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The Forgotten Kingdom

The Guardians' Origins

By Rini Mulyani Atjeng SaputraPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The Creation of the Guardians

Long before the hidden kingdom of Arathia was sealed from the world, Eldoria was a land where magic thrived in harmony with nature. To protect this balance, the ancient sorcerers created the Guardians—powerful, sentient beings imbued with magic and tasked with safeguarding the most sacred places in the realm.

Each Guardian was born from a unique element of the natural world and infused with the essence of the ancient spirits. There were four main Guardians, each representing a cornerstone of Eldoria's magic:

Thalor, the Stone Sentinel: Formed from the mountains themselves, Thalor was a towering figure made of rock and minerals. He was the Guardian of Earth, embodying strength and resilience.

Aeris, the Wind Whisperer: Aeris was born from the winds that swept across Eldoria's vast plains. She could manipulate air and weather, representing freedom and change.

Ignis, the Flame Keeper: Forged in the heart of Eldoria's largest volcano, Ignis controlled fire and heat. He was a symbol of passion and transformation.

Luminara, the Light Bringer: Created from the purest light of the sun, Luminara could harness and manipulate light. She embodied hope and enlightenment.

The Guardians' Duty

The Guardians were given a sacred duty: to protect the Pillars of Magic, ancient structures that maintained the balance and flow of magic throughout Eldoria. These pillars were hidden in remote, magical locations, accessible only to those with pure intentions and a deep connection to the land.

For centuries, the Guardians watched over the Pillars, ensuring that the magic remained in equilibrium. They communicated with the ancient sorcerers through a mystical bond, receiving guidance and wisdom. As time passed, the sorcerers faded into legend, and the Guardians became the eternal protectors of Eldoria's magic.

The Betrayal

As the centuries rolled on, a powerful sorcerer named Malakar rose to prominence in Eldoria. Once a student of the ancient sorcerers, he grew ambitious and sought to control all magic for himself. Malakar believed that by harnessing the power of the Pillars, he could become invincible.

Malakar devised a plan to corrupt the Guardians and take control of the Pillars. He created dark artifacts that could twist the Guardians' essence, turning them into his servants. Under the cover of darkness, Malakar approached each Guardian, offering them visions of their deepest desires and darkest fears.

Thalor, who longed for companionship, was shown a vision of an endless loneliness unless he served Malakar. Aeris was tempted with the promise of ultimate freedom, unrestricted by her duty. Ignis, driven by his fiery nature, was promised unmatched power. Luminara was shown a world plunged into eternal darkness, her light extinguished unless she obeyed.

The Fall and Redemption

One by one, the Guardians fell under Malakar's spell, their willpower eroded by his dark magic. With the Guardians corrupted, Malakar attempted to seize the Pillars' power. The balance of magic began to falter, and darkness spread across Eldoria.

But all was not lost. Deep within their corrupted forms, the true essence of the Guardians still lingered. A group of brave sorcerers, led by a young prodigy named Elara, devised a plan to free the Guardians from Malakar's control.

Elara and her companions ventured to each Pillar, facing the corrupted Guardians in battle. Using their combined magic and the ancient relics of light, they managed to break Malakar's hold. Thalor, Aeris, Ignis, and Luminara were freed, their true forms restored.

Realizing the gravity of their mistake, the Guardians joined forces with Elara to defeat Malakar. In a final, epic confrontation, they succeeded in banishing him from Eldoria, restoring the balance of magic.

The Eternal Watch

With Malakar's defeat, the Guardians resumed their sacred duty, but with a renewed sense of purpose and vigilance. They pledged to never again be swayed by false promises or dark temptations. The Pillars of Magic were fortified with new enchantments, ensuring that only those with pure hearts could approach.

Elara, now a revered sorceress, worked alongside the Guardians to heal the land. Together, they founded the Academy of Magic, where future generations would be taught the importance of balance, respect, and the true nature of power.

The story of the Guardians' origins became a cautionary tale, passed down through the ages. It served as a reminder of the eternal struggle between light and darkness, and the enduring power of redemption.

And so, Thalor, Aeris, Ignis, and Luminara continued to watch over Eldoria, their presence a symbol of hope and protection. They stood as eternal sentinels, ensuring that the magic of Eldoria would remain in harmony, safeguarded for all time.


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    Rini Mulyani Atjeng SaputraWritten by Rini Mulyani Atjeng Saputra

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