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The Mythical Origins of Dreams & Nightmares

Astra Mundi's Legacy

By LUiS Wrote THiS StoryPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Written by: LUiS Thompson | Designed by Magic & Bots

Logline: In a cosmic tapestry of realities, the enigmatic "Reverie Nexus" gives birth to Dreams and Nightmares, setting the stage for a breathtaking clash between celestial Dreamweavers and malevolent shadows. As the delicate balance between hope and fear unravels, a mortal hero emerges to confront the darkness within, in a quest to safeguard the very fabric of existence.

Dramatic Question: Will the mortal hero be able to confront the malevolent force lurking within the Astra Mundi and restore the delicate balance between Dreams and Nightmares, or will the cosmic tapestry be forever engulfed in eternal darkness?

Astra Mundi & The Dreamweavers

Enter the Reverie Nexus

A region known as "The Reverie Nexus" existed in the primordial epochs of a cosmic tapestry, where realities merged and dimensions bled into one another. This enigmatic world was supposed to be the source of Dreams and Nightmares, the ethereal portals through which mortals beheld their souls' unlimited potential.

The "Astra Mundi," a dazzling crystalline structure at the center of The Reverie Nexus, pulsed with the collective consciousness of all living beings across the cosmos. The Dreamweavers lived here, beings of celestial magnificence who wove threads of dreams into the fabric of creation.

A cosmic disaster shook The Reverie Nexus millennia ago. Born from the darkest recesses of the multiverse, a renegade being formed with malevolence in its core. This malignant spirit was known as "Nocturna," a shadowy manifestation of nightmares. Nocturna desired mastery over all dreams, transforming them into twisted creatures that would plague mortals across realms.

Zephyrion the Dreamkeeper

The Dreamweavers, led by Zephyrion, the beneficent Dreamkeeper, stood united against Nocturna's malevolence. As a result, a devastating conflict between dreams and nightmares broke out. Threads of iridescent light collided with tendrils of shadow, producing a stunning cosmic show.

Zephyrion was able to seal Nocturna within the very core of the Astra Mundi at the end of their struggle, hoping to confine its darkness for all eternity. However, Nocturna's malevolence was so strong that it polluted the Astra Mundi, giving birth to a precarious balance of dreams and nightmares.

Life Within The Dreamscape

As a result, the dreamscape was born: a world between realities where dreams soared like brilliant stars. Mortals would suddenly be wandering huge, bizarre landscapes, encountering fantastic creatures, and obtaining glimpses of their deepest desires and fears.

Even within the dreamscape, though, the shadows of horrors lingered. The existence of Nocturna gave rise to Night Terrors, terrible beings who attempted to harm dreamers. With their newfound responsibility, the Dreamweavers took it upon themselves to protect the dreamers and maintain the delicate balance.

Mortals Souls linked to The Reverie Nexus of Dreams

The Reverie Nexus became a focal point for cosmic creatures seeking to affect mortal destiny through dreams and nightmares over the course of centuries. Some good spirits would offer messages of hope and wisdom, propelling heroes to greatness. Others, on the other hand, would take advantage of the darkness, sowing evildoers' minds and corrupting hearts.

Mortal souls become inexorably linked to The Reverie Nexus over time. Their feelings and experiences, as well as their hopes and anxieties, molded the very fabric of dreams and nightmares. The Nexus evolved into a mirror of the mortal consciousness, a dynamic place that mirrored the ever-changing human situation.

Nocturna's Campaign of Nightmares has only just begun

As for Zephyrion, burdened by the knowledge of Nocturna's malevolence still lingering within the Astra Mundi, he withdrew from the affairs of the cosmos, becoming a hermit of dreams. Yet, legends spoke of a prophecy that foretold a mortal hero, brave and compassionate, who would venture into The Reverie Nexus to confront Nocturna's darkness once and for all.

As a result, the story of Dreams and Nightmares became woven into the very fabric of reality, an enduring enigma that captivated the hearts and imaginations of all beings throughout the cosmos. Mortals gazed at the beauty and danger of their slumbering visions, eternally seeking shelter and revelation within The Reverie Nexus' infinite expanse.

The War for Balance & Peace Wages On

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