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The Doctor Who Helped

Tale of the Mind

By William L. Truax IIIPublished 5 months ago 11 min read
The Doctor Who Helped
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Doctor Felix C. May was a respectable doctor at his prime when a man walked into the hospital on Jones Street and asked for him specifically. The man himself was a short, robust man with every ounce of his being neatly tucked into his trousers and his oversized shirt hiding the remnants of the leftovers. He looked every part the man whom the radio broadcasts were saying to avoid at all costs. His hair balding in the front giving him that advantageous look of a smarter, more grown individual, define in absolute intelligence, his widows peak being the best quality he had. The man was a mere babbling, nonsensical person whose only whelms were in eating of the most fattening foods and a more slothful nature. His claim that the good doctor was the only hope he had with his more ambitious and sensational therapy inside of a heated tank where his weight would have been removed in one sitting. The overly obese man thought the good doctor upon seeing him would help right away as he believed himself the proper candidate for the experimental treatment. The man had heard that at one point in the days of high of Roman Conquest and Imperialism that the Vomitorium was a natural born cure, that, and the sensational organization of the Huffington that he desired to be able to acquire. Sadly as the man sought it, the proprietor of the Huffington was more into slimmer perspective clients for this newly formed drug of everyday delivery. Herein the doctor was called upon by the man walking into the hospital setting.

The man looked upward to the taller and far more slender man of the good doctor and all he could think to do was smile when the doctor first set his eyes on the grotesque man. His smile only widened more as the good doctor’s eyes widened in rather a more in the sight of the man whence he lifted his shirt and all the fantastic blubber the man had upon his body, nor was this the good doctors first horrific sight, but merely the more often noted “Worse Case” typical writing that one would go to the director board with to acquire the speed to which was needed to treat the man who sought his help. This man knew all that as it was his intention to gain all the access so that he would not be denied entry into the development of the heated can where he could then rake in all kinds of monetary value for the everyday man and woman that would need it. He thought once again to the Roman Empire at their height and joked inside his head saying that if the Romans could make a vomitorium to lose weight and ensure that all had access, then he could take what was being developed and make it an IN-HOME use and rake in the killing needed to reclaim he Huffington as well as his honor, his family’s honor and once again be able to show his face at the dinner party in a weeks’ time where he would be named the head of the family and once that would happen, he would at once remove those whom had exiled him to the public and treat them as he had been. Remove them all from the family fortune and he would be the last of the Nobels.

The good doctor upon looking at the man as he had exposed himself in front of the populous that were all in attendance in the hospital waiting room, all took note of the doctor’s expression. Then looking at the man before the good doctor and seeing what the man was doing, they all had the same grievance look upon their faces. They all wondered why the man of such short stature was trying to force the good doctor to help with his ailment when he seemed to be of proper health? They all held their breath as the good doctor told the man at once upon seeing the shirt rise and the man make a circular turn in a clockwise direction that he was going to help figure out what he would be able to do. Then following the good doctor, the man hastened in tucking in his shirt and running steps to catch up with the doctors’ long strides to the back where he were to be examined at once.

The man’s hideous laughter was loud and obnoxious by nature but this laugh that emerged from under his nose seemed that of a more forceful type that said to everyone that he had done the impossible for a purpose and now that he was being accepted for the program, he was going to be someone more important than anyone else in the world. As such when the short man was finally out of the eyesight of those in the waiting room a hushed crowd turned into a more rowdy vocal organized group, as such the smaller man heard the screams of his triumph upon the door closing behind him and then silence once more. The shorter man did not like having silence, if he were the center of the room and had every man and women’s attention, even that of smaller children, he did not feel alone, for the silence was all too harsh for him to bear, as such the man made sure to make his presence known to all he passed as the good doctor led him to the back room where he was to grant the man the examination that he came into the hospital for.

Doctor Felix C. May was taking notes as the man sat on the stool to his right and wrote down all the things that the smaller man was saying was his normal diet and why he desired to change them and to seek his help for the program that he was in charge of. The good Doctor May sat there by the desk with the oil lamp lite plainly for all to see, his ink bottle full and his paper taking in all that the man was saying. The good doctor was marveled at all the man was saying was a daily entertainment of morsel dight and delicacies. Here the good doctor noted the following:

Breakfast: ten eggs hard boiled the night prior, followed by a rousing fifteen slabs of cooked fat to a sizzling perfection, then followed that with a glass of tea, then a small break from the first course, then upon returning from the usual use of the outhouse, he would consume large amounts of caviar, shark’s fin, a steak of porpoise meat cook medium rare, and follow it up with twelve glasses of ale.

Lunch: the man then spoke he consumed twelve servings of the same as he did the morning hours and polished off the ale for the day, this way he had a reason to acquire more.

Supper: the man then said he would have acquired a large pig that had been roasting upon the flame all day as well as that of wild bore or a husk of some kind, there were also some rather supplemental foods that the man ate that the good doctor knew not of or never seen, so spelling of such things were of unknown ideas nor how to facilitate the idea of using a technique to paraphrase such obscenities.

The good doctor looked at the man before him and told him that his condition was of his own doing and to ease off the none essential consumption of unneeded and or overeating. The man continued saying that he was not able to do so, though he had tried in the past it gave him only grief to not eat as much which in turn was why he was there to seek the good doctor’s assistance in his conundrum. The man went on to say that people do not look fondly on him as his weight was so massive and he could no longer see that one member that would bring any woman pleasure and comfort in knowing that he was a man that could harness her desire for him. The good doctor tried to shake off the idea, but then responded with saying that he could at once help the man and knew exactly where he belonged.

The doctor began to intake the shorter man and asked him varying queries saying as such it was for the board to approve the application for his well-being. The short man answered them all with the same thought in mind, he had the good doctor right where he wanted him and the secret to the shrinking by heat was going to be his and he will make a fortune, selling it all who could afford the price for home use and every person he knew wanted to stay home and loose all the weight without having to go places.

The doctor then upon completing the paperwork told the shorter man to stand and he would gather the rest without the man having to speak for a while. He then drew a tape measure from his right pocket and took the measurements of the man. His height was of four foot and a few inches, his right arm was an average size as well his left, his legs were that of normal size for the man’s height and upon getting to the torso region, the doctor took two measurements to ensure that the small man could see that he was taking extra care to ensure all was accurate. The tape from his waist was that of twenty-eight inches and seemed a little obese but nothing to be seriously alarmed about as he could easily change that with proper trousers or other attire. Then as the smaller man watched in amazement, he seen the good doctor show the size to him on paper of that of a man whose weight was enormous. And once more that thought of his fortune was sure as it could ever had been.

Marveling at his success the man was sitting in the doctor’s study while waiting for the escorts that were to take him to the place where the experiment was to happen and to where he would learn all the secrets to which the doctor held. The wait was antagonizing long, and the short man thought that there could have been an issue with his acceptance then struck the idea that he should go gallantly into the board room where the good doctor was and protest to the waiting and ensure that then he would have what he sought. He would walk inside the room where he would see all those would be millionaires and those whom scoffed at him and those that reminded him of that of his family and his removal to the fortune which was rightfully his, he would walk in that room and exclaim how the good doctor would be able to save him and ensure that he would be alive and well for the many years of decades to come, as well as how great and noble a cause was the good doctors that upon success he would become an Honorary Nobel family member and the hospital funding for the remaining days that he had would be secured. He reminded them all the once the board approved of his treatment and upon successful completion thereafter, they would all be wealthy men for all eternity. They would not have to swallow any more nonsense from anyone as they would be the ones to tell people who could enter or not and since they were saving the last of the Nobel line, they would be far wealthier than they could ever dream. He was gratified then with them as the money changers began counting aloud all the funding that was needed to secure his payment for the experimental treatment and as he paid them all in full right then and there, there was no longer a question in stopping the treatment from failing. They were all going to be richer than any one person. They were going to spend a massive amount on the ill-fated attempt of in-home use, and they were not going to be responsible for the loss of homes and lives. It would all be the buyers fault for the fire going out of control and then only those with the all the money in the world would be able to survive as such buying armies, and militias to secure the homes of such a wealthy few, and as the news would spread and spread it would eventually of the secure place, those whom had nothing would flock and become willing to work for them so that their future and their children’s future and thereafter were all secure in their state and he would be in charge of all of it and none would be able to oppose since he had all the armies of the world at his fingers.

It was then that the short man was told that breakfast was ready and to come sit with the others around the table.

The short man agreed and went to the table and sat with the others there in their lighter blue robes and watched as the people in white were standing nearby saying that the good Doctor Felix C. May had a treat for all those who ate their breakfast without complaint.

Short Story

About the Creator

William L. Truax III

Disabled Veteran, Father of 2.

I am a teller of tales and dreams, visions, haunting melodies, subtidal invocations of the mind and song.

Many of the Tales here interact with each other in some way and all within the same Universe.

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