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The Glowing Skull

A spooky short story

By Rasma RaistersPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In the early 19th century legend had it that there was once a baron called Baron Lutz. Baron Lutz had a reputation for being an arrogant and evil man with no feelings for others whatsoever. In the Midwest just outside of a little town by Silver Lake, this Baron built a large estate. He bought up most of the town’s businesses and became known as a tyrant. Once while traveling around other nearby towns looking for more businesses to purchase he came upon a gypsy caravan. The gypsies held a huge festival that night.

Baron Lutz was amused by the gypsies and decided to have his fortune told. As he sat across from Madame Zena she saw that he was more amused by her than actually believing her warnings. She became angry and cursed Baron Lutz. To this, he left her caravan still laughing. Soon afterward the Baron became ill and his businesses started falling apart. He became afraid now believing the curse. No one could help him and his advisers could not find the gypsies to which Madam Zena belonged. Ill and becoming more and more depressed Baron Lutz became a recluse for the rest of his life. No one knew how or when he died.

Having no living relatives and no apparent will could be found all of the Baron’s money was used to help build up the little town. The Baron’s estate was left deserted until a buyer could be found. That was when the trouble began. It would seem that with the death of Baron Lutz the gypsy’s curse would have ended. Instead what two teenagers staying the night in a house thought to be haunted discovered was worse than anything they could have possibly imagined.

The two teens dared each other to spend the night in the Baron’s house the loser being the one who ran away before the night was over. The two boys entered the house with flashlights. They walked through the dusty rooms listening to the scurrying of mice in the walls. Both were rather unsure and scared but put on brave faces. They had brought sleeping bags, a CD player, and enough food to last the night. They camped out in the living room.

After getting bored of walking through the rooms and looking at old stuff they chose to explore the attic. Having found several candles they went on up. There were long and dark shadows but the temptation of perhaps finding some riches was drawing them on. They started looking through the old trunks but found nothing but old clothes and personal belongings. They returned downstairs to listen to music. A little before midnight both boys were asleep in their sleeping bags. They both woke up shortly after midnight and heard noises coming from up above. Eyes wide in fright the boys each took a candle and lit it. Then they decided to head upstairs.

They got as far as the head of the stairs when they heard a loud booming voice, “Who’s in my house?” The boys were frozen to the spot and stared up into the dark above. A light seemed to be coming toward the stairs. Then floating down the stairs came a green glowing skull with fire in its empty sockets. The jaws opened up and a voice could be heard, “Look what she’s done to me”. The skull turned into the face of Baron Lutz and then back into a glowing skull. The gypsy’s curse had destroyed the Baron and now he was doomed to come back as a glowing skull. The two boys found their feet and ran from the house. Shortly afterward the town’s people had the house torn down. That didn’t stop the Baron. If you head on out to Silver Lake at night when midnight comes you are sure to see a glowing skull where the Baron’s house once stood.


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Rasma Raisters

My passions are writing and creating poetry. I write for several sites online and have four themed blogs on Wordpress. Please follow me on Twitter.

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  • Flamance @ lit.29 days ago

    Great story I like it

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