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The fall of the lich king

After the fall of the lich king

By Sam Gabriel MilesPublished 22 days ago 4 min read

“madam Proudmoore” the matron started, but it was no use, her eyes were as blank as fresh parchment staring out the window onto the cobbled streets of Dalaran, watching pilgrims and prince’s alike minding their day to day business, her entire being seemed as still as a painting, her hair swaying softly as the cool air licked at her face, the ocean blue robes she wore stood as still as the lady herself, even the lady’s once powerful blue eyes now seemed week, and cold as if their burning core had become frozen. The lady had never been the same since she heard the news of what transpired at the frozen throne.

“My Lady the king is here, he is worried about you...” but the poor woman trailed off, she could not complete her sentence for the lady in front of her seemed too broken to hear her words, let alone be interested in them. She continued to stare out onto the streets, her eyes watching person to person wonder by, traders in the magus’ Commerce calling out advertising their goods and making sale’s, it all seemed so futile to her now.

“Jaina,” A deeper, more masculine voice spoke, it was low, a soft comforting tone that Jaina had never heard that voice utter before, it was almost enough to urge her to move, but she remained still, The king moved closer, looking around her newly acquired chambers; The bed was made, not even a crease on the linen, it was as if no one had slept in it, on the bedside table lay a tray, along with a bowl of cold soup and stale bread.

“I know what ails you Jaina, but why do you not speak to Tirion, the paladin is not to blame for his actions nor is it the fault of any of his companions. What they did, it saved our world from a great wave of evil, and I understand your bereavement but please, rejoice with me at Stormwind tonight, I am hosting a great banquet in honour of the occasion.”

“I understand,” the lady uttered, she turned half towards the king, “Varian Wrynn, your words of comfort have not fallen on deaf ears, but alas, you have misunderstood me, I am not angry with tirion, and I understand why what was done and why it was needed so. But I am grieving, and I am...” she lady hesitated “scared.” She looked back out of the window, in almost the exact same position she was before the king entered.

“Scared?” the king queried, lady Jaina Proudmoore, the lady who dared speak her mind wherever she pleased, the lady who would charge to battle gladly risking her life, was stood before him telling the king of Stormwind, that she was scared. “But Jaina, why are you scared?” his voice gave a little too much sarcasm.

“I believed we could save what remained of Arthas; I believed that there was still hope,” she whirled around and stared at the King, her eyes red and tears beginning to form again “if someone such as arthas can be turned to the dark forces so easily, what stops the rest of us losing out way? What prevents someone such as me, or even you, from becoming a monster? Tell me my king what stops tirion, or any of the heroes that helped to defeat the Lich King, what stops them from turning to a path of darkness and death?” her eyes were full of anger and confusion

“Jaina,” the king started, “we do not go around trying to take over the world, or raise army’s of un-dead. We do not do it, because of faith. We have faith in the light, and we have faith in the righteous, faith in justice, and I...” the king walked closer to the distraught woman who now resembled a lost girl as she stood before him, not knowing where to go or what to do.

“I Have faith in you.”

King Varian Wrynn, then put one hand on Jaina’s shoulder, and the other underneath her chin, he lifted her face so that he could look into those deep blue aquatic eyes.

“I have not lost faith in you” he continued. “You should not either.”

He then continued in pulling her into a hug, it was a little too much for Jaina, the brutal king, the overly tight bear hug, the words of comfort and what had already transpired at the frozen spire, she began to cry again. But the king did not release, he loosened his grip, but he held on.

Moments passed, and Jaina began to settle down.

“Now Jaina, will you accompany me tonight? To the Banquet”

“I do not know,” the lady seemed a little calmer than before, it was obvious her grieving hadn’t ended but the kings actions and kind words seemed to help her focus a little.

“Well I hope to see you there, I must go now, and I’m running late to watch Anduin’s training session with the sword.”

“Yes my lord,” the lady bowed to show respect. “I would conjure a portal for you, but my magic has been off recently, the council of six believe it to be my ‘emotional state’ I do not wish to accidentally transport you to Durotar by mistake.”

“Do not worry; I have a mage prepped and ready to take me to my chambers at Stormwind keep.” And with that the king turned and left the room, leaving Jaina Proudmoore alone once again.

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