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The Crane Catalyst

Together, the Cranes lift all.

By Lucas DiercouffPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
The Crane Catalyst
Photo by Ice Tea on Unsplash

Under moonlight, The Cranes gathered. The "impenetrable" Le Marquis Bank in sight. Our insider, "Morris", propped the emergency exit, now entrance. Sal, always the charmer, even got the guard's phone number. VOLTaire killed the power as Bella slithered to the vault, locked by a biometric that will cost the CEO their job. Bella held her breath and placed her amino synthesized glove. The vault gave up a final gasp. Ours. Finally. Shimmering like a diamond of untold worth. They packed swiftly, leaving only a rainbow origami crane behind. The world would never be the same. Together, The Cranes lift all.

MysteryShort StoryMicrofictionAdventure

About the Creator

Lucas Diercouff

Colorado based writer | Socials: @lucasdiercouff

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