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The Loyal Prisoner

by LavendarWriter about a month ago in Short Story
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Short story

The Loyal Prisoner
Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

“She’s like glass; break her and you’ll be the one who’s bleeding”

He scoffs and looks at me as if I’m a madman, “Next you’ll be claiming, “She’s a rabbit with eagle wings” hmm?” the man mocked.

I ignore his mockery as if he’s a blind dog who can only bark. For 5 days I believe, since I was arrested, he’s humiliated, tormented, and tortured me for the location of the girl who’s destined to purify this corrupted world.

This foolish dog in front of me is ordered by the tyrannical to retrieve and kill her.

I groan in pain as the fiber of the ropes tightened around my wrist and ankles. I can still feel the blood of my whipped wounds drop on the cold stoned ground like raindrops dropping to the ground. I’m not quite sure of what kind of sorcery is still keeping me alive.

“My patients have died; you shall die now if you choose to keep your lips sealed!” he said angrily.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I started laughing. I laugh and laugh hysterically. I understand now I must sacrifice my life for not only for the girl, but the fate of the golden future.

“Then my blood shall shed and dry from my body for the glorious fall of the wretched king.” I grin.

Soon I feel a sharp pain right in my heart, I look down finding a shiny silver blade with a gold handle piercing into my heart. Darkness slowly takes over and I hear ringing.

“Have his body hang in town square, he shall be a perfect example for no one to do his foolishness” I hear before everything went black.

Now everything is dark, I know I’m dead. I don’t regret to what led to this, but I do regret everything I should've and wanted to do before death decided today is my last. I regret not seeing that girl once again, warning her of the danger, or just be present to witness the day of the end of the long tranny.

Claire, my love...I wished I had one more passionate kiss from her.

Or little girl...the one I would never get tired of hearing her sweet little voice call me “Daddy.”

“Alexander...” I suddenly hear in this black void. What is this?

“Alexander...come forward...I can’t allow to die now. I need you to do something...”

That voice smooth and calming...where is it coming from?

I then fell onto something, however, it’s still dark. I see no floor, so why is it hard?

I stand up and look at myself, I look like myself before I was imprisoned. I didn’t understand. I look around.

“Over here...follow my voice Alexander” I followed it, follow it until a light glow in front of me. The pure white seems to slowly chase away the blackness of the void. When I step into the light. I see a large woman standing in front. Having a glowing present, I admire the flow of her golden hair and the white color of her flower crown, wings, and dress.

She smiles down at me, “Hello Alexander, I understand your kind may loathe me. But you play a part for the girl's future daughter’s path”

It clicks to me...she’s the golden Goddess, the one who made the prophecy. Indeed, I hear many tarnish her name and blame her for the king. I but I knew the prophecy, I’ve never loathed her.

I got in one knee and look down, “Forgive me goddess, I didn’t know I was in such a present...I cannot possibly do anything as my body is bleeding and dying at this moment... and did you mention “daughter?”

She softly laugh, “that is why I bring you here...the girl. You sacrificed your fragile body for her safety. Yes the girl in the prophecy is my daughter. You have shown loyalty as a man of a family. I wish to grant you life..but I can’t give you your same body child, you’ll a different man but stronger. A man stronger than other normal men, but strong enough to help my daughter. If you don’t wish for that, then I’ll let your soul be in peace with death. You will no longer witness the pain you suffered before.”

I thought for a moment...I can be in more painful more torture...but Claire...Giana...the girl. I look back at her and stand.

“ I will live again, I’ll help the girl as I’m indebted to you if you let me be reborn.”

Golden Goddess smile widens as a staff appears on her hand, she glowed brighter as white doves surrounded us.

“Alexander you’re a good man with a loyal heart, never let anyone pull it out of you...”

“Yes Goddess” everything around glowed until I saw pure white. Then it was black again, my eyes flutter open hearing birds chirping...water streaming. I slowly sit up noticing trees around me and..... I’m wearing rags, but not the same ones I was wearing. I then touch my face noticing I no longer have a long beard, it’s all cut off. I then look at my hands, more color in my skin.....I’m reborn.

Short Story

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Hello!, don't want to really share my real name around the internet, but calling myself Lavender now. Writing is one of many hobbies I find myself enjoying. And I would love to post and share my story all around. Please enjoy reading!

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