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The Parrot's Wish

A Tale of Magic and Consequences

By devagi 2020Published about a year ago 3 min read
When Polly the parrot discovers a magical leaf that can grant wishes, she sets out to make her dreams come true. But at what cost? Join Polly on her journey of self-discovery and learn the true meaning of beauty.

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Dev, and I'm from India. I'm excited to share with you a story that I've written called "The Parrot's Wish." It's a tale of magic and consequences, featuring a magical parrot named Polly who discovers a leaf that can grant wishes.

As I was writing this story, I was inspired by the idea of how our desires and wishes can come with unexpected consequences. Sometimes, what we think we want may not be what we truly need. Through Polly's journey, I hope to explore the idea of beauty and how it can be both a gift and a curse.

So sit back, relax, and join me on this adventure with Polly the parrot as we explore the power of wishes and the true meaning of beauty.

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a magical parrot named Polly. She was not like any other bird, for she had a very special power - she could talk! And not only that, she could also understand the language of all creatures, from the tiniest ant to the mightiest lion.

Polly lived in a lush forest, where she spent her days flying from tree to tree, singing sweet melodies and chatting with her many animal friends. But one day, as she was perched on a branch, she spotted something unusual. A leaf was slowly fluttering down from the sky, twirling and twisting as if it were alive.

As the leaf came closer, Polly saw that it was no ordinary leaf. It was sparkling with a faint golden glow and seemed to be emitting a magical aura. Without thinking twice, Polly swooped down and caught the leaf in her beak.

Suddenly, a voice boomed in her mind. "Whoever holds this leaf shall be granted a wish. But beware, for every wish has a price." Polly was startled, but also excited. She had always wanted to do something special, something that would make her stand out from all the other birds. And now, with the help of this magical leaf, she could make that wish come true!

Polly flew back to her nest, eager to tell her family about her amazing discovery. She landed on a branch, where her parents and siblings were waiting for her. "Guess what I found!" she chirped, pulling the leaf out of her beak. "This is a magic leaf that can grant wishes! We can finally have whatever we want!"

But Polly's family was not as enthusiastic as she had hoped. "Be careful, Polly," her mother warned. "Magic always comes with a price. We don't want to end up regretting our wishes." Polly's siblings nodded in agreement. "Yeah, what if we wish for something bad, or something that we can't handle?" they asked.

But Polly was too excited to listen to their warnings. "Oh, don't be such a bunch of worrywarts!" she exclaimed. "We can wish for anything we want, and it will come true! Just imagine, we could have all the food we want, the best nest in the forest, and even the ability to fly faster than anyone else!"

Polly's family sighed, knowing that there was no stopping her. "Well, if you insist," her father said. "But remember, be careful what you wish for."

So Polly closed her eyes and concentrated on her wish. "I wish to be the most beautiful bird in the forest!" she exclaimed, holding the leaf tightly in her beak.

Suddenly, a blinding light filled the sky, and a strange sensation filled Polly's body. When she opened her eyes, she gasped in amazement. She had turned into a magnificent bird, with feathers as bright as the sun and eyes as deep as the ocean.

Her family was stunned. "Wow, Polly, you really are the most beautiful bird in the forest!" they exclaimed. But as they looked closer, they noticed something strange. Polly's feathers were so heavy that she could barely move, and her eyes were so sensitive to light that she had to squint all the time.

Polly didn't care, though. She was too happy to finally be special, to finally stand out from the rest. But little did she know, her wish had come with a price. She would now be the most beautiful bird in the forest, but she would also

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