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The Mysterious Diary


By Keyur PorechaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In the center of a forgotten jungle where the trees talked to each other in secret language, lay an old artifact – The Mysterious Diary. It was buried far away from prying eyes, in an ancient hollow trunk of a twisted oak, protected by spirits inhabiting the forest.

According to legend, this book had been made during the time when our planet was young and magic permeated through every particle of Earth. They said that sorcerer created diary, which consisted of damned’s leather covers and fonts drawn with blood of innocents.

For hundreds of years, it stayed quiet for no one read about its dark stories. However, when some accidentally found out about its place of rest, they were magnetized by its ominous force and could not resist looking inside it.

Emily was one such person; she was always thirsty for knowledge as if she were obsessed. She knew that people around her whispered about this diary. Thus driven by her curiosity she went deep into the woods hoping to find it.

Standing before the oak which is aged, Emily’s heart was hammering. Cold to the touch, she reached into the hollow and pulled out the diary with trembling hands. Nevertheless, as she flipped through its pages, her excitement changed to pure dread.

The fonts, in stark contrast against old yellow parchment seemed almost pulsating with life on their own casting eerie shadows in dim light. The first story she read made a chill go down her spine because it spoke of death in its goriest forms—of disembodied souls and mangled bodies.

Emily couldn’t take her eyes off them as they seemed to pull her into the story; everything around her disappeared, swallowed up by darkness. And then suddenly there was a shock and she found herself standing somewhere unknown surrounded by shadowy corners that were filled with long forgotten horrors.

Emily had been trying hard to figure out where she was but now it dawned on her that she was stuck within those pages of that diary subject to their evil power. She could not get away from it no matter how much effort she put in; thus doomed for eternity to wander through its corridors of damnation.

One more tale was added to the Mysterious Diary, and another victim was claimed. However, Emily was not the first person that it had trapped, and she would not be the last.

In Magadha, an ancient kingdom in years gone by a great king had tried to decode the riddles of the diary. The ruler had believed that this book could give him incommensurable power and as such he requested his chief clerks to interpret its cryptic writings but they all failed.

The king felt so frustrated and hopeless that he made attempts to read through it himself but immediately after looking at his eyes it started shining on him until he disappeared into nowhere. On waking up again, he realized that he was transported back into time when ancient civilizations began to grow and fall like dunes.

In a landscape that was not his own, the king was roaming about with no particular place to go having this illusory past of his mind. For centuries, he became a shadow in the history books and is today a forgotten memory of ‘once upon a time.’

His ghost continued to exist after death in the diary called the Mysterious Diary which has imprisoned him forever.

Thus, it remained concealed from everybody else and only those who were courageous or stupid enough could be aware of its secrets. Eventually, however, this diary had too much awful truth to lie there unopened as it always reminded people about how evil human beings can become.


About the Creator

Keyur Porecha

A deep thinker, analyser, researcher who loves to explore the unknown facts and insides of a topic. Love creating short stories which may be a good tool to love reading for the active readers who like stories and get inspired as well.

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    Keyur PorechaWritten by Keyur Porecha

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