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The Origin of Rose

A fable story about the origin of rose.

By Lou_EinalePublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 5 min read

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lady who lived in a far away village. Her name was Rose. At early age, she lost both her parents and had no siblings. She was left on the care of her grandmother, who also died when she reached the age of 18 years old due to sickness. Since then, she lived alone in a small house surrounded by a beautiful garden full of different types of trees and plants. When her grandmother was still alive, they both enjoyed spending their time gardening. The house was the only thing she inherited from her grandmother and her parents, in additions to her beauty and all the life lessongs she was thought throughout her life.

On one ordinary day for Rose, she went in the market to buy what she would need for the entire week. On her way home, she passed by to a flower shop and stopped to buy a bunch of flowers. While waiting for her turn to pay, her attention was attracted by a man standing in front of her. She had never seen him and maybe he was new in town or came to visit a family or friend. For the first time, she thought he was the most handsome man she had ever met. He was tall, fair skin and with lean body which every girl will dream of. Based on his appearance and way of clothing, anyone could immediately say that he was from a wealthy family.

Then suddenly he looked at her way to say something. She panicked and hoped that he did not notice that she was looking on him. He asked for the direction of a place which confirmed that he was new in the village. His voice sounds so deep that she felt the beats of her heart were so fast. She had never felt this way to any man she had met before. She tried to calm herself and answer his question. He thanked her for her help and then left the flower shop.

Several days had passed, Rose still could not forget her encounter with this new man in their village. She sometimes wishes that she will see him again. Her mind was wandering afar dreaming of him when she heard a knock in the door. She opened it without expecting that the same man she was just thinking before was standing in front of her door. Unknown to her, the man also got attracted to her on the first time they met in the flower shop. He asked the people in the village if they knew her and if where she lived. Fortunately, since it was only a small place, most people living there knew each other. He saved all the courage and went to her house with pure intention to pursue her.

The man was very eager to know her and win her heart. Due to his honesty and sincerity, he gained her trust easily. They spent a lot of time together sharing important moments of their life. She was getting at ease that the man was always on her side. She started to think that she was falling in love deeply to him and she was willing to be part of his life. However, all their happy moments did not last that long. The man received a message from his family asking him to return to their home immediately. His father got sick and fighting weakly to his death. He left as soon as he could with a promise to return when the situation regarding his father and their home got settled.

A very long time had past but she never heard anything from him. All her worries started to appear. She did not know how she would be able to contact him or if he would still return. She kept on waiting patiently on him. Until one day, she heard some news about him. After his father died, for him to be able to save their family’s fortune, he married the daughter from one of the wealthy family in their place.

Rose felt that her heart was broken into pieces after hearing this. She did not know if she could love another man again and if she could give her trust to someone after what happened. She felt so hurt and betrayed that she had isolated herself to everyone, even to the people from the village. The other men who were interested and attracted to her beauty could only watched her from afar. She put up a very high wall that people would have a hard time to reach out on her. She became very selective of who she would trust and let in into her life.

During this sad moment in her life, Rose spent most of her time in her garden. She busied herself in caring those beautiful flowering plant and trees in her garden. Until one day, the people from the village noticed that they had never seen Rose for a while. They got concerned and looked out for her in her house and everywhere they thought she may go but they could not find her. They did not know of anyone they could ask about her. All they could wish was for her safety and she would return to her home.

One day, some villagers passed by to Rose’s house. They noticed an unfamiliar flower in the garden. They had never seen one like this before. It was very beautiful but was strange due to the thorns attached to the plant. One of them touched it and got hurt when pricked by the thorn. This beautiful flower reminded them of Rose and resolved the answer to her mysterious disappearance. They thought this flower symbolizes how Rose lived her life after she felt heartbroken. She was beautiful but became protective of herself like this beautiful flower protected by the thorns. They thought of a name to gave to the flower and decided to give the name ‘Rose’.


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