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The Eleventh Floor

The eleventh Floor Secret Garden

By Rahul KadPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Once upon a time, in the heart of the city, there was a skyscraper. The building was grand and imposing, with many floors, but the eleventh floor was always shrouded in mystery. Nobody knew what was on that floor because the elevator seemed to skip it every time and the stairwell door was always locked.

The building's tenants came and went over the years, but the eleventh floor remained a mystery. The building's owners would only say that it was used for "storage" and would not let anyone inside.

However, one tenant was determined to learn the secrets of the eleventh floor. Sarah was her name, and she had always been fascinated by the floor that no one seemed to understand. She would frequently inquire of the other tenants if they had ever visited the eleventh floor, but no one had.

Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands one day. She crept into the stairwell and attempted to open the door to the eleventh floor, but it remained closed. Undaunted, she resolved to try again later that evening.

Sarah returned to the stairwell after the building had quieted down. She jiggled the door handle, and it unexpectedly opened. She entered and was greeted by a long, dimly lit corridor. She walked down the corridor and discovered that it ended with a single door.

When Sarah opened the door, she was met with a breathtaking sight. The eleventh floor was a lovely, lush garden that seemed to stretch on forever. There were trees and flowers, as well as a small pond. Sarah couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had finally discovered the eleventh floor's secret.

But as she walked around the garden, she noticed something odd. There was no sign of life in the garden, which was unusually quiet. Sarah started to feel uneasy, as if she had discovered something she shouldn't have.

She became aware of a noise behind her. She turned around to see the owner of the building, who had been watching her the entire time. He explained that the eleventh floor was a secret garden he had created for his family to enjoy, but that they had all died. He had kept it locked and hidden away so that it could remain a private haven for his family only.

Sarah felt bad about invading the owner's private sanctuary, but he forgiven her. That night, she left the eleventh floor with a renewed appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the world around her. She always looked at the skyscraper with awe and intrigue after that, knowing that hidden away on the eleventh floor was a secret garden that only a select few would ever see.

Sarah couldn't shake the uneasy feeling she'd had in the secret garden. She had the uneasy feeling she had discovered something she shouldn't have and couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with the garden. She began to notice strange occurrences in the building, such as strange noises and shadows moving in the corners of her eyes.

She tried to ignore it, thinking it was all in her head, but it only got worse. She awoke one night to find her apartment had been ransacked, but nothing had been taken. She couldn't get the feeling it was linked to the eleventh floor and the secret garden out of her head.

She began to ask around to see if anyone else had experienced anything unusual. She eventually tracked down an old tenant who had lived in the building for several years. He told her that strange things had been happening in the building for as long as he could remember, but no one knew what was causing them. He also informed her that several tenants had gone missing over the years, and their disappearances had never been fully explained.

Sarah was stunned by what she was hearing. She decided to look into it further and crept back into the stairwell. She entered the eleventh floor by opening the door. But the garden was different this time. The trees had withered and died, the flowers had turned brown, and the pond had dried up. It was as if the garden had been neglected for many years.

She heard a noise as she walked deeper into the garden. She turned around to see the building's owner's ghostly figure. He explained that he built the garden to hide the bodies of the tenants who had gone missing. He had enticed them to the eleventh floor with promises of a secret garden, only to murder them. The garden had been a way for him to conceal and cover up his crimes.

Sarah was terrified and fled the garden as quickly as she could. She went to the police station and informed them of her findings. They conducted an investigation and discovered evidence of the murders. The building's owner was arrested, and the eleventh floor was permanently closed.

Strange occurrences in the building stopped after that, and the tenants finally felt safe. But Sarah couldn't get the terror she'd felt in the secret garden out of her head. She quickly left the building, never to return. The eleventh floor would always be a reminder of the dark secrets hidden behind closed doors, she knew.


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