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The Cosmic Writers Of Humanity

Are we humans enacting a script, or are we living our lives?

By Anu SundaramPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Cosmic Writers Of Humanity
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. And that was the cue for star writers like me to put our light pens down and let the star signs unit work on editing the script for the next day’s show on earth.

My name is Andromeda - no, I was not named after the galaxy. The galaxy was named after me - let me give you a minute for that to sink in as you digest what it means.

By Graham Holtshausen on Unsplash

I am one of the stars - the twinkling objects you see in the sky at night. And believe me when I tell you that we are not planets that reflect the light of the sun but cosmic scriptwriters in the land of galactic movies. (If you don’t believe me ask my friend Encyclopedia who is on a gap year which in your world means meteor showers). He got burnt out and needed to refresh his creative juices. Horoscopes, my other best friend, is also considering taking some time off - he suffers from prediction burnout. Now, I am going to stop talking about my friends and get to the point.

We are in a crisis. The higher-ups, aka Gods, are getting bored of our creations. The producer wants us to bring the multi-verse show to an end. Personally, I don’t blame them - after all, this show has been running since the big bang. At first, there was chaos as nobody knew what was going on. But once things started cooling down - things became clearer. And a story began to emerge, and a picture started to form. Soon there were many of us - what began as one person writing gig turned into many of us cosmic writers managing a magnum opus. We are all different kinds of writers, and we write scripts that you - human actors, play out in various forms. Some of us write horoscopes, news, journalists etc. And then, we have other groups who do the lighting, editing, sound and light effects. We have sometimes channelled our scripts into astrologers, psychics, journalists, authors and even news anchors.

The beauty of the script is that we choose it for a sample of you, and the rest of you are happy to play along. Sometimes I wonder if this play has taken a life of its own. But after the Roman invasion, Alexander the Great and two world wars and one in progress, things are going stale. There are only so many rinse-and-repeat cycles possible.

You have no idea how many times we have tried to bring out real change - but the script kept returning to the same cycle of ego-driven drama. We even tried to seed in characters like Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed and now Eckhart Tolle, but it did not bring about the shift we were hoping for. Then every generation, we try the whole baby boomer, Millennial, Gen Z, Gen A, but even that’s gone boring, and then you are stuck with that generation for a while. And now we are all pinning our hopes on AI - ChatGPT is the latest craze. It is a wacky script - it can go in any direction. Why do you think Stephen Hawking predicted that AI might be the most dangerous thing humankind might have unleashed on the world? Personally, I am glad that we have ChatGPT - Google was getting to be too much. We needed some variety - things are getting spiced up now.

I will admit that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Like during the dinosaur era, two of the leading cosmic writers got into a fight on what’s next for dinosaurs. They even got into a fistfight which resulted in their pieces hitting the earth, wiping the entire dinosaur population off the surface of the planet. That is one way to decide what happens next. When the producers heard about the fight, they were so livid, but they changed their tune once Gods gave it a five-star rating. How often do you get to start with a clean slate?

By Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

The betting racket in the cosmic is the busiest ever - on whether humans will suffer the same tragic end. COVID-19 was one such experiment. Let’s see what happens next. Unless we think of a massive transformation for the human race, they are headed for THE END. Honestly, how many times can history repeat itself - we need some new content.

I am waiting for my fellow cosmic writer - Inspiration, to literally strike me so that I can start the work on my next script. Till then, keep playing your part, people!

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