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The marriage shoes


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Marriage is a pair of shoes. When we were young, we walked barefoot on the ground, feeling the warmth of the sand and the coolness of the grass, the unrestrained spontaneity and joy that would wake us up from our dreams again and again throughout our lives.

When you walk far away, you have the pain of trekking. In the hot desert was scorched to run like a humpback, in the deep swamp was stung by leeches out of swelling and pain ......

Life is an endless road, so people created shoes.

Wearing shoes is to hurry, but the road is a thousand difficulties and dangers, there is fashion is not as unspeakable pain as a grain of sand and gravel in the shoe. Shoes, then, became the topic of civilized human generations passed down.

Shoes can be made from a variety of raw materials. The most humble is a fresh banana leaf, and the most expensive is the crystal shoe left by the fairy to Cinderella.

No matter what kind of shoes, the most important thing is to fit; no matter what kind of marriage, the most wonderful thing is harmony.

Don't just want the luxury of the shoe, and condemn your feet. What others see is the shoes, what you feel is your feet. Feet are more important than shoes, this is a truth, but many people often forget.

I have been a doctor for many years, and often give young girls foot wraps, the sharp upper of the shoe will cut their ankles to blood. Glued on snow-white gauze, set the glossy stockings, they curl away. But I know that while dancing, someone may twitch the corners of her mouth coldly: it's because of her shoes.

I have seen my grandmother's shoes, but not her feet. She never let us look at her feet as if they were an obscene object. The feet carried us to stand and walk. The feet are innocent, the feet are the merit. What was ugly was the shoe, a torture device, a model for casting a deformed and mutilated nature.

Whenever I see an arranged and obscure marriage, I think of my grandmother's three-inch golden lotus.

When I was young, I had a pair of beautiful red shoes, but there was a toe worm lurking in the nest of the shoes. Whenever I didn't want to wear the red shoes, the adults would always stick their hands in and poke around, then say, "What a nice shoe, put it on!" I put up the fiercest resistance a child could muster to not wear those shoes. I never understood why the person who wears the shoes does not have the final say on whether a pair of shoes is good or not.

Don't say anything on the sidelines, if you haven't experienced that kind of marriage.

Ice skating to wear ice skates, snow to wear snow boots, rain to have rain shoes, travel to have travel shoes. In a big world, there are countless kinds of shoes available for us to choose from, but there is only one pair of feet. Friend, you should be careful!

When I was young, I participated in the field day, the day before the race, my teacher suddenly brought me a pair of orange running shoes with spikes, wishing me luck in the track and field competition. I took off my white tennis shoes that I used to train in and put on the orange skin like soft running shoes, my confidence suddenly slipped away. The spikes chiseled the track with teeth and I felt like my feet had been replaced with hooves. When I said I didn't wear running shoes, all the people said I was too stupid. The gun went off and I ran the entire race in my running shoes. When I habitually raised my forehead to hit the sprint line, the line had long been hanging like a grant belt in front of someone else's chest.

The orange running shoes are not guilty, it is those who persuaded me to be responsible. There are many great shoes in the world, but it depends on whether they fit your feet. All the talk of experience won't help here, you just have to listen to how your feet feel in the middle of the night.

Seeing a good barefoot South African woman participating in the World Athletics Championships, I reported with a heartfelt smile: no shoes can also break the world record! Feet will grow, but the shoes remain the same, so shoes and feet, it becomes a pair of eternal contradiction. The power of shoes and feet, whose is greater? I think it's the feet. Only see the shoes worn through, no wear thin feet. When the shoes want to bind the feet, the toes will pick a hole in the upper to go outside and cool off.

There comes a time when the feet do not grow, and that is the age when we begin to mature. Get serious and choose a shoe that fits you! One foot is a man, one foot is a woman, and the shoes unite them into a similar but never the same pair. From then on, what the world sees on the journey of life is no longer footprints, but shoe prints.

Cutting the feet to fit the shoes is a kind of foolish cruelty, Zheng Ren buy shoes is a kind of wise man's pedantry; when the steps are difficult, shoes and feet should be sincerely united; when flatfooted, do not abandon the shoes ......

Of course, feet are more valuable than shoes. When the shoes do hurt the feet, we might as well catch up barefoot!

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