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The Planetary Curse

Love, Betrayal, and Revenge in the Celestial Skies

By Ameen younisPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Millions of years ago, space served as a dwelling for a group known as the "Olenors." They lived in space when there were no planets, stars, moons, or anything else; it was just an expansive black space with some peculiar-shaped ships that the Olenors used as their homes. The conditions in space were not bad; instead, they were calm and beautiful. The inhabitants were loyal to their king, who was a calm and just person among his people. He was wise and elderly, so the people turned to him for assistance with their questions and problems.

Each Olenor had a distinctive shape that set them apart from the others. They were also distinguished in their organization. Despite their small number, they were divided into several parts, and each part had a specific function to maintain order and the like:

Protection Section:

The number of Olenors working in the protection section was very small. They worked alongside the king, and anyone who wanted to consult the king about something had to go to the protection section first. They would then convey the matter to the king. They were also responsible for apprehending anyone who stirred up trouble and bringing them to the king for later consideration.

Ship Section:

The Olenors working in this section provided the needs of the ships for the rest of the Olenors. They also supervised the safety of these ships and crafted new ones. Those working in this section had to be very intelligent to be able to manufacture these somewhat complex ships.

Safety Section:

The residents in this section worked like doctors; they provided the necessary medicines for sick Olenors and attended to them. The Olenor working in this section had to be very articulate to deal with patients in a polite and comforting manner.

Culture Section:

Olenors in this section worked on educating and enlightening the other Olenors. They assisted them in gaining experience and survival skills.

The Beautiful Yos

Yos was one of the workers in the Safety Section; she was good-looking and spoke with a pure tongue. She was also beloved by most Olenors, to the point that she was honored by the king for her significant role in maintaining order and safety. Truly, Yos's beauty was mesmerizing. Her long, yellow hair and sharp features were complemented by a touch of childhood innocence that illuminated her radiant face.

Despite all the attention directed towards Yos, her heart only leaned towards one person, Vingari, who worked in the Ship Section. Vingari was handsome, intelligent, and reserved, avoiding gatherings and noise. His gray hair and calm facial features, although not as bright as Yos's, added a touch of depth. Yos didn't notice any negative qualities in him. His personality was the opposite of hers, and his face, though not as radiant, was calm and bright.

Another Side

Yos tried to maintain communication with Vingari, even though there seemed to be no reciprocated interest. She just wanted to see him always. However, a peaceful period of Yos's love did not last. She noticed Vingari getting closer to Blanita, a girl from the Culture Section, known for her extreme spontaneity, innocent face, blue hair, and round eyes. Vingari frequently engaged with Blanita, and Yos tried to hide her feelings, but it seemed that the flames were intensifying.

"Why should I occupy myself with someone like Vingari? I am Yos, with killer popularity. Why turn to someone like him? He doesn't even deserve my love!"

This is what Yos would say to herself to calm the intense fires consuming her heart bit by bit. However, these words were futile. Her love lasted for many years, growing each year. How could she let go of accumulated years in minutes and hours?

The Descending Path

Yos tried desperately to approach Vingari, but his love for Blanita was stronger than a broken, jealous heart. It was more potent than the fires of hatred and despair, purer than vanishing with the winds. Yos couldn't bear this situation any longer. Negative thoughts took over, and she resisted, but her shattered heart sought revenge.

She began contemplating destructive ideas. Yos worked in the Safety Section, surrounded by various medications. Wouldn't it be easy to get rid of Blanita with an overdose of drugs? Wouldn't it seem like a tragic accident? Here, Yos started to execute her destructive thoughts.

Our girl headed to the Safety Section, searching for the suitable drug. Dizziness? No, it wouldn't be beneficial. Headache? No, it's not powerful enough for fatal consequences. A sleeping pill? An overdose of a sleeping pill? This is our partner in crime! Yos quickly took the sleeping pill and headed to the Ship Section in search of an accomplice.

"Filata! How have you been? It's been a while!"

Filata replied, "Hello, Yos! How can I help you?"

"Have you given Blanita the key to her ship?"

Filata looked surprised, "Blanita? Why?"

"I noticed her ship is missing some medications. I don't want to give them to her now because she's too busy, so I'll take them myself."

Filata smiled and said, "That's kind of you! Take this key and give her my regards."

"Sure, thanks!"

Yos quickly went to Blanita's ship and added a dose of the sleeping pill to her meals. The likelihood of Blanita consuming suspicious food was high, so getting rid of her would be easy by just waiting for the right time.

The End of the Space Inhabitants

Our beauty woke up energetically, anticipating a new beginning in her emotional life. She adjusted her hair, then went to work with joy. Her day went smoothly without hearing anything about Blanita. She left her workplace and headed to the Ship Section, finding Vingari standing alone without Blanita, showing signs of frustration.

"Hello, Vingari. Why do you seem upset today?"

Vingari replied after a long sigh, "I'm waiting for someone, but they're very late, and this is not like them."

"Don't worry, everything will be fine!"

Before Yos could finish her sentence, she noticed Blanita approaching from a distance until she reached Vingari. Yos began to slowly move away in a state of shock. How could this happen? Wasn't Blanita supposed to be gone? How!

Her thoughts were interrupted by one of the workers from the Culture Section addressing Blanita, "Blanita, I came to your ship yesterday and didn't find you. Where were you?"

Blanita replied, "I stayed at one of the residents' homes. I was giving extra lessons there, so I didn't return home yesterday."

Yos remained in a state of severe shock until she finally let out a scream of hatred, after keeping it inside for a long time. Her scream was powerful, awakening all the negative emotions that had never existed in this universe—hatred, jealousy, greed, and hatred. These emotions took over the space inhabitants and cursed them, turning them all into planets, galaxies, and stars.

Blanita's fate was to become the Earth, while Vingari became the moon, staying by Blanita's side to this day. This was a reward for their good intentions and extreme kindness. As for Yos, she continued to burn as punishment for her hatred and resentment until she transformed into the sun. This was the consequence of what she had tried to do.

Here, Yos continued to burn, while Blanita benefited from her burning to warm herself, her inhabitants, and her creatures. Yos would remain burning until they were reborn.


About the Creator

Ameen younis

Versatile writer weaving magic and mystery, exploring life's nuances. Through evocative language, I aim to leave a contemplative mark by crafting resonant literary experiences.

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