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The road out

Chapter 1 The Amauart sickness

By Zelda FoxxPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The road out
Photo by Cederic Vandenberghe on Unsplash

There weren't always dragons in the Valley, but they had come again sliding in through worm holes to darken the skies. Prince Patrick had gathered the Council to see what could be done. He had fallen ill this past year to the The Amauart sickness, the same sickness that had unfortunately almost taken the Queen, his mother. People across the Valley were suffering from it, but in particular, the royal family had been hit hard.

They had been fooled into taking in a Pauper, out of the goodness of their hearts. He was a court jester and said he would earn his keep, by putting on shows for the good towns people. His son and Prince Patrick became fast friends. They had much in common, both being shape shifters and all, but little did the royal family know that these paupers were actually from an evil realm and wanted to destroy the royal family.

They had created the The Amauart sickness to bring down the royal family and the Valley in whole. Queen Amera and Princess Haley were able to fight off the Evil Pauper and his son after Prince Patrick had exhausted his resources with his trusty dog Tigger. The King fell ill long before. They incapacitated him first so he would be no danger with hypnotism.

They disappeared through another worm hole and back into their realm but not before spreading the sickness and leaving the Valley vulnerable and able to fight off the dragons that could smell the illness, and now they blanketed the sky. Prince William began to recover and grown stronger as Queen Amera became steadily more ill. Princess Haley was on the mend but needed to learn more control of her emotions in order to control her mathematical and organizational magic.

The King was still slowly recovering. Prince Patrick was standing outside with the Wizardess Abbigail. Princess Haley would soon be joining them. They would be discussing magical defenses and strategies to defend against the dragons. Patrick would be leaving on a quest the next day to gather the shape shifters to be able to deploy tactical defense against the dragons.

But even with defense and magic, there were just so many dragons, and so many sick families to protect and the royal family and council knew they may have to abandon the Valley and possibly find the secret road the Queen had always spoken about were an escape plan ever needed.

Right now the Queen was too ill to move as were many in the Valley, so Princess Haley needed to learn to control her emotions with Wizardess Abbigail to stretch time and also still time so the sick people could escape. They also had to map the road and that would take a while as the Queen was weak, the map was complicated, and Amera sucked at Geography. So they needed the King, but he still needed to be dehypnotized.

High Priestess Prem was working with the Queen and King on this process. The Queen also needed the high Priestess help in order to recover from her sickness, in order to grow stronger. Everything was taking so much time. And yet the dragons kept coming and blowing their fire and the Valley was getting destroyed and it was taking its toll on Prince Patrick.

He had taken to enacting protection rituals around the castle and Valley, but it was only helping holding them back so much. Queen Amera kept utilizing her magic to help, but every time she did she had to retire to bed because she was so tired and if she did not rest and recover she would never be able to map the road with the King out of this mess.

And the Prince was exhausted. But he had a secret up his sleeve. He had found a secret cave with his sister that morning. In it they had found some relics that may help them both, him on his quest and her with her calming techniques. Both knew the answers were not simple. Yet, there may be a way to solve this dilemma yet.


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Zelda Foxx

Mother of two facing a mid life crisis or finally living my dreams of trying to make something of my words.

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