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The heist that made cops laugh

When crime does not pay

By Peter RosePublished 10 months ago 1 min read

As robberies go this was not my finest hour, if fact it was a very brief affair, I spotted a truck from a security firm, noticed that the back doors of the truck were open, no sign of driver or security. I saw an opportunity and took it; I grabbed the nearest box and ran. I had an image in my head of gold or silver bars on the way to be minted into cash. Within three steps disaster took over. The box was so very heavy that I dropped it onto my foot. My scream of pain attracted the driver, who burst out laughing, then the cops were called, and they took me to hospital. Through the mist of pain, I saw the officers were all laughing but I did not know why. My broken bones were set straight, my foot encased in plaster, and I was back in jail again. The next day up I was in court, again. The judge decided I was punished enough, so I limped free, all within three days. And for what? The box was full of scrap metal, old security seals from crates of bullion, waiting to be melted down and recast.


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