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The Lonely People

A story about a person, who went by the name Clemintine, who can’t tell dreams from reality.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The Lonely People
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The Lonely People

A story about a person, who went by the name Clemintine, who can’t tell dreams from reality.

Clementine was born sometime in the near future or the present or the near past, it all depends on how you look at it. She was born in a town with his sister, their dad, and her mom. He was the perfect child anyone could ever ask for. But like all good stories, this one came to an end quickly. It was the year 2055. Society was so advanced that children started becoming addicted to electronics before even out of the whom. It was a corrupt world, with a corrupt government that ruled over it all. It was the end of the world but nobody knew that yet.

As Clementine got older they realized, first hand, just how corrupted and messed up the world was and how messed up the people in the world were. Her parents had gotten a divorce because they fell out of love. He believed that his parents were never in love. They never showed signs of affection to one another. Their mother worked so hard day and night and his dad just was not about that life. Clementine sure hoped she could live out a better love life than their parents did. It’s hard watching everything you love come crashing down in front of you before you could even read and write.

The government kept strict watch over all of the world, making sure no one stepped out of line. They wanted you to act a certain way, talk a certain way, look a certain way, have a certain sexuality, and worse of all, follow certain gender norms. Clementine really didn’t get it. It just didn’t make sense to him. So he went up against the government's code of law and she decided that they shouldn’t be bound by these codes of gender. They are unlabeled in both categories of gender and sexuality. Clementine wouldn’t tell anyone this until a lot later.

As Clementine grew older he began to experience what “love” is. It was nothing like how their parents would do it. People showed love in many different ways. Clementine hoped one day she could feel that too. Or they would die alone. Love was one crazy thing that’s for sure. Clementine read books about it. Some were online and some were books that the government hadn’t taken. He enjoyed reading a lot. It gave her an escape from the real world. The books had action, horror, thriller, and romance. But mostly romance, because that was their favorite genre. Watching people fall in love under unrealistic circumstances was always the best.

Jay. That was her name. The name of someone that was Clementines’ first love. They had met online. And Jay was one year older than them, but Clementine really believed that person was their beloved. But something just wasn’t right. He couldn’t see a future with Jay. They may have jumped too quick with the labels, because on the second week of them knowing one another Clementine labeled them as their “wife.” They didn’t last sadly. Jay had said some hurtful words to one of her friends and Clementine found out and it trigged some childhood memories and then the two just fell out. They hoped they wouldn’t be alone forever. They would be labeled as one of The Lonely People.

After about a year or so of just making it through life, Clementine met someone else. Maddox was their name. They claimed to be head over heels for Clementine. They just loved everything about her. From his smile to their writing. That’s how they met anyway. Maddox or Mad for sure, really liked their writing and they would comment on Clementines writing so much and then they fell in love with Clementine’s personality and how they were funny and could make people smile and laugh unintentionally. Something Clementine realized is, love doesn’t last. Maddox ended up ghosting her, they said they needed a break, and Clementine and them could get back together soon. That was a lie. Maddox ended up cheating on him and breaking Clementine’s heart.

Clementine sulked for a bit but still made it and just, gave up in a way. Six months went by. Peter was the next person. He was great and still is...mind running out.

There is no place...but...up...loud...loud...corrupted.

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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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