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The green valley

by Zach Harwood 4 months ago in Fantasy
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Red sandstone, honey, and twine

Chapter one: Red sandstone, honey, and twine

There weren't always dragons in the valley. What now feels like millennia ago this land was green and good. But now a great fog lingers here in the valley, and with the fog came dragons. Fierce and old, magnificent beasts from another era lay waste to the valley and its people. Today the leaders of the four tribes gather at the base of the great lights.

"Hurammi, ahua of the Tz'klomites."

"Abbo, Ahua of the anntiitii tribe of the south."

"Skneie'll the 7th, daughter of the hills and ahua to its people."

"Rhama'amaa, ahua to the outerlands and keeper of the tomb."

The speaker called out the names of all present. Four tribes, four leaders, all that is left of a dying age. As their ahua and their entourages part ways at the base of the red tower, they begin their accent into the dimly lit spire. One part of a whole, the red tower, stands fighting back the dangers of the outerlands. Made of red sandstone, honey, twine and bare scale bark. The tower stands at 700 feet and illuminates the dark for the people of the outerlands.

At one time the great lights stood as a beacon for the valley shining a light, a light that could fight off the night and keep the fog from ever rolling in. The red tower and the green tower stand tall for everyone showing the one safe haven for a thousand miles. Years ago these towers granted travelers safety across the outerlands but now with the lights all but burnt out it is left up to the desert tribe ampapa in which Rhama'amaa leads.

The Speaker leads the ahua up to the top of the tower. Red stairs cling to the side of the wall, the leaders' shadows bouncing around dancing in the firelight. The old tower aches and groans as the leaders of the new world climb the never ending tower to its peak.

As they approach the top of the stairs, it leads into a doorway. Carved into the doorway a beautiful mural of the towers, the great lights. The speaker opens the door and ushers the ahua in. An old stone table rests in the middle of the room, shadows cast from the torches along the sides of the round room. The Room is of another time, one that stood the test of time.

Many years ago, when the seven tribes of the now decaying valley lived together in harmony, dragons were not thought of. Off in a distant world, far past the outerlands laid the fog. The day it was discovered loomed an ever bleak presence that would last until today. For years, the green tower and the red tower fought off the fog following the travelers. But dragons thirst, and greed is a powerful motivator. The dragons, thirsty for a meal came to the seven tribes, filling their bellies and killing each other in petty squabbles over food.

The dragons were at one time seven strong, now only four remain, prowling around feeding their starving insides. The dragon Bromt, headstrong and forceful. The dragon Weissil, calm and collective. The dragon Sahn, dark and stealthy. The dragon Bandess, motherly and affectionate. Together, the feed taking claim to the fog and its new valley inhabitants. Hungry, they devour eating without replenishment.

Now, with the ahua resting in their chairs, the quiet that had been beckoning came to a stop. Many days of relations have come to this moment, all gathered here for one purpose to choose a hero, each one from the four tribes, and destroy the dragons once and for all.

"Patnar! My lead trapper, he is calm, collective and does well at planning his opponent's next move" - said by abbo

"I shall send Chin. He is my finest guide and brings many travelers across the outerlands, with his bravery and force he shall prove his strengths."

"and I shall send my daughter Skneie'll, she many talents and she is small."

Hurrami hesitated for a moment. "I will send Akna a great hunter and a man respected in my tribe."

Today the ahua meet in secret. Today the Tribes begin to do away with the fog. With the meeting over, the ahua descend to the grim floral floor.


About the author

Zach Harwood

Started Writing in highschool. Stopped for a while. Started up again. As of right now it's 10:31. I need sleep.

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  • Rob Harwood4 months ago

    great job

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