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The Dawn of the Auroras

The next Carrington Event

By Noah MadrigalPublished 2 years ago 10 min read

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 11, 2033, alarm bells struck. Leading NASA solar physicist Theodore Alan Wright and his team of researchers stumbled across something of which was exactly what they had feared was coming.
They had been tasked with running non-stop, highly advanced computerized simulations of the sun, on their now state-of-the-art supercomputers granted to their head office in hopes of predicting changes in solar weather which could prove dire to day-to-day life on earth.

Along with escalating patterns, and various seemingly growing amounts of buildup in solar activity over decades with a few instances of fortunately innocuous small coronal bursts raining down to earth, new projections point to a conclusion that our luck is about to run out.

The sun, much like a volcano, was due to erupt. Shifting in its weather patterns over the years provided ample evidence to indicate a huge activity spike is about to take place. With the models of earth's orbit & general positioning taken into account, this places us primed to be directly right in the zone of impact.

Shaken by the latest results, Wright and his researchers immediately went into a frenzy. After carefully going through variables & rerunning the tests, their concerns were ultimately validated. Estimates within a few percent margin of error, well within the acceptable threshold, Wright swiftly moved to inform his superiors of his findings.

NASA then quickly went on full alert, wasting no time trying to analyze and further corroborate them. It, by all accounts, was happening. By the looks of it, they really did catch it right in time.
After, the first thing they did was brief & inform the International Space Agency and the White House. Wright's team's findings were validated once more and those in charge were forced to start taking it seriously.

Of course, no other world government wanted to believe it at first, or solely take our word for it. Fortunately though, the US was lucky enough to have a competent president who took the nation's best interests, the peoples', to heart. He also cared about the world at large, not only his own country he was in charge of. For the most part, he knew what had to be done, what he needed to do.

Geon Park, the 47th president of the USA, and both the first Asian-American & South Korean president at that, went to work in a flash despite short notice. President Park filled first Asian & Chinese-American woman vice president, Fen-Liu, to the situation at hand, and raced to convene Congress for an emergency session.
By all means, he couldn't be fast enough. At this point, it was well-established that this was absolutely not a drill, a mistake, or a computing error. It was far too real. Before debriefing our government, Geon made sure to not leave the rest of the world in the dark.

The United Nations was contacted almost instantaneously, and without surprise, yet another emergency meeting was called out of immense concern. Understandably, many were concerned, and worried. Who wouldn't be in this instance, this is a completely unprecedented event in human history. At least, in terms of modern day history, a frightening huge first in the still very young age of mankind's advancements in the last century.

Wright had the honor of sitting at the table, along with other top scientists from all over the country, as well as people from the International Space Agency as a whole in general, to back him up. More would surely follow. Theodore explained everything to the best of his ability, while other scientists chimed in, and the simulation of the sun was shown to the frantically chaotic room before him.

Representatives from all over the globe were seated in a huge bustling room that same day Wright fatefully made his life-changing discovery only hours before, by this time he should've been exhausted, but he was far too transfixed to feel it. Even without sleep, something as big as all this makes one strong stimulant to keep you alert, including the noise which flooded the room out of almost every single person present.
Shock erupted from many, loud ramblings back & forth from the greatest minds from all around the world were prevalent. Wright's discovery was quick to be subjected to the highest of scrutiny, disregard, and even ridicule over the possibility of even a fraction of miscalculations.

"What if you got the earth's orbit wrong? If we're even so much as an inch off, it could miss us completely," one said.

"Is it possible the moon could be in position to block any potentially dangerous material expelled from the sun, leaving us rendered safe, and the models just didn't account for it?" Pried another.

"The smallest margin of error should be taken into consideration, how probable is it that the sun wouldn't be going through nearly as an active solar cycle as shown in the model?" Queried someone else.

Although, the modeling took all those variables into account, including the scrupulous testing of the research team at NASA, and the combined efforts of the ISA among other leading researchers would further confirm it in time. It's only human nature to want to hold on to disbelief when it comes to things like this, however.

America's allies were the first to stand behind & accept the results. Predictably, world leaders and representatives from other countries of those who aren't, weren't so fast to follow suit. Russia, North Korea, along with some other countries of the Middle East, Europe, and Asia all had to have their people to see if it could hold any bearing.

Upon order of President Park, NASA along with Theodore Wright gave the relevant people access to Wright's program. Eventually, all were forced to heed the warning. It was found by the majority of those in power to be accurate, after various meetings with their own physicists & researchers.
In every meaning of the word, solar physicist Wright's work would prove to be a major breakthrough in science, and forecasting of weather on the sun. Before, with past modeling & such through old means and satellites, we would only have warning of any imminent danger of a few hours to about a day in advance. Now, thanks to the combined efforts of his complete team, his supercomputer, and satellites in orbit, we could see up to around three months in the sun's future.

All this led to the rapid coining of the term for the process to be known as the Wright Horizon. To be able to see three months ahead in the solar system could prove to be an invaluable asset to keep global communications, power grids, and technological advancement preserved as a whole.

Though, there was still a major problem at hand. Three months, while being far longer than being able to see anything coming from a day ahead, still is not at all a long time addressing what's coming on an entire global scale. Action needs to be taken, and it needs to be taken fast. Otherwise, it could mean humanity at large being set back into the dark ages, and could take a decade or more to recover entirely. The incoming cause could be aptly named the Beautiful Apocalypse.

The White House, in conjunction with all other foreign powers in their respective countries, had to break the news to the masses as delicately as they could. They couldn't risk widespread panic & chaos, especially not when the worst case scenario could be avoided. With quick action, people coming together, most damage caused by the solar storm could be avoided. Unfortunately though, detecting it early was the easy part.
While, over the years there have been changes made to the power grid due to close calls and small instances such as Quebec in 1989, it proved there would be a long way to go. Many areas of the US alone didn't deem upgrades to the electric grid to be necessary, let alone undeveloped countries. A geomagnetic storm could prove devastating for so many throughout the world, for a lot, in one of the coldest months of the year.

All hope is not lost however, due to other factors like natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and wildfires, quite a few states were already in the process of making adjustments to the important & vulnerable parts of the power grid, it just so happens they kept solar storms in mind. Across Canada and Europe as well, the same could also be said, as more and more precautions were being taken.

Corporations across many different nations could work together to speed the process up a thousand fold, and ensure every country that needs it would be able to manufacture the necessary components to adapt their power grids to be able to negate any negative effects caused by electric charges sent into the atmosphere.

Massive teams of engineers & mechanics of all kinds employed by manufacturing plants went to work together all over the globe. Anyone with even remotely a relevant background lent a hand. For this, we really truly did need to work together as a collective, barring any borders or barriers of any kind.

Loss of electricity and power on a huge scale would affect all of us, even if all the way around the world, we're all connected through various ways like the supply chain. So many would be impacted if a major producing country just went completely dark. Major sources of goods & food could be lost, and economies could collapse. It was no question, mankind needed to work together to keep out the dark.

Thankfully, for the most part, people jumped into action. The prospect of a modern day Carrington Event scared people beyond belief. And this storm happened to be projected to be even bigger. Quite humorous that practically nobody had any idea what it was at the time, to most, it didn't matter. To some even, it was like something divine.
To others, it was a sign of the end of days. Even now, a few people held both beliefs. Some wondered why God would let it happen, others say he's angry at us, and it is his judgement. One thing for sure, the Carrington Event back then was a pretty sight, but would mean much more as a consequence to us as a whole now.

People all over worked tirelessly those three long agonizing months, and it was work well worth it. They met the important deadline, and the job was done. All over, the backbone of modern day was secure. Satellites could be switched safely on to safe mode. Disaster would be avoided. Almost equally as important, because of such a momentous event, people everywhere had to put aside their differences and work together. Nobody could afford not to.

The Beautiful Apocalypse was prevented, even better, there was peace. Humankind had to act together as one because of something they couldn't see, something they couldn't see yet, anyways. It was bigger than themselves, in fact, many couldn't even fathom it. Some were skeptical, but the many outweighed the few in this remarkable case.
This bizarre story of important unity would prove to go on to be remembered for a long time to come, the time when the world truly had to come together for the greater good. Who knows what would've happened if not. The cold harsh winter could've been devastatingly deadly for far too many, full of utterly avoidable tragedy. Instead, icy rifts were helped to heal, alongside worldwide intense cascading & dancing lights of the temporary aurora emanating coast to coast all across the seven continents.

People everywhere rejoiced and gathered together to marvel at the spectacle that was the once in a lifetime event, where the northern and southern lights would be visible almost everywhere on earth, for almost a week. Those vivid green and crimson waves of incandescent lights would be captured forever, even if it would happen only so rarely. All in all, it definitely was a new dawn in human history.

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