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The Leveling of Humanity Ch 6: Tactical Map

Chase and his friends have entered the tower and begun their first dungeon adventure together, these first few rooms showcase their first rewards.

By J. JamesPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Chase and his companions now stood in a stone chamber as the glow faded. Stone bricks and blocks lined the floors, walls, and ceiling. Three doorways were visible in the center of each of the three divisions. The room formed a perfect square, but no opening was behind them.

"Well, that felt like magic to me," Gary said loudly and enthusiastically. His enthusiasm felt contagious, and everyone found themselves smiling as they began to advance into the room. As they advanced, a sudden wave of dread washed over Chase as they moved deeper into the room, and he quickly cautioned them,

"Wait, I have a bad feeling. Be careful how you step." Everyone immediately began looking at the floor and stepping carefully, testing each brick before putting weight on it.

"Which door should we try going through?" Sofie asked the group while pausing to look between the three options.

"Right is always right," Matthew said proudly, pointing to the door on the right wall. "They all look the same to me anyhow." Chase and the others nodded in agreement. Indeed, the doors all looked identical, and Chase had heard that sticking to one direction in mazes was a generally sound strategy. They approached the door slowly and checked the handle. The knob turned, and the heavy wooden door slid open smoothly. There was a small stone hallway leading to what looked to be another room identical to the one they were occupying. With a nod, they all started walking into the hallway. Chase left the door open behind them and followed last. As they entered the second room, they saw it had several stone slabs sliding along a rail system, with big holes revealed under them and stone spikes jetting up. There were three doors, the same as in the previous room. The stone slabs moved along the metal rail system to all four sides, pausing for a few seconds at the landing at each doorway. The slab would then move on its set path.

"This seems.. almost too easy," Gary commented solemnly as the others nodded. Chase took out his wallet and tossed it onto the platform, which had paused in front of them. They watched as it took a trip around the room. When it returned full circle, he stepped onto it and gave a pausing gesture with his hand.

"We don't know how many people this will allow or if it can even handle the weight of multiple people. So let's take it slow and take our time to be safe." The others nodded and took turns getting on a stone slab and riding it to the door on the right. Once they were all safely there, Chase grabbed the handle, and a message appeared before him.

Cautious Tactician Trait Improved

You are a Cautious Tactician, and your caution has saved your party from certain dangers. A bonus has been awarded to you for your caution. Collect? Yes/No

"Woah!" Chase exclaimed, "I just got a reward for being a 'Cautious Tactician,' and the system is asking if I want to collect my reward."

"Nice man, what is it?" Gary asked, everyone else looking to Chase excitedly.

Yes. Chase thought as he pushed his thought to the notification.

Reward: Tactical Map Upgrade

Description: Upgrade your user interface with a tactical map. This upgrade is available due to you being a Cautious Tactician. This user interface item cannot be traded except to others with the Tactician class. Do you choose to accept this hidden reward? Yes/No.

Yes. Chase again felt excitement as he pressed his thought into the notification.

Tactical Map added to user interface!

"It's a tactical map. It's upgraded my user interface." Chase brought his menu up but couldn't figure out how to open the map. After several failed attempts, he felt frustrated in his confusion. He shook his head to the others, "I can't figure out how to open it. Let's just keep going for now and see what's in the next room." As the group proceeded, they found the next room to be like the previous two rooms in size and stone dungeon elements. However, unlike the previous two rooms, this room contained three large boars. The boars would walk around lazily, then charge angrily in a straight line until they'd hit a wall. They'd angrily squeal while charging forward. Then the boars would peacefully snort as they walked around at a casual pace until randomly charging again in a perfectly straight line into another wall. Three doors could be seen in the same spots as the previous rooms. As Chase stepped into the area, a map automatically appeared in front of him, showing five green circles where his companions and himself were located and three red blobs in the hogs' general location.

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J. James

Passionate regarding writing and sharing ideas. I am self-taught and willing to help others improve their imagination and ideas. Breathing life into my characters and sharing life experiences by showing rather than telling.

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