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The Divergents, part two

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 8 months ago 5 min read
The Divergents, part two
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A few more days passed before Trix saw Callum again. That was the usual procedure. But what was unusual was her eagerly waiting to see him. Although, he was the only one who would carry on a conversation with her.

Trix hadn't realized how socially deprived she'd been until their chat, and now she felt lonely. One more thing for her to feel. Great. That was the last thing she needed right now.

The door opened as she braced herself in a low plank, a pair of boots invading her vision.

"What are you doing?"

Trix huffed. "A plank. It helps strengthen the abdominals."

Callum hummed, "Interesting. I may have to try it later."

"You should." She lowered onto her stomach before standing. "Did you bring me my food?"

"And something else."

She raised a brow.

Smiling, Callum reached behind and pulled out a tablet-looking device. "This is for you."

Grabbing the tablet, Trix examined it. "Is this a joke?"

"No. But you can play games and read books on it." Then he made a face. "And no, you can't hack into our networks."

That was slightly disappointing, but she almost hugged him. "Thank you. This means a lot."

"You are welcome." He seemed satisfied with himself. "Now, I must examine you."

Trix sighed dramatically but sat on her bed as he began. Finally, she had something to work her brain! Who knew some Wanderers were so nice?

Too bad she was the only one receiving this special treatment. Although, Trix probably was the only woman open to such things, despite what that bastard scientist did to her.

"Trix, please calm down," Callum hummed. "Your abilities are messing with my instruments.

She blinked, taking deep breaths, "Sorry."

"I know. Co'vak is what you humans would call an asshole."

So that was his name. "Yes, and kinda pervy."

"Well, there aren't many Wanderer females left, and even fewer who are fertile." He sighed, withdrawing. "That's why we came to your planet." His seafoam eyes stared at her. "To save our species."

"I know." Although, from what she'd heard from soldiers and other scientists, it didn't seem to be going as planned. "Are there others?"

Callum tilted his head, "Others?"

"Like you, who care about us humans."

"Not many are on the ship, but yes, there are plenty of us." He smiled. "My older brother is at one of these rebel bases on Earth."

Rebel Wanderers? She liked the image that came to mind. But it wasn't as surprising as she thought about it. Not everyone had the same beliefs, human or Wanderer.

Trix smiled, grabbing the bowl of fruit off her tray, "Are there humans with them?"

"I imagine so."

"We should bust outta here and go."

"How? You're a high-value female. They'd know immediately, and we'd be caught and punished."

Trix tapped her chin, eating a bite of strawberries. At least he wasn't opposed to leaving with her, so half the battle was already won.

But yeah, guards popped up on the mother ship like Starbucks did in Seattle, her hometown before she'd moved to New York City after graduating high school.

So, how could they make a break for it without being detected?

Trix would have to mull it over. Not like she had anything better to do anyway.

"Well," Callum stood, "I need to attend to other things, so I will see you later."


She sighed when the door closed behind him, taking another bite of food. She really didn't like him leaving, but she understood he had more people to help besides her.

But glancing down at the tablet, Trix smiled. Oh, she would find a workaround and hack into the ship's computer systems soon enough.


Setting his tray at an empty table, Callum sat and began to eat his second meal of the rotation. The dining hall was relatively empty, as there weren't set times for anyone to eat.

He worked on his tablet as he ate, reviewing the health of the human females. Unsurprisingly, the non-breeding females were healthier, despite their higher-than-usual cortisol levels.

The experimental nanites required them to be fed a more nutritionally dense diet than the one being used to repopulate their race.

However, despite their genetic compatibility with Wanderers, none of those females had been able to carry to full-term. Most of the doctors and scientists were dumbfounded, but Callum wasn't taken aback by the results.

None of the breeding females were given compatibility nanites, nor were they mates to any of the donors. That made chances of successful conception and birth highly improbable.

"Hey, we're not supposed to work while eating."

Looking up, Callum smiled, "Nola."

Holding her tray, the female Wanderer grinned, sitting across from him. "So, what are you working on."

"Making sure the females are healthy." He set his tablet down. "I'm surprised one of the Teng-Shae is here."

An all-female group, the Teng-Shae were the general's personal guards and assassins. And they rarely came to mingle with the males on the ship.

However, Nola was his friend, and she liked being around the soldiers. Probably because she didn't share the same camaraderie with her fellow females.

"I still don't understand why Co'vak gave the humans those enhancement nanites."

"Neither do I." But he didn't miss what she implied.

The Teng-Shae had been livid when the general allowed Co'vak to give the human females those nanites and not them. Callum didn't disagree with the warriors.

"I assume they are doing well, though."

"Yes." Callum caught movement from the peripheral of his vision. He turned, seeing children and civilians flooding the dining hall. "What's this?"

Nola sighed, "A rescue mission that required improvisation."

"I see."

Civilian Wanderers weren't usually not permitted to be on military vessels unless it was an emergency. They didn't have the same genetic modifications or training the members had.

Nola then studied him. "You're going to do it."

"Do what?"

"Go to Earth." She whispered. "To the base."

"One of the human females has...caught my eye."

Nola grinned, reminding him of her brother. "Well, you'll need help."

"You? Help?"

"You're not the only one who is displeased with how things are being handled." She tapped the table. "And you're not the only one with family down there."

Callum nodded, "Alright, have a plan?"

"I do."

Leave to a Teng-Shae to formulate escape plans during their downtime.

"Good, because I don't."

"Then listen closely because it requires much detail."

He hadn't anticipated for anyone to help him, but he was grateful it was Nola. She was one of the best fighters he'd met and was expertly stealthy. Also, she had a big heart, despite being a Teng-Shae.

Callum just needed to ensure Trix wouldn't be wounded or killed on their escape to freedom.

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