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The Heart

Our Hidden Ability

By Isis Lyons Published 12 months ago 1 min read
The Heart
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Most people don’t know this, but the reason why animals and humans have a heart is because a part of the brain lost its way in the body and created a home in our chest. When God created us, he didn’t intend for us to have a heart; our brain ripped apart and traveled down to our breast. This is why we humans and animals have feelings and emotions. We weren’t made to obtain these abilities which is why it’s so difficult for us to cope with life. It’s like our brain gave us a superpower that we were never meant to handle in the first place. Our power can be our greatest strength, but it also can be our greatest weakness. Most people drive themselves crazy because the emotions that are instilled in them override their brains. The logic behind their feelings never makes sense to them. Until people learn how to inner stand that their feelings aren’t something they’re meant to understand they will not learn how to control their power. Feelings are simply meant to be felt completely, but they were never and will never be something for you to grasp. Allow your feelings to live within you and then allow them to be released from you; this is the only way you will feel at ease. Remember that your heart is a guide to knowing hidden truths; it’s a guide to your intuition. An intuition is a gut feeling letting you know to do something or to not do something; if you disobey your intuition your feelings will burn your insides and you feel like you’re on fire. You will feel lost, misunderstood and confused. Never disobey your gut feeling, never shy away from your emotions. This gift was a miracle and we should always appreciate miracles.

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