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The Genius in the Garage

by Frank Jager 5 months ago in Short Story / Love · updated 5 months ago
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Love Tale

The Genius in the Garage
Photo by Xu Haiwei on Unsplash

To think is way too risky, dare you to try it.

The day my whole life was created and I embraced the genius title.

Looking out of my garage patio's window with no inspiration there was no inspiration to create.

It wasn't until an idea struck me that maybe the creation of a fascinating woman identical to my mind and perspectives could cure loneliness.

Of course in this modern world of technology, she would have to be digitized, or does she?

Well, needless to say as the last bite of sweet potato pie feeds my creativity, I start writing her code.

This woman was going to be the ultimate genius, intelligent and powerful.

Most importantly she would have common morals that were fitting to Grandma's, I mean why not ?, I've never met a dangerous grandma.

Riddle me this, how the f*** do I even start to build a creative impossibility.

That's when it hit me, maybe you're a little insane this would never work.

The first mistake was giving in to the word impossible and not pushing through the modern limitations on the mind.


You know just as the cold wind creeps in through the holes of my garage the master plan struck.

The masterplan was inviting the idea of replicating my genes within the coding.

Simply create the figure and offer some form of my DNA to the motherboard.

Now the risk of that would harm the perfection ideal I stated beforehand.

Meaning the woman I wanted to create would have a higher risk of self ideals.

Dangerous, I know but well worth it.

So the night begins to set in, and as you see in those movies the genius falls asleep and awakens to what he has mistakenly created.

Wasn't that a smooth little transition?, innovated right, okay lets get back to program.

Next Morning

Lets see, the dream of a beautiful woman leaving my garage sums it up.

Oh, wait the fast blinks of my eyelids prove that I'm awake and this is real life.

I quickly adjust my equilibrium as the back of the woman's head illustrate the state of being confused adding to novice-like behavior to life.

As my fingers laid across the back of her shoulder, I felt the fragile energy within the titanium as she slowly turns toward my eyes.

Wow!, the cold titanium and blue sharp eyes wouldn't allow me to speak.

"Hola", damn did I forget to change the language, fathoming the possibilities in my head.

Stay here , quickly showing 10 fingers to illustrate as I went back to the motherboard to adjust the language barrier.


Turning my attention back to the woman , my jaw drops realizing the creation is now climbing the walls of my garage sort of like a spider.

Woah Miss, listen you cannot do that grabbing her and bringing her back to meet me face to face.

She smiles as her hands meets my face gracing across my skin trying to figure out my unknown.

"Okay let's stop playing ", she says. "Frank I'm well aware of who you are and I'm afraid I'm too powerful for your own good".

My feet left the ground and the hands of my creation was around my throat forcefully.

Obviously the creation attain some bionic power that I couldn't compete against.

"Frank I need you to know that I'm not your slave or some creation you can make just to get you a win on Vocal".

Damn, I knew this would backfire, thoughts ran through my head as my feet still dangle from her malicious grip.

Hello Vocal this is MsWoman2000 it was a pleasure but Frank's no longer with us.

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Frank Jager

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