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The Spark

By Timothy E JonesPublished 2 months ago 13 min read

Just call me Alex, I stand at 5'5", even though I am in my early 30's, I never found that special someone. Oh, to be sure, I would find someone who would last for a week or so, but never felt that spark that would mean (at least to me) that the relationship would last for more than just a few days. But that was the way life was in a city like Philadelphia.

The weekend was mine, and I didn't need to be back in the office until Monday; it had just turned 2:00 and all work was done. I packed up the paperwork I needed to get to my newly appointed boss and sat it on her desk.

"Is that everything you need to get to me?" Rosemary looked up from her desk, as the small file was placed into her hands. She was a woman of 25 with long fiery red hair and blue eyes.

I shrugged as Rosemary merely thumbed through the files. "Unless there is more coming my way."

"Not that I'm aware. Planning on going somewhere over the weekend?"

"That's one of the perks of living alone," I gave her a smile, "if you want to go somewhere, even at a moment's notice, you can."

"You can cut out early if you want," Rosemary waved her hand through her long, red hair pulled out a few pins that held it up, then waved it loose. "Thinking of doing that myself. Spend a few days away from this damned city."

"Anyplace special?"

"As long as it's not here," sighed Rosemary, "you?"

"Oh, planning of taking a few days trip to Cape May, nothing spectacular."

"Wish I could join you," Rosemary said wishfully.

"Why don't you?" I only realized how presumptuous I was being when I was done talking. "But you're the boss, and I'm--."

"Listen Alex," Rosemary sighed, "I'm your boss by name only, what you do outside these doors has no reflection on your job, what I do outside these doors have no reflection on my job. If two people who work together want to spend time together outside of work, I'm all for it. Even if it's you and me."

"My offer still stands," I smiled, more confident that I would win her over, "unless you have somebody at home; any boyfriends, husbands or otherwise male partners?"


"Any girlfriends, wives or otherwise female partners?"

"No. anybody specific?"

"Not really."

"OK," Rosemary sighed.

"So," I was nervous.

"Looking for someone special?" We both asked in unison.

"Yes," I was the one who answered.

"Activities partner?"

"For starters."

"Sex partner?"

I nodded. "If possible."

"That special someone?" Rosemary was flirting with me, I knew it.

"You offering?" I asked more tongue in cheek rather than anything serious.

"Let's see how this weekend goes," Rosemary motioned to the file, "which we can start as soon as I go through these."

"I'll give you an hour to work on them," I turned and stepped out of the office with a nice smile on my face.

During the hour, I was able to run a few errands that needed to be done, which included putting in reservations at one of the more reasonable motels along Beach Ave. as well as a few other things that needed to be done before I left Philly. I looked up to see Rosemary looking for where my car was. I gave her cell a ring and directed her towards where to meet the car, as I drove around the corner onto Market St.

"I'm yours to do with as you please," Rosemary took off the blouse she had to wear in the office, leaving the white bra in place. The freshly applied perfume was quite powerful.

I couldn't help but feeling certain sensations as I watched Rosemary remove her top, I shifted my pants, so I had some room for expansion. "Let's at least wait until we get to Cape May, OK boss?"

"Listen," Rosemary sighed, "I stopped being your boss when I clocked out. Even then I feel a little weird out, when you call me boss. You are 5 years older than me and worked here a few years after all."


"We're friends. Friends who're making this trip to find out what direction we're taking that friendship, whether it's strictly platonic," she looked at the erection that was taking shape under my pants, then touched at my face, "or something more meaningful."

"We can play around all we want later."

"Of course," Rosemary smiled, she then muttered out something that seemed positive sounding, but I wasn't too sure.

We actually did make it down in good time, and after stopping at her place to pick up a few things, at 7:00, we pulled up to the motel and had the key to our room, which, considering we were there at the off season, got it cheaper than we normally would have.

"Now," I said as the door closed, "we're here, we can do whatever we want."

"Not so fast," Rosemary said with a yawn, "I've been going all day, you've been too, and the moment I had way back on Market St. is gone."

"I understand, keep my distance," I said, as I moved to a chair on the far side of the room, "tomorrow we'll have all day to relax and unwind."

Rosemary laughed as she placed her arms around me. "Not that we have to completely avoid one another, just no sex."

"We can just kick back and watch a movie," I suggested, "order a pizza."


We ended up watching some cheesy creature feature before turning in, since there was only one bed in the room there was a brief discussion on who slept on what side. I discovered that Rosemary, like me liked to sleep in the nude, which made things very awkward. "Are you sure you don't want to do anything?"

"Tomorrow," Rosemary said, "I promise."

Morning took a long time getting here, I could barely sleep, not with the girl with the perfect body sleeping right next to me, a body that screamed off limits, yet was tempting me in every way.

As the sun rose, so did I. I looked out the window at the breakers that extended 100 feet out into the water, at least I could do what I initially came down for, a bit of meditation on the breakers. I wrote Rosemary a note telling her where I would be and forwarded it to her phone.

I made my way onto the breaker, making sure that I took careful steps, not that it was a long fall, but the water rose and dropped into the spaces between the rocks at the movement of each of the powerful waves. I finally made it; the waves were at their most powerful around me. Sounds created by the waves complimented by the cries of the seagulls filled the air.

Down at the water, a surfer-girl practiced her moves on her board, and I found myself cheering her on, as she rode a particularly high and challenging looking wave. When she was through her little ride, she stopped, waved at me, I waved back, and we both went back to what we were doing.

I spent an hour, meditating on the breakers as I thought about Rosemary. She was testing me, she had to be. After all, I was content to come down alone, but I ended up inviting her, in hopes that it would turn into something special. But on what could have been a romantic getaway, she puts up this no touch thing, all while getting me turned on.

In the midst of it all, I see Rosemary in a white sundress trying to make her way across the rocks, I pull out my cell phone and type in "Stay there." As I send the message, I look up to see her making a motion to a pancake house. By this time, I was almost off the breakers, and the final one was a simple hop to the sand.

"So, are we OK?" I asked.

"Oh," Rosemary smiled, "Yeah. Let's just find us a table and I'll let you know what's going on."

I found us a table, which wasn't too hard on that off season day. The weather was warming up from the 20-degree nights, and it was still a few long months for their summer peak, so the place was empty. We ordered their breakfast specials, which was a stack of pancakes, eggs and bacon or sausage.

"OK, so what's going on?"

"I simply wanted to see how you would react to certain situations, you know, crashing in on your private weekend, coming on to you in the car, then avoiding you in the motel."

"So," I sighed, "how did I do on your little test?"

"You did pretty good, better than most. I've seen people bomb out completely with what I did to you on Market St., you could have tried to do something to me, but I think you held back pretty well. Again and again, you passed.

"Why though?"

"Look at me," Rosemary held her face into the light of the sun that was coming into the window of the pancake house, "what do you see?"

"I see a beautiful young lady, with the face of an angel, that any man would want to have at his side."

"Look deeper."

"I see someone who has been hurt deeply by one too many one-night stands, where they tried to take advantage of you."

"And what are you looking for?"

"We already went over some of it yesterday. I don't want someone just for the weekend. I'm looking for someone with whom I am friends with first, take it day by day, wherever that day leads, whether it's having the best sex ever, or settling down to some cheesy movie and an even cheesier pizza. In the end, someone I may want to be a little protective of."

All at once, Rosemary picked up the teaspoon and began to tap at the water glass several times. The effect was like a victory bell at a carnival. "Winner! Winner! We've got a winner! Let me tell you, you could have had your way with me several times last night, but you didn't."

"You have no idea how much I wanted to,"

"And if you did, I would have brought you up on charges so fast."

"But I didn't," I sighed, "so where do we stand?"

"We're friends, entering activities partner, it can go farther, just give it time."

"OK," I looked up to see the server bringing our plates, I noticed that he couldn't take his eyes off of Rosemary. He put the plates down, then leaned into me.

"Hey, she looks fuckable!" He took Rosemary by the arm, and started to lead her away, "Come here!"

Get off her, asshole. He found my fist being pounded into his chest.

"Call the police!" The instigator said as he held his hand up to his chest.

"You do that," the surfer-girl that I was watching down at the beach came to our side, "because it's my wife who will respond, and she's parked right outside, ready to come in."

I looked out the window, there was indeed a police vehicle that was parked outside, the surfer-girl rushed to speak to her.

"Wow," Rosemary sighed, "no matter how this turns out, you're my hero."

"...that's the third time this week he tried to start trouble with a customer," the female Sheriff said to the surfer girl, as she turned and came our way, "OK, Buffy, I'll take it from here."

I looked up at the Sheriff, as she approached.

"Before we begin," Sheriff Brolin said, "you're not in any trouble, that guy is a known troublemaker, and Buffy already told me her version of what she saw. Just tell me what happened."

It took us all of five minutes to clear things up with the Sheriff, our stories matched what Buffy had said and our stories matched what the security cameras showed, and the guy was arrested. Then we were able to finish eating and we were on our way. We spent the rest of the day wandering the beach looking for shells and skipped a few pebbles when we hit Cape May Point.

"So," I asked, "I know where our personal lives are going. But what about at work?"

"Just because I'm yours outside of work, doesn't mean that I'll be giving you special favors in work."

"What about signs of affection like kissing and holding hands?" Rosemary held out her hand that was closest to me, we wandered all the way to Sunset Beach where we got there just in time to watch the sun began to set on the water, setting the sky ablaze in a brilliant hue of orange and yellow. It was like the whole skyline was waiting for us to arrive, and maybe it did just this once; for as we stood there watching the sunset, our hands clasped on in another, I began to realize, it was the spark that both Rosemary & I were looking for; the spark that would ignite our love for one another for the rest of our lives.


About the Creator

Timothy E Jones

What is there to say: I live in Philadelphia, but wish I lived somewhere else, anywhere else. I write as a means to escape the harsh realities of the city and share my stories here on Vocal, even if I don't get anything for my efforts.

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