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The Snowrows’ Adventure

For the SNOW MICRO challenge

By Lana V LynxPublished 29 days ago Updated 28 days ago 1 min read
Photo from “Canadian Humour” Facebook page

“Where are we going?” Mrs. Snowrow asked, struggling to keep up with her husband. They had no legs and Mr. Snowrow was much better at gliding on the snow using his oar.

“A little adventure. Hurry up, before humans come back!”

They reached a canoe in the middle of the frozen river. It was quite a distance from the row where they'd left the others behind.

"I wanna take you for a ride, finally justify my name," Mr. Snowrow said, showing off his oar.

"You know they called us Snowrow because they'd made a whole row of us snow persons for their winter festival, not because you are a rower, right?" Mrs. Snowrow smirked.

"Both those things can be true," Mr. Snowrow said and added before she could object, "Get in!"

"But I can't, d'you just expect me to roll over or jump in there? I have no legs!"

"Right, lemme help you," Mr. Snowrow gently shoveled her in with his oar.

"How are you getting in?"

"Watch me!" Mrs. Snowrow giggled, glided several yards away from the canoe and vaulted right into it, using the oar like a pole.

"Nice!" Mrs. Snowrow raised her arms, "I'm your GPS and captain! Imagine what humans will think when they find us like this!"

"Oy, where are you going?" Mr. Snowrow yelled into the distance. Mrs. Snowrow followed his voice and saw Auntie Snowrow wobbling toward the highway with her suitcase.

"It's too damn cold, I'm outta here!" Auntie replied without stopping.

Auntie Snowrow, on a quest for her own adventure


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Lana V Lynx

Avid reader and occasional writer of satire and short fiction. For my own sanity and security, I write under a pen name. My books: Moscow Calling - 2017 and President & Psychiatrist

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Comments (11)

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  • Penny Fuller3 days ago

    There's a lot of whimsy here- I like it!

  • Rachel Deeming16 days ago

    This was fun!

  • L.C. Schäfer16 days ago

    Thank you for the smile!

  • Catherine Dorian28 days ago

    Have you considered writing children's literature? This reminded me of Olaf from Frozen!

  • Lamar Wiggins28 days ago

    Such a pleasant story. It got a few chuckles out of me. Best of luck in the challenge.

  • Shirley Belk29 days ago

    Absolutely delightful!!!!!

  • Hahahahahahahahhaa they're sooo cute! I enjoyed this funny story!

  • Kodah29 days ago

    Loved this story! ❤️

  • Cathy Deslippe29 days ago

    Love the humour, great story,

  • Daphsam29 days ago

    Hahahaaha, that was so funny!

  • That was cute!

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