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And The Cords That Bind Them

By Leeza CooperPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 18 min read
Created by Leeza with Pinterest, Videoleap by Lightricks, submitted on 8/08/2022


And The Chords That Bind Them



What would be the point of spending years and years learning all about them if all she did was to cry out for help or try to flee? This was what she was born for, what she had wished for.

Her father had told her, from when she was very young, that she came into the world through her mother merely as a vessel, and that he was her spiritual teacher, her guide and mentor, not her father. Father figures were for mere mortals and drug induced zombies, not starseeds and lightworkers.

Suddenly she jolted upright in her bed, frightened and overcome by a strange presence in her room. What on earth had woken her in such a fearful adrenaline rush? Reaching out for her dog she pulled him closer to her as if to shield her from whatever entity had found its way into her space. It must have been past midnight, and, to be honest, she wasn't even sure if she actually was awake or if she was lucid dreaming. Blinking frantically through the darkness, she held her breath, and then she saw him.

He was sitting there quietly, his pale blue transparent legs were stretched out in front of him, dangling in the dark space over the side of her bed. Despite the room being warm and inviting when she had slipped into that dreamworld state between her consciousness and unconsciousness, the familiar setting of her room and its warm summer temperature had begun to transform into a season she no longer recognized.

She could hear his brain, thinking, talking, communicating with her through the frequency into which she had suddenly and unexpectedly dropped into. Although her eyes were now shut tightly again out of fear, she could smell his distinctive metallic nutty scent, and she could see his prodigious vibration dancing energetically around the room in a kaleidoscope of colors, so vibrantly and intensely that they penetrated her whole being. This was no ordinary connection.

Caught between an earthly fear of both evil and ignorant societal programming, and knowing what such an alien encounter could possibly mean for her safety, always conscious of the elation of successful interaction stemming from prior research and its sudden validation, she wondered if perhaps her instincts were correct; what if her real home was behind this being’s sudden appearance, a billion trillion galaxies away; what if it was just waiting for her to return? Her father had said that her human experience was not one-dimensional and that it would never be hidden, diminished or even extinguished. He also informed her that it could never be controlled by scientific experiments, lies, agendas or false information.

Ever since she was little, she was painfully aware that she never really fit into her earthly surroundings, nor even her skin. Yes, she may have been blonde, green eyed, petite and very pleasant on the eye, but delve a little further into her physical appearance and you would see the vast depths of being behind her huge feline eyes, and those unusual and distinct ancestral features.

As the years passed by and Indigo Summer Sky grew from early adolescence into her late teenage years and beyond, she concluded, in fact, that she existed more outside of her body than within it. Her deeply rooted belief was validated daily as she observed the vast difference between her own understanding of her place within her human experience, and what constituted her mission and her empathetic harmony and earthly responsibilities. This was in complete contrast to the diametrically opposed behavior of those around her who operated with greed, self advancement, destruction and especially those who wreaked of unimaginable lies, people of such evil that they had caused Earth to no longer resemble Earth.

It was also becoming painfully obvious to her that Planet Earth held a huge malevolent magnetic force at its core, as well as an agenda, a plan meaning that no Earthling would be leaving its ground force until they were given permission, until their time was up, until their fate was decided. Only then would humans have the chance to discover the truth about heaven and hell, or what other life forces might be out there floating freely around in the galaxy.

Indigo had witnessed first hand how Earths leaders involving 193 countries had failed to fight the evil forces and deliver on their 2015 promises, that by the year 2030 the five critical dimensions being; people, prosperity, planet, partnership, and peace would flourish. The United Nations General Assembly had vowed to end poverty and hunger; combat inequalities within and among countries; to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies; to protect human rights and promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; and to ensure the lasting protection of the planet. Sadly, despite the best efforts of all involved, the world had failed to increase its urgent mitigation leading to an increase in global warming, irreversible loss of its eco systems and mass destruction due to war.

It was evident that planet earth and its human experimentations would soon implode and become completely inhospitable, that it would quite simply become too hot to support life. Already humans were dying from glitches in oil refineries, and nuclear plants were combusting and blowing up, nuclear explosions were occurring more and more. Cities such as Mumbai, Shanghai, NYC, and Miami were quite literally sinking and were almost completely underwater. There was no doubt that planet earth was quickly becoming extinct and she wanted to get off, now.

As she sat there trying to digest the shocking but mesmerizing feeling of this entity's presence in her room and what it could possibly mean to her present and her future, her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by his.

“Aren't you a smart little cookie’.

Although it was dark and she was adrift, floating and hovering in a cloud of stardust and thick milky matter, she heard him loud and clear.

The moment she had secretly longed for had finally arrived and everything was now hanging in the balance, pivoting on her ability to digest and process the truth; that she had finally collided with something so great and astounding, so miraculous and aberrant, that it would take all of her willpower and her faith to see it through.

Staring into the vast empty darkness and with new eyes, she finally saw him, all of him. Her chest rose and fell in rapid anticipation of his continued connection with her senses, all five of them, and more. Observing his strong and potent silhouette, she became overwhelmed by her divine feminine shadow as it sprang to life immersing itself in his energy. A seductive dance between two worlds began to unfold, like a bee pollinating a flower in the Garden of Eden, and it was then that she realized her life force had truly become infused with his immortal super powers.

She was high as a kite, drifting in and out of the warmth of his essence, completely alert, every particle of her body bursting with a feeling she had experienced only once before when she was in her late twenties.

“Smart? Yes, I suppose I am”, she replied breathlessly, without opening her mouth.

The only noticeable sign that she had in fact responded to him was the shift in his position on her bed. Any thoughts of screaming were long gone as the intensity of familiarity took over any remaining human biology from within her being. Her human DNA had evaporated into thin air and had been replaced with a life force so strong that it was no longer blood that filled her veins but a pure chemical cocktail of euphoria, one that no human being on earth could ever invent or manufacture.

She had been with only a few men in her life and none of those experiences had been good ones. In fact they were nefarious, rotten and disappointing. These men were not only violent and abusive towards her, but utterly emotionally inept. As she lay there in the blazing hot afterglow of their coming together, she was completely amazed and demoralized by the irony; how was it that a male human could feel more alien, more of a stranger, more unfamiliar to her than an extraterrestrial from out of space.

Recognizing his cue, she understood it was time to untangle their chords and go…….

The stairs were much longer and wider than she remembered them, but the scenery around her was just as magnificent. Even though her world began to fade away to a cadaverous gray as they descended deeper and deeper into the earth's core, she felt her soul acclimatize perfectly in unison with her traveling companion and her mission.

It had been more than a decade since she had sent the universe a heartfelt message through her spirit guides. Finding herself all alone after her mother’s and father’s deaths when she was just a teenager, and becoming embroiled in a violent relationship, she had sought its counsel to help her solve her hellish nightmare situation. Of course she was taught by her father that the universe had an unusual way of deciding how to take care of things, and with karma floating around with a mind of its own, he had shared with her that the nature of the divine plan was never always obvious or understood straight away, for any of us.

With each step deeper into his world, she felt her skin leave her body as the atmosphere around her grew lighter and brighter until she was completely disrobed. The only thing that had stood between her and the incandescent alien being that had telepathically woken her up, the perspicacious entity that was now guiding her down the long stairway into the Earth's core, was oceans and oceans of time, and now she had projected her desires with such velocity that her reality had aligned with her fantasy.

She had spent years all alone wandering aimlessly in the darkness of earth, tormented, beaten, ridiculed and forgotten, wishing and praying for an escape. But, she never gave up her dream, and she had never forgotten his white light, the light of all lights, or the information he deposited into her tunnel of vision.


Not in any of her schooling did any lecturer in her science classes include the center of the Earth as being a part of outer space. She wondered how it was possible that nobody in the history of mankind, not one scientist, astronomer, philosopher, not one person had any idea that this world of infinite space existed both below, as well as above.

Being a student starseed of the esoteric arts, she was well versed in the aphorism;

“As above, so below”. It was the occultists who popularized the phrase and used it to describe the different planes of existence. It was also the term used by her father and other Buddhist philosophers in their abstract metaphysics, who called the invisible types the only reality, and everything else the effects of the causes, or visible prototypes, illusions.

She had witnessed first hand what constituted the acts of grandiosity and narcissism after suffering her first beating from the fists of her predator, and the subsequent sorrowful collateral damage to human life. With the knowledge of that beating came her understanding of the lack of morals, integrity and principles categorically embodied in the truth - that there was always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of being and life. It was obvious to her that it wasn't illusions that plagued her visions, but the delusions of others visions.

To Indigo, this was not new information at all, it was something she arrived already knowing, but sadly others around her did not. In knowing this, she was able to remain awake despite her traumas, and continue to expand her mind beyond that of nearly everyone around her.

The principles of universal application and manifestation were the very reason she had collided with an entire other world, abundant in alien life force. She understood the various planes of the material, mental, and spiritual universe - that all are governed by universal law - and she had learnt how to tap into its powerful supply of energy. So potent were her beliefs and unwavering trust in her higher self and the universal energies, that it had picked her up and transported her magically into another realm without any prior intention or evoking.

She had become one with the universe.

It was from her unusual upbringing traveling amongst Sharman's and Warlocks, Witches and Medicine men, that she learnt to understand that she was the creator of her reality, she was responsible for the images in her finite mind, and that the universe is the creation of the infinite mind. The difference between the two poles is what separates humankind from tapping into the vast pot of magic that lays at the end of the rainbow.

She had tried to awaken her bullying predator’s mind to enable him to recognize the existence of the immanent spirit indwelling within his being, to assist him to rise in the spiritual scale of life, but it was futile.

Obtaining and understanding enlightenment, acquiring recognition, realization, and manifestation of the spirit within she had recently determined, was not planted in all life force, and that sadly some forms of life were actually planted here to destroy it.

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing, the false profits, the predators and the evil that walk the Earth, was what she had read and understood when researching the biblical origin described in the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus, as recorded in the Christian New Testament. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Watch out for the greedy filthy pigs whose bellies and pockets are never filled, take a wide berth around the ghostly ships that harbor thieving pirates that will steal your soul. Until she had learnt the lesson of knowing how to recognize and let go of her abuser, her predator, and cast him adrift to suffer his own diabolical consequences, she would remain stuck in his insidious dark energy of outer space.

Yes it had taken her two decades to return to the divine white light of the staircase and to continue her journey home, but she was grateful for everything that she had learnt.

The atmosphere around her was reverberating with enthusiasm and joy with each step she took, something she had not seen on Earth since she had lost part of herself. Her limbs had taken on a radiant glow and long pearlescent cords had attached themselves to her vital organs and were now supplying her with an injection of powerful love and understanding. Emanating from the cords was a beautiful orchestral vibration of 528 Hz, the Solfeggio Frequency of love. It was as if her starseed family were producing an angelic celestial melody just for her homecoming. If she hadn't experienced this kind of euphoria associated with astral travel before; she would have labeled herself as delusional, or asleep and dreaming, but the truth was she had never ever felt so awake as she did right now. "Yes, O yes", she had dabbled in astral foreplay before, felt its electrifying waves of pleasure, but she had never gone the whole way.

It was true that starseeds come to earth to fulfill their mission, she had always known this, but she also knew that when they get here, they can forget their true origins, and for a period of time she had.

Many starseeds forget their homes, their loved ones, and their missions, but once they fully awaken they see clearly what they must do and begin to live their higher purpose.

It was a miracle that she and her Plaideian soulmate had found each other again and were reunited, floating in their space, amongst the Seven Sisters, The eye of the Bull, within the constellation of Taurus. Here in their true beautiful original form they were not bound by arbitrary laws, and their incandescent light was now completely indestructible to all other life forces.

Their ancient spiritual love bubble held a unique sound all of their own, and the vibrant colors they projected onto each other shone outward across the other galaxies, lighting them up like a gigantic magical starburst.

If this was heaven then without a second thought she would choose to stay. She would eschew Earth with its dark vail and deceptive mirrors, its slimy snakes and its slippery ladders. She was tired of playing its dirty rotten games disguised as for the greater good, and for the way in which the elite preyed on innocent children, and how it institutionalized them into their sacrificial indoctrinations and evil agenda. The militant squares in which humans were to remain and not step outside, where the deceptive slippery ladders start, where each human being was supposed to stand for tyranny and dictatorship, and if you dared to disobey orders and step outside your box you were almost certain to land in a square housing the head of the snake, thus leaving you to suffer unimaginable horrors.

Those confined stuffy boxes symbolized being earthbound, they housed a vast pit of evil venomous snakes and outnumbered the so called promotional ladders, and given that Earth was the eye of the snake, it made perfect sense. It was the diametric opposite of a circle, or a bubble, whose meaning is reflective of the eternal whole, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, and the space that connects the relationship between the human and the Divine.

Suddenly she was rudely interrupted from her out of body pleasures by a loud scream piercing her surroundings, it startled her almost into her skin with its urgency and terror.

What on earth could deliver such a high pitched penetrating sound?

Surely whatever it was didn't belong inside her bubble of bliss?

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, can they?

She was supposed to be alone in her perfect world, her sacred place where nothing else mattered, with no pressures, only her soul and her twin flames forbidden pleasures. In this space she felt at peace, she understood the need for nothingness and emptiness, and she knew that a life within a vacuum such as her bubble would be difficult for humans to comprehend, least of all hear her cries of ecstasy. Humans spent their days mostly without thought confined to a very small, dense, crowded and dynamic fraction of the universe. But that was normal, standard for them, but in her reality and that of the universe, it was rare and abnormal; the vast majority of her soul and its essence existed away from earth in outer space, which is nearly empty.

It was evil and its low vibration and gravity that was limiting the speed of light, and its path was consuming everything, its effect on dense matter was responsible for the congregation and building up of toxic wastelands on earth. She wanted no part of it, she wanted to expand and evolve out here in her galaxy amongst the stars, forever, as it would always remain mostly vacant and explorable. In this space she was her own supernova, her own ray of light, and no one could ever touch her or hurt her again.

But suddenly her love bubble had exploded around her in a BIG BANG, and piercing screams penetrated the atmosphere with such a shrill that it left her tumbling and rolling haphazardly in its velocity. She was free falling through the vast indigo sky. The spiritual cords of enlightenment were no longer attached to her body, and her beloved twin flame was gone. She was naked and all alone, trapped between two worlds, floating like a lost and forgotten soul amongst the debris.

As she drifted blindly and lifelessly for what seemed like an eternity, she eventually happened upon a cold dark space. Around her floated the forgotten ships of yesterday, tossing and turning violently on invisible currents; flying past her peripheral vision were the deluded pigs of Neverland; and hot on their tails were the black howling wolves in sheep clothing.

Desperately she tried to stop her momentum, halt its magnetic field, but the more she fought it, the faster she was pulled back towards Earth's gravity. The solar winds were howling at her heels and the only validation she had of ever having crossed over into the unknown, were the bright cosmic rays of her blazing trail, and a tiny starlike marking imprinted onto her hand.

Her mind was slowly collapsing inwardly leaving her with a sense of amnesia and deja vu at the same time. She sensed she had forgotten this before. Her happiness was disintegrating through the atmosphere with every lightyear that passed, and all the things that she had forgotten began to scream ferociously in her mind. If history was to repeat itself, what was the point of their romantic collision, their colliding of worlds? Who would orchestrate such a cruel and sorrowful existence? Would she ever bind with her twin flame or hear the celestial chords of music again?

As she hurtled through the cosmos, through The Lions Gate, she pleaded with the gods to enlighten her further as to the moral of her story; was there no middle ground, was her ending in fact her beginning, or was her beginning one that never stopped beginning? Had she forgotten how to manifest her story?

She knew many on earth who had forgotten their path and lost their way, but surely the tales and adventures that reside in the space between the conscious and unconscious atmosphere are the shadow truths that will endure indefinitely when mere facts become dust, and when souls become ashes, and when the spirit is long forgotten.

In her journey of life she had witnessed that one's existence is quickly forgotten, and even our own minds can play tricks on us. It was true she had lost a baby once, she had asked the universe to take its soul for safekeeping. She never had the opportunity to hold its delicate body, smell its musky scent, or hear its scream or lovingly tend to its needs. Instead she had pleaded with the universe to take it away from her attacker at her own expense, at her own loss. She couldn't bear the thought that he would abuse and torment the child the way he had her.

And so with deep sorrow she called upon her Pleiadian starseed family, her loyal and devoted twin flame, to collect her precious baby ex utero and transport it safely to her home in the Pleiades, far far away from his evil hands.

It was her faith in the cosmos that enabled her to let go of its innocent soul and watch it float into the sky away from harm and onto a higher realm, a place where dust has no consequence, souls can only expand, and spirits are never ever forgotten.

As she finally landed softly back onto the safety of her bed amongst her blankets and pillows, next to her little dog and under the gentle warm breeze from the window, she could see the stars in the sky twinkling at her as if they were reminding her that they were still there, shining brightly just for her. Glancing at her clock on her bedside drawers she saw it was the 8th of the 8th, the date where the portal is open and the coinciding celebration of the Galactic New Year. This date signified the opening of The Lions Gate portal and its gifts of luck and abundance, manifesting, and best of all, it was the symbol for infinity.

If there was a lesson or moral to her story then she figured she would be open to its interpretation tomorrow night, and the next night, and the next, and nothing was going to stop her from being who she had come to Earth to be, or traveling the astral highway whenever she pleased.

Reaching over into the wooden cradle next to her bed, she replaced the pacifier into her baby daughter's mouth. “It's ok, my precious little Star. Don't cry, Mummy’s here, and your daddy is right here, sitting on the bed, watching over us.”

8/08/ 2030


To be continued…………

Sci Fi

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Leeza Cooper

Leeza Cooper, a devotee, artiste, creator of published literature & poetry; Studied Degree CU, founder/president of Wheels & Dolls SMC; raising funds for DV, lover of travel, nostalgia & anything vintage.

Ms Australia International 2023.

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  • This comment has been deleted

  • James Joyce2 years ago

    Hello Leeza. I read and then re-read your story, just to ensure that I'd gained and appreciated its full insights. I thought it was utterly wonderful. It was enlightening, and resonated so very deeply with me. Many in America....I think about one hundred million people...believe in angels, but our concept of Seraphim and Cherubim is of little people with wings sitting on our shoulders and watching out for us. But you've given us an entirely new and original insight into what the world of non-terrestrial beings and spirits and angels could actually be like. The description you wrote of the being from another galaxy or constellation, was incredible, as was your central character's relationship....and the punchline which showed that her baby was the offspring of this angelic figure, had my whole body tingling. Thank you so much, Leeza, for your brilliant story. Alan

  • Scott Jacobs 2 years ago

    Loved every moment of this story, it is truly a work of art. I felt as if I was transformed to a completely different dimension as I was traveled along this literary galactic masterpiece.

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