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The Heart of The Dragon

Her family killed, her home destroyed, and darkness fills her heart, grappling with her soul, trying to take control. Will she find the help she needs in her newfound companion or succumb to the hate and darkness?

By Digi Dragon 05Published 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 3 min read


Loki ducks as a sword flies over his head, quickly jabbing his daggers upwards and directly into his assailant's gut. Letting out a loud groan, the assailant falls back with a slight thud. Loki stands up and dusts himself off, but he sensed something was wrong. He whipped around in time to see a sword, suspended in the air just inches from his nose. Another assailant had hurled his sword at him while he was distracted, yet it never reached Loki. A blue shimmering glow surrounds the weapon as it hovers in the air, as Loki reached his hand up to take the sword, it turns, flies back the way it came, and into the heart of his attacker. Loki looks down at the dead being, a tad baffled at what he just witnessed, and then he looks up. There, standing behind where the assailant was, is a figure, a little shorter than himself, long black hair flowing freely, and bright blue eyes staring into his own blue/green eyes. He pulls his daggers out and stands defensively, prepared for another attack, the figure before him chuckles and speaks. "If that's how you treat someone who just saved you, I'd hate to be your enemy." Her voice is soft but sharp, with a tinge of something hidden underneath. Loki lowers his arms and looks her up and down, curious about what she might be. She seems to stiffen slightly, she clears her throat which causes him to look up into her eyes again. "Are you ... checking me out?" He smiles, and it sends a strange shiver down your spine. "My... aren't you full of yourself." Her eyes shift from his face to the ground and back, "I ask ... from experience-" He notices the subtle change on her face, so he changes the subject, "You're certainly an interesting creature, I've not seen blue magic like yours before." She seems to glare a little at him, "I am not a "creature" I'm a human being who has magic-" It's Loki's turn to chuckle, he smiles again, and another shiver goes down her back, "My dear, you are far more than a simple magic-wielding human, I can feel it, you're very... Orphic." She rolls her eyes, Loki steps a little closer, "We've been talking for a bit now, and yet I still have yet to learn my- Savior's name." He seems to purr out these words as he speaks, Which earns him another glare and a slight growl, "I am called Dragon Heart-" Loki stops walking, and tilts his head, "Dragon Heart? How interesting" He starts walking again, he circles her, taking in everything about her. "Yes, that was my name when I became a temple guardian." He stops behind her and stays there, "Temple guardian?" Dragon Heart nods, "Yes before my home was destroyed, I was given the great responsibility of guarding the main temple, my former name was replaced with Dragon Heart." She feels a slight tingle on her wrists, "You just keep getting more and more interesting." his words seemed to be at her ear, his breath tickling the top of her ear. Suddenly her wrists are bound behind her, wrapped in his green crackling magic, "What is this??" His chuckle tickles down your neck, "I just want you to meet the others." Dragon Heart struggles against his magic, but it's too strong for her, "What others?? where ar-" Before she could finish, the world tilts, colors swirl together and sounds become much louder and overbearing. She feels extremely dizzy and is about to lose consciousness when it all stops. She stumbles forwards, onto her knees, arms still bound in magic, her stomach roiling. She shakes her head, which causes the world to stop spinning, then she hears a voice, a deep voice. "Loki, what is this? Are you going around randomly kidnapping people now?" Dragon could practically feel his smile, she looks up to see who is talking, but instead finds herself in a large white room, surrounded by people.


About the Creator

Digi Dragon 05

I love to read, I have for a while, and I've recently gotten into story writing. Just found out that I have two accounts on accident, so now I gotta merge them-

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