I can feel it and can even use it, but I'm still learning. I've been learning from my friend Lance."

"So, you met Lancel? It's been a while since I've seen him. Is he okay?"

"I'm not sure. When Lance is in my dreams, I get a sense that he's very powerful. However, his energy level seems very low."

"That's what I was afraid of. I think Lancel's dying."

"What would make you think he's dying?

"Well, he's a twin spirit," Walter said. "Because of a decision he made, they're now separated and can't get back together. One can't live without the other. I'm sure that means she's dying too."

"I'm confused. I didn't know he was an Essential."

"He's not," said Walter. "But how he became a twin spirit is something you'll have to ask him. Will you help me talk to him?"

"Of course, I will. What do I need to do?"

"Follow me."

He got up from his chair behind the desk and walked across the room to the steel door. Then, he turned the large wheel in the middle and pulled the door open. As he stepped through, Danny followed him inside. The room was almost as large as Walter's office, but it was square. It was empty except for the Huge machine in the middle of the room. The machine was the size of a refrigerator. There was a sort of grid pattern on the walls with a small rod protruding from each square. Walter shut the door and made sure it was secure.

Then he went over to the machine, pushed a few buttons, and said, "concentrate on finding Lancel."

"Wait a minute!" Danny said. "What is that machine for?"

"I call it my dream machine. This room we're in is my dream chamber. I can't go into dreams as you can." He explained. "So, I invented the dream chamber to sort of usher the dreams to me. Now, if you don't mind, I need your help. I haven't been able to find Lancel, and I'm afraid he's too weak to find me."

"Sorry," Danny said. He concentrated, and Walter turned a dial. The air seemed to get hazy, and the walls blurred out. When everything refocused, they were in an incomplete version of Danny's meadow.

"May I?" asked Danny.

Walter nodded his head. Danny concentrated, then gave a mental pull. It was now Danny's meadow, complete with sounds and a light breeze.

"You've learned more than I thought," Walter said. "In such a short time too. Now can you find Lancel?"

"Of course," Danny said. He concentrated again. Then he almost whispered, Lance. Lancel stepped out from behind a tree. He seemed to be a little dazed.

He looked right past Danny and said. "Father? Is that you?"

"Yes, son, I'm here," Walter said. "Are you okay?" Walter asked.

"I don't think so." He answered. "I feel tired and weak. I couldn't even find Danny anymore."

"Let me see if I can help," Walter said. He pushed a button and turned the dial again. It didn't seem to help. It seemed as if Lance was fading. Not so much fading, as getting darker and harder to see. He turned the dial again. Nothing! Whatever he did, it didn't work.

"I'm sorry, son, I'm afraid it's too late," Walter said, with a

tear in his eye.

"It's not your fault," Lance said. I knew this would happen sooner or later. I just hoped that I would have more time."

He tried to touch Walter's hand, but he didn't have enough energy, and his hand passed right through. Then he tried to touch Danny’s hand. This made Danny’s hand tingle, and he felt a kind of pull as if Lance was trying to draw energy from him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t draw enough energy.

"Tell my Love..." Lance started to say but was unable to finish.

"I will, Son!" Walter said through tears. "I'm sorry we didn't have more time!"

"Wait a minute," Danny said. "I can feel that!"

He held up his hand in front of himself. As he moved it, a kind of static jumped from his fingers like miniature lightning bolts. He walked over and placed his hand on Lancel's chest. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. As he slowly let his breath out, his hand started to glow. Then it spread to Lancel's chest. From there, it radiated out until it encompassed both of them and was too bright to look at. Then it slowly faded.

Lancel was stunned. His entire being seemed to vibrate as Danny touched his chest. Everything seemed to expand with a rush of energy, and now he could feel something else. The feeling was faint but unmistakable. They were emotions and feelings that were not his!

"How do you feel now?" Danny asked.

"I feel great!" Lance said. "I don't know what you did, but I can feel her again. I thought the connection was gone."

"I never imagined that could even be possible!" Walter said. "I've tried for almost twenty years to find a way to restore the connection. All I can think is you must have healed the medial spirits themselves, and there's not enough energy in the veil of Dreams to do that. It's like you can tap directly into the medial realm!" He added excitedly.

"Woah, wait a minute!" Danny interrupted. "What are medial spirits, and what is the medial realm?"

"Are you aware of the medial barrier?” Walter asked.

"Yes," Danny said. "I can feel it."

"It's not a force field, as we first thought. It's actually a third realm separating the two physical realms," Walter said. "Medial-spirits live in the medial realm, and we are part of them. Each person born to a realm has a double in the other realm who is attached to the same spirit being."

"You already know," Lance interrupted. "That, you are the only physical being that is not attached to another physical being."

"And that group at the asylum knows this?" Danny asked.

"Most of it," Walter answered. "They don't know about you yet, but they have ways of finding out. However, I'm not too worried about them yet."

"Then what about all the security measures?" Danny asked.

"Mostly just a precaution." He admitted. "There are worse people out there, and with a conversation like this, it is best if no one overhears. But it's getting late now. I should take you back up."

"That won't be necessary," Danny said. "I can travel through the veil of Dreams."

"Very good," Walter said. "But Danny, I will never be able to repay you for what you did today. If you ever need anything, just call. I will be there. We will talk again. There's a lot more you need to know, but I think we all need some time to process what just happened."

After saying their goodbyes, Danny made a door in Walter's office and used it to get back to his office. He needed to think. So, he went out to his workshop. Once in his workshop, Danny continued working on a jewelry box for his mom's birthday. He was using a variety of rosewood he hand-picked just for this project. He doesn't use it often because it's pretty expensive. Plus, it's not that easy to work with since it resists glue and the finish. But it's a beautiful wood with its reddish-purple color. He carved the main body and legs from a single block of wood. Then he did the same with the lid and handle. Today he was attaching the lid with brass hinges and installing the brass locking mechanism in the front.

So, Lance is Walter's son. And Walter has a hidden underground apartment, and a secret chamber called the dream chamber. I've known Walter for five years and never knew any of this. I wonder what else he's not telling me. I have a feeling it's huge.

Oh well, he probably has a good reason for not telling me. He thought. If his reaction is any indication, then these are probably dangerous secrets. I'm not sure if I even want to know. But I have this power. Why? I don't need it. I'm not sure I even want it. No. I'm sure I don't want it, but I have it, and I will eventually need answers.

In the meantime, I made a commitment to the Essentials. Danny said to himself. Let's see what I can do. Over the next few days, Danny decided to use any free time to practice and learn more about his power. He discovered that the more he used it, the stronger it got. That also made it easier to manipulate medial energy and control dreams.

He could also fall asleep and wake up at will, which also came with advantages. When sleeping and not physically in the veil of Dreams, he could hide or disguise himself, even from the inhabitants there. Plus, it gave him the advantage of scouting a situation without risking putting himself in danger. He learned a lot about himself and what he could do. But what he found most interesting was that he could make anyone sleep or wake up whenever he wanted to.

It was an Essential who helped him realize that. Lance was right. The Essentials were a great help, And by now, he was pretty close to most of them. They would help him practice and even tell him things they had seen Lance do. He even learned and was practicing dream effects. Such as extending hallways and tunnels. And shrinking rooms. Even changing other people's emotions to match the dream.

Now he was ready. He decided to do a little reconnaissance first. The old asylum is located just outside the city limits. It was initially part of the city but was abandoned and forgotten long ago. Its design was half hospital, half prison. The building would have been creepy enough without the wall and guard towers surrounding it. It seemed a little much for a "sleep clinic," he thought. The walls were a little high, but plenty of trees were surrounding to get a good vantage point.

There didn't seem to be much security, but why should there be? A secret society of religious nuts is usually left alone. Besides, they probably feel safe behind that wall. From what he could see, it looked like they only used the front reception area and basement. Those front stairs got a lot of use. Mostly down and back up. Time for a closer look.

He decided to enter from the back. Checking for motion detectors and proximity sensors, he approached the back wall. There were none. One of the things he learned was that if he wasn't happy with the placement of his "dream doors," he could move them wherever he wanted. He put a door by the wall. Then he concentrated and pushed it through the wall. Now he just made another one, connected them, and stepped right through. After scouting around a bit, he confirmed that all the above-ground levels were unused. They didn't even have cameras. He found an unused stairwell and made his way down.

He picked this time because while observing, it seemed to be the time when there was the least amount of activity. He was right. It was almost deserted. The rooms on this level were set up like labs, and almost everyone was performing some kind of experiment. Then he found what he was looking for when Danny entered a large room. This room had two doors from the hall where he entered. It was divided in half by a glass wall with two doors about seven feet apart, and each door had a keycard reader.

On the other side of the wall, there was a large cylinder in the middle of the room. The cylinder was about five feet wide and ten feet tall. The top five feet was a glass case sitting on a machine. In it was what looked like a ball of energy. He could feel it from there, and he could tell it was Essential. It was Jonathan, and he was scared. He made a door and tried to push it through the wall, but he couldn't. Whatever was holding Jonathan was blocking him as well. There was some kind of energy field in that room. This energy field was powerful, but He had an idea.

In about an hour, every member of the group would be arriving for their weekly meeting. He would come back. Danny wasn't the type to run, and he wasn't in the mood to play. They wanted to know who he was. They would find out. And if they wanted to play a game of cat-and-mouse, he would be the cat. But first, He moved the door to the far corner and went through.

He didn't go into any dreams. Instead, he went straight to the medial barrier. He touched it. He felt a surge of power. He pulled his hand away, and tiny bolts of lightning shot back and forth between his hand and the barrier. Then he swept his hand to the right, and lightning danced down the wall as far as he could see. Then he put his hand back on the wall. He needed more power, but this was taking too long.

He pushed his hand against the wall. The wall pushed back. He pushed harder. The more he pushed, the more the wall resisted. Then he pulled his hand back slightly, and with all the force he could muster, he pushed forward again. Now his hand was pushing into the medial barrier. There was a loud hum, and it felt like the entire universe was vibrating. Then he pulled his hand back, and a large amount of energy followed. He had never felt this kind of raw power before

Time to introduce myself, he said. He didn't even use his door. He just thought it, and he was back in the lab where they were holding Jonathan. Then he whispered sleep, and everyone in the building fell asleep. He put everyone in the exact same dream where they were standing in the lab where he was. Part of controlling emotions in dreams was that he could make them experience whatever emotion he wanted them to just by looking at him. In this case, it was fear.

"You wanted to know who I am." He said. "My name is Daniel Knight, and I am your worst nightmare. You will not mess with my friends or me again. If you do, the consequences will be severe, and there won't be enough left of you to regret it. Is that understood?" He asked.

That was a rhetorical question. Danny knew he had got his point across. Then he went out of the dream veil, went into a waking sleep, and made his body mirror what he did in the dream. He raised his hand and placed it on the glass. The entire wall shattered, and there was a loud pop followed by smoke coming out of the computer. The energy field was gone, and Jonathan disappeared back into the veil of Dreams. Danny let everyone wake up as he stepped back through his door into a dream.

Danny was in a swamp. "Or is this a bog?" Danny said out loud.

"I believe the word you're looking for is a fen," he heard someone say.

"I'm not sure I know the difference," Danny said.

"A fen has more plants than a bog and less peat." the voice said. "And it is my home. I'm Jonathan. Thank you for rescuing me."

"I'm Danny," Danny said. "And it's no problem. We dream creatures have to stick together."

"We prefer dream folk, but you are correct. We should help each other," Jonathan said. "They were wrong, by the way."

"Wrong about what?" Danny asked.

"I'm not the oldest Essential." He said. "Archimedes is older than me. But Merlin, he's the oldest."

"Who's Merlin and Archimedes?" Danny asked.

"Merlin appears as a tortoise," Jonathan said. "He doesn't leave his dream, and he doesn't let many people in. As for Archimedes." He said. "He stalks death. Seeing him in your dream means someone is about to die or already has. He appears as a crow." He finished. Then he jumped into the water.

Danny decided to make a side stop before heading home. He went back to the dark alleyway and started walking down the middle. When Danny found a good spot, he stopped. Pulling a can of tuna out of his pocket Danny popped the top. Then, turning to a nearby dumpster, he placed the can on top. In a low voice, he called “Gary.” A few seconds later, Gary walked out from between two trash cans. He jumped on the dumpster and smelled the tuna. "Mmm, Yellowfin tuna in sardine oil." He purred. "What's the special occasion?"

"You were right. Jonathan was kidnapped," Danny said. "But I found him, and he's back home."

"That's great!" Gary said. "I take it, he's, okay?"

"He's fine." "He's just a little tired from his ordeal," Danny said. "I just wanted to let you know before I went back home."

"I appreciate that very much," Gary said. "And thank you for the tuna."

"You're welcome," Danny said. Then he went back to his office

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About the author

Llwyd L. Brenin

The stories that you see labeled chapter one - chapter sixteen are chapters from my completed book, The story of Promiseum - Dream Walker. So if you decide to escape to my fantasy world, start with chapter one and read them in order.

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