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The Mysterious Tower

A Journey of Self-Discovery Through a Recurring Dream

By Dr. Jason BenskinPublished 28 days ago • Updated 28 days ago • 1 min read
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There was a mysterious tower in the middle of a busy city, and the old stones inside seemed to be telling stories of long-lost secrets. The menacing figure that tormented Maya in her dreams kept drawing her back, even if she tried to ignore it.

Maya dreamed that she was standing at the foot of the tower, dwarfed by its majestic stature. She continued to approach night after night, delving further and deeper into her mind with each step.

As Maya ascended the winding staircase, she got the distinct impression that she had been here before. Still, the answer she was hoping for eluded her.

Maya stood before a magnificent oak door, its surface carved with mysterious symbols, at the top of the tower. Peering through it with apprehension, she exposed a room illuminated by a supernatural light.

The focal point was a mirror, its otherworldly glow betraying the secrets therein. The shifting forms in Maya's reflection reflected her internal conflicts.

Maya felt a wave of terror as if invisible eyes were peering into her very being. She tried to get away, but the tower swallowed her whole, and her cries resounded throughout the building.

Night after night, Maya would awaken with a racing heart, haunted by the phantom of the tower. Still, she became more and more resolved to solve its riddles with each repeat.

As Maya felt a burst of energy running through her, she touched the surface of the mirror one fateful night. With a little movement, her reflection changed, unveiling an image of her authentic, fearless self.

Maya felt a surge of clarity as she awakened with the first light of morning. She had overcome her anxiety of the mysterious tower since she knew that its secrets held the key to her own metamorphosis.

Maya followed her reoccurring dream to the tower, where she hoped to find the answers to her questions about herself. What had previously been a source of terror now guided her toward her fate, a lighthouse in the night of doubt.


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Dr. Jason Benskin

I am a dedicated writer whose work delves into the depths of human emotion and experience with a unique voice and an eye for detail.

My goal is to craft writing that resonate with readers on a profound level.

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Comments (6)

  • Jennifer David13 days ago

    This is a very visual story. I want to know more about Maya. The scene where she touched the mirror really grabbed my attention and made me want to know more about what happened. Reading this really made me curious about who Maya is :)

  • Milrose samboque28 days ago

    Wonderful poem 💖 very well written

  • Oh wow, she's so brave to go to that tower. Loved your story!

  • John Baxter28 days ago

    Amazing poem 👏 thanks for sharing ☺️

  • Sara EL GUESSABI28 days ago

    I like it

  • Gloria Penelope28 days ago

    I feel like as if Maya's dreams were haunting her, but I'm glad she ended up facing her fear. She overcame her enxiety about the tower.

Dr. Jason BenskinWritten by Dr. Jason Benskin

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