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The happiness of life


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Life is the source of happiness, and happiness is the important manifestation of life. Life is the green leaf, and happiness is the flower on the branch. We create a beautiful life and look forward to a happy spring blossom. We wander in the ocean of life and grow up happily.

  Learn to be grateful. Always be grateful is one of the reasons why our happiness index rises. Today's society is harmonious in all directions and civilization is developed. We sing our happy life with songs, and we dazzle a better tomorrow with dances. We are grateful for the harmony, people and nature live in harmony, green water and green mountains are the silver mountain. We are grateful for the society, public service, and common concern for the next generation. We are grateful for the present, building a beautiful home, working together to build a community of human destiny, and letting our youth open up gloriously in the place where our country needs.

  Be loving. Come with a heart and love everyone around us with sincerity and blessings. Love is the great power, she can touch everything in the world. Let's say, caring for left-behind children and empty nesters, which is a real problem of the whole society, we should have more loving people to join in, pamper them and care for them. The city square is a sea of joy, and the work of fighting poverty is steadily progressing. Love is the happy and bright smiles on the faces of children and adults.

  I love to be touched. I love moving. Touching is to read a book, the closest people around will always be very warm, never feel how lonely. I love reading and I love them even more. Touching is leisure time, playing ball, listening to songs, which is a kind of enjoyment. It is touching to see a boy holding a girl's hand and walking past her eyes, and I can't help but feel curiosity and joy in my heart, which is probably a yearning. I think there are more colorful and gorgeous dreams waiting for me in this world, touching me, isn't it?

  After walking through spring and summer, through autumn and winter, years and years, I finally saw a prospect of unparalleled happiness. I think I will still have what to hope and worry about? No, only to love myself well. I can go on loving myself and loving them. As the days go by, from shallow to deep, maybe one day I'll grow up, really stand on my own, start struggling, stop frolicking, make a difference, get by, I'll learn to live and manage my money. I think I can give my loved ones a happy life. Because of love, there is a whole new world. Because of love, there is a sad, sweet and sour past, a different view of human nature, and their own family feelings. We are two lovers living and being happy together. We are the combination of gravity, together with the open, together outside the debauchery. We warmed and pampered each other. We really forget ourselves, a little bit of joyfulness! Of course, to do things economically, life can not be wasteful. We should be more scientific and reasonable, rigorous and fair, objective approach to life. I think the most can not make me forget is the years of the piano and the chorus, the years of happy growth, the years written full of promises, smiling, quiet as the first years, and the years of our hearts and bones love. We release hope, pass on new civilizations, live in harmony, and inspire the next generation together. When we walk into the paradise of home, living happily and in good health together!

  I feel from the bottom of my heart: cherish the present and live happily!

  Happiness is helpfulness, filial piety, love for the elderly, the ability to fight and win, and a good spirit.

  Happiness is still a harmonious situation where a hundred flowers are competing. Let us wish our great motherland prosperity and long-lasting peace with applause and achievements; may our society live a beautiful and long-lasting happiness.

  May all of us live happily, live happily, and all reap the happiness of life and enjoy our days.


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