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The Bully

The Amulet

By Mother CombsPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
The Bully
Photo by Rebekah Vos on Unsplash

Troy was watching Frankie walk across the playground. Frankie was shoving smaller kids down, taking some kids' lunch money, stepping on other kids' bags, and crushing their lunches and pencils. Troy just knew that Frankie was coming his way. Well, today, Troy was ready for him.

Frankie was the school bully. He’d failed three grades so far. Frankie was huge compared to all the other sixth graders. All the kids in the elementary were scared of him because he was always stealing lunches, busting noses, and stuffing kids into lockers.

But today, Troy had a plan and would set it into motion. In his pocket, inside a sachet, he was carrying a charm. This charm was not ordinary either. He’d used all the ingredients he could to make this spell unique for Frankie. This amulet was a back-atcha charm. It was supposed to turn everything Frankie did back on him ten times worse. The hardest part would be getting Frankie to wear the amulet. Troy was probably going to get his butt kicked.

It turned out to be easier than Troy thought it would be. When Frankie caught up to him, Frankie shoved Troy down. Troy allowed the sachet with the amulet to fall out, and he hollered, “NO!” and dived for the bag. Before he could get to it, though, Frankie grabbed it up.

Now was the touchy part. If Troy didn’t act like he wanted the bag back bad enough, then Frankie wouldn’t steal it. He had to make sure that Frankie wanted it more than Troy did.

“Give it back!! My grandpa gave me that necklace!!” Troy yelled.

“This piece of junk? Do you want this back? I don’t know, maybe I should just throw it away,” Frankie said.

“Give it back!! I wan’ it now!” Troy grabbed like he would snatch the charm out of Frankie’s hands.

Frankie pulled his arm back and slugged Troy right in the nose.

“Perfect,” Troy thought as Frankie put the amulet around his neck and walked away. When he shoved a first grader out of the way, he fell instead of the younger child. Frankie threw a rock at a kid who laughed, and the rock fell short and bounced back at Frankie, blacking his eye.

Troy smiled a satisfied smirk as Frankie walked off. The amulet was going to work.


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Mother Combs

Come near, sit a spell, and listen to tales of old as I sit and rock by my fire. I'll serve you some cocoa and cookies as I tell you of the time long gone by when your Greats-greats once lived.

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  • Forest Green2 months ago

    Reminds me of certain situations when I was younger

  • Please, where do I find Troy? I need him to make me one too! Loved this story!

  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Splendid microfiction story!!! Loved it!!!

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