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The Divergents, part nine

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago 6 min read
The Divergents, part nine
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After a few hours of training Skye and discussing retrieving the medical shuttle with the commander, Callum finally made his way to the dining hall.

He didn't remember the last time he ate, and his body was unhappy with the lack of food. But Callum tended to neglect nutrition and water when focused on something.

At least the dining hall, as it was called, was designed for Wanderer comfort. Most of the buildings had humans in mind regarding height and width.

He did note the modifications for the humans as he stepped into line, though. Why did most of them have to be so short?

That was one thing he liked about Trix. While shorter than most Wanderer females, she was taller and not as thin as the other human females. So, he didn't worry about her being hurt as much, mostly by him accidentally.

Although, the few humans with the compatibility nanites were tall and well-defined, like Ava and Skye. And Callum knew the enhanced females would also benefit from those nanites.

Grabbing his food tray, Callum meandered around the dining hall, searching for available seats. On the mother ship, he never had to worry about that, but humans often had set meal times, using the time to socialize.

He eventually found Trix sitting with Ava, Skye, a few other females, and the human male he saw with the commander earlier. And she waved him over.

"May I join you?"

Trix gestured for him to sit next to her. "I'd be mad if you didn't."

Grinning, Callum sat down. "I hope I'm not intruding."

Ava snorted, "Please, privacy isn't much of a thing here."

"Says the woman who bangs her mate in the locker room showers," Another female said.

Skye nodded, "I've heard it many times."

Ava's cheeks went red.

"So, how many mated pairs are there?" Callum sipped the dark drink in his cup, enjoying its bitterness. "And what is this tasty liquid?"

Trix giggled, "That's coffee."

Enjoying her laugh, Callum drank some more 'coffee.'

"And there are only two pairs." Skye bit into her food.

That surprised him. But many aspects of the mating bond were unknown.

"I'm still pissed at mine, though," Ava frowned. "Who doesn't disclose that they have a sibling?"

Skye stiffened.

"Apparently, Bram said nothing about me, either." However, it didn't upset him, Callum shrugging. Bram wasn't much of a talker when given the option.

Skye didn't lift her gaze, focusing on her food.

Callum wished he didn't have to touch a person in order to know their emotions and sensations at any given moment, although he was sure she felt guilty.

"And you're fine with that?" the brunette asked.

"I'm not surprised." He took a bite of food. "Have you known my brother to discuss personal matters?"

Skye shook her head, "Nope."

The brunette moved her hair back, "Most of us don't know him at all."

"And I just got here." Trix swigged her drink. "So, I don't really know anyone here."

He didn't know most of the humans, but he knew the faces of every Wanderer on the base, having examined them at least once on the mother ship. And he would make it a point to learn their names.

"So," the male eyed him, "what are you?"

Callum tilted his head, grinning, "I am what you humans call a doctor."

They stared at him.

Skye smiled, "About damn time, right?"

"Are there really no other Wanderer doctors here?" Trix leaned forward, Callum noting how her shirt showed her breasts.

The male shook his head, "Skye is the closest thing they have to one."

"And I'm a nurse."

Callum clenched his jaw. From their discussions earlier, he knew a dozen or so medical personnel were on the base. But, for whatever reason, none of them wanted to touch the Wanderer soldiers.

He would chew out whoever was the current chief medical officer, then take their place and make the others treat Wanderers.

"I'm surprised you haven't told the commander." Trix balled her hands into fists, electricity crackling in the air.

Skye laughed sheepishly, "He doesn't like me very much. Besides, what could he do anyway?"

"She's right. Only I can do something about it."

And he intended to.


After dinner, one of the soldiers led Trix and Callum to a couple of apartment complexes. Trix couldn't help but stare. How did they manage to move two five-story buildings?

She'd have to ask later.

But her Wanderer doctor had decided they would be sharing a unit. And after spending months in solitary confinement and their sexy time the night before, she wasn't about to argue with him.

The soldier also provided them with some spare clothes and toiletries. She'd have to go into the square tomorrow to get more clothes, hopefully, some yoga pants and graphic t-shirts.

But at least the apartment was mostly furnished.

Closing the door, Callum stepped next to her. "We don't need to share a bed if you don't want to."

"Hmm," Trix tapped her chin. "I don't want to sleep by myself."

He grinned, "I was hoping you'd say that, little spark."

She blushed as he gave her a quick kiss. "Now, you should clean up."

He was right. She was covered in dirt and sweat, not liking how it felt. And there was running water on the base, so Trix could finally take the shower she deserved.

Grabbing her clothes, Trix strode through the bedroom to her left, knowing the bathroom was there--one of the perks of her new abilities.

She quickly stripped down and turned on the water, stepping in. Trix couldn't help but moan as the hot water hit her skin. It just felt so damn good to shower again.

She then started washing herself, noting the shampoo and conditioner were also in bar form. She shrugged, using them after rinsing the soap off her body.

Trix also examined her body, her skin as hairless as ever thanks to the laser hair removal done to her when she was sixteen. One of the few things her mother forced her to do that was actually convenient now.

Shutting off the water, Trix wiped the steam off the mirror, seeing her reflection for the first time in months.

She had definitely gone down at least two dress sizes, although much of the fat had been replaced by lean muscle. But she was still bigger than the other women.

And taller, Trix being six feet. She didn't mind it, though. She liked that she didn't tower over the Wanderer men, who all had at least a foot on her.

Her face was basically the same, although it could use a good purifying mask and a scrub. But her turquoise eyes were brighter than she recalled them being.

Slipping the sweats on, Trix left the bathroom, feeling human again. She spotted Callum on the couch, who had also changed.

His seafoam eyes lazily gazed at her body. "I want to take those garments off you and have my way with you."

She blushed, her low core heating, "Then get your fine ass over here."

She walked into the bedroom, excited as he claimed her with his mouth again. A woman could get used to this.

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