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The Louisiana Haunting

You’re not always safe at home

By Brandon CorlinPublished 7 months ago 6 min read

The old Louisiana house had always had a reputation for being haunted. It had been passed down through generations of the same family, each one experiencing strange, unexplainable occurrences. But the current owners, a family of four, had always dismissed the stories as mere superstitions.

That is, until the ghost started targeting them.

It started out innocently enough. Objects would move on their own, doors would creak open and shut, and strange noises could be heard in the middle of the night. The family tried to ignore it, attributing it to the old age of the house.

But things soon took a more sinister turn. The ghost started appearing in their dreams, a pale, ethereal figure with glowing eyes and a sinister smile. It whispered secrets and warnings, and the family members woke up in cold sweats, unsure of what was real and what was not.

Soon, the ghost began to physically manifest itself. It would touch the family members, sending shivers down their spines. It would flicker the lights on and off, and slam doors shut with a force that seemed otherworldly.

The family became afraid to be in their own home, but they couldn't bear the thought of leaving. They had invested so much time and money into the house, and they didn't want to admit defeat to a mere ghost.

But things only got worse from there. The ghost began to possess the family members, taking control of their bodies and forcing them to do things against their will. It would speak through their voices, taunting and threatening them with the things it planned to do.

The family was at a loss. They tried calling in paranormal investigators and priests, but nothing seemed to work. The ghost was too powerful, too determined to terrorize them.

Finally, one night, the family decided they had had enough. They packed their bags and left the house, determined to never look back. But as they drove away, they saw the ghost standing in the window, watching them go with a malevolent grin.

They thought they had escaped, but the ghost had other plans. It followed them, haunting their dreams and manifesting itself in their new home. The family was trapped, unable to escape the clutches of the ghost that had once haunted their Louisiana house.

They sought help from the voodoo practitioners of New Orleans, hoping that they could put an end to the ghost's torment. But the voodoo priestess they consulted warned them that the ghost was too powerful, and that the only way to stop it was to appease it.

Desperate for a solution, the family began to research the history of the house. They found out that it had once belonged to a wealthy plantation owner, who had mistreated his slaves and committed unspeakable acts of cruelty. One of the slaves had died in the house, and his spirit had never been able to rest.

The family realized that the only way to appease the ghost was to make amends for the sins of the plantation owner. They organized a community service event, cleaning up a local park and donating money to a charity that helped victims of slavery.

As the days passed, the family began to feel a sense of relief. They thought they had finally put the ghost to rest and could move on with their lives. But one night, as they were sitting down to dinner, they heard a knock at the door.

When they opened it, they found an old woman standing on their porch. She was dressed in tattered clothes and had a wild look in her eyes.

"Please," she said. "You have to help me. My son is trapped in that house."

The family was hesitant to let her in. They didn't know who she was or what her intentions were. But there was something about her that tugged at their heartstrings, and they eventually relented.

Once inside, the old woman began to tell them her story. Her son, she said, had disappeared years ago while exploring the old Louisiana house. She had searched for him everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found.

But then, she had heard about the family that had moved in. She had a feeling that her son's spirit was still trapped inside the house, and she had come to beg for their help in freeing him.

The family was unsure of what to do. They had just gone through a traumatic experience with the ghost and didn't want to risk anything happening again. But they also couldn't ignore the plea of a grieving mother.

They decided to go back to the house, hoping that they could find some answers. As they stepped inside, they felt a chill run down their spines. The atmosphere was heavy and oppressive, and they could feel the presence of the ghost lurking in the shadows.

They searched every room, but there was no sign of the old woman's son. As they were about to give up, they heard a faint whisper coming from the attic.

They climbed up the stairs and opened the door to find a small, cramped room. In the corner, they saw a figure huddled in the shadows.

"Is that you, mother?" the figure asked. "Have you come to take me home?"

The family realized that the figure was not a living person, but a ghost. They approached it slowly, unsure of what to do. But as they got closer, they saw that it was the old woman's son.

He was pale and emaciated, and his eyes were filled with a haunted look. He told them that he had been trapped in the attic for years, unable to escape the clutches of the ghost that haunted the house.

The family knew they had to help him. They approached the ghost and pleaded with it to release the old woman's son. At first, the ghost was hesitant, but eventually, it relented.

As they left the house, the old woman's son at their side, the family felt a sense of closure. They had put the ghost to rest and had freed a trapped spirit in the process. They knew that the old Louisiana house would always have a dark history, but they also knew that they had done what they could to make amends for the sins of the past.

From that day forward, the family kept in touch with the old woman and her son. They would often visit them, and they would tell stories of their adventures and experiences. And while they knew that the ghost still haunted the old Louisiana house, they also knew that they had the power to make a difference in the lives of those who had been affected by it.

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