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The Boy And The Magic Flute

In Search of Crystal Clock

By C C FarleyPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read
The Boy And The Magic Flute
Photo by Jyotirmoy Gupta on Unsplash

Fahad Ali lived with his parents in a small village in India. At 10 years-old, Ali left home every day to search for anything that he could use to cash in for money. He didn't care what he could find --anything to help out his parents and his three siblings.

Times were tough for Fahad and his family. The pandemic had made his Mom sick with long Covid and the virus had affected her ability to make a living dying fabric for a local manufacturer. Pushing and pulling on the fabric for 10 hours a day had left her arm sore and her mind throbbing with a migraine that never ended.

Fahad's father drove a cab for a living but even that job was not great financially. The cost of gas and the repair expenses that he had to do every month had eaten into the family's finances.

Sometimes Fahad's father had to skip a meal in order to allow the rest of his family to eat.

As the older sibling, Fahad felt the weight of his family's stress on his shoulder. On this day, he set out as usual and headed out to the local garbage dump that was the site of swarming birds, piles of plastic bags, and other old rotting food.

After spending a few hours sifting through the rubbage, he happened upon an old flute. He pushed away some dirty plastic and admired the shiny gold casing. However, he was disappointed as upon further inspection, the flute was cracked and in badly need of repair.

He picked it up and decided to throw it away. But before he could do it, a giant black poodle darted in front of him. Then it paced around him three times. Finally, the dog sat down, and looked at the flute, as though asking him to blow on it.

"Go away, dog," Fahad said, waving his small, skinny hands. " I have to find some thing to buy and sell for my family to eat." The dog barked and looked at the flute again. To Ali's surprise, the dog barked excitedly and grabbed the flute that was tossed and brought it to the boy.

"Oh, thank you, dog. But this flute is worthless," Fahad said, adding, " I bet you anything that this flute will not even make a sound."

The dog barked excitedly. Fahad blew on the flute and to his astonishment, a cloud of smoke appeared along with a 12-foot man, He looked in his fifties and he was dressed in a purple jumpsuit --his white hair was covered in a velvet turban.

"Thank you, young man. I am your genie of the flute. My name is Solly McGuire and I have been trapped in this darn flute for centuries. I am finally unlocked. This dog has been searching for me, too. Thanks to you and him, I am free," said the genie.

Fahad was happy that his family could eat again. But the genie became silent and looked sad.

"Can you grant me any wishes?" Fahad asked, thinking about his family and his hungry siblings.

"Unfortunately, dear Fahad. I am not able to give you any money. This flute can only be used for other people. In order to use this for that purpose, you will need to do something heroic, " said the genie.

"Please tell me!" Fahad cried, " I will do this."

The genie explained to Fahad his mission. He would need to allow the black poodle to lead him to a cave high above a treacherous mountain in a dark forest. Inside the cave, he would need to destroy a dozen golden warriors whose job is to protect the sacred crystal clock.

"What about this clock?" asked the boy.

The genie explained that the clock had a button in the middle and all he had to do is click on it, and say outloud "reset your password."

"Once you say these words, this will unlock the magic power of the flute, which will allow you to help your community," the genie said, proudly, adding, "The dog will help you, too!"

Fahad was amazed to learn that the poodle was named "Alexander, the wise one," and the dog was in fact a shape shifting wizard that could turn into any creature or thing to help him reach his goal.

Young Fahad and the dog bid farewell to the genie and set off in search of the cave. With the boy on the dog's back, the two bounded across several treacheous streams and eventually located the black mountain.

From the distance, the two could see a cave. They marvelled at the sight of a dozen golden clothed warriors pacing back and forth, looking stern and terrifying.

The Battle

The poodle looked up at the frightened boy and suddenly changed into a dragon.

"Do not be afraid, young Mr. Ali. We can defeat them. There is nothing to fear but that which is within your mind," the dragon said. Fahad felt better and pulled himself onto the dragon's back.

At the cave's entrance, the dragon set Ali gently on the grass and then lifted himself up in the air — a massive giant that was as ferocious as it was nimble. With one breath, the dragon blew out a hot stream of flaming fire, which destroyed the dozen golden warriors in a heartbeat.

Seizing the opportunity, young Fahad raced into the cave, and picked up the crystal clock.

He turned around the clock and found a round silver button with the words, "reset your password." He pressed the button and simultaneously shouted out the words, "reset your password.”Instantly, he and the dog/wizard were transported back to his village where the genie sat waiting, cross footed on the ground in front of his family’s wooden hut.

"You did it!" said the genie, proudly.

"You can now use me to help your community," added the genie.

Fahad was happy for the community, but wondered about his family, too.

The genie looked at Fahad and seemed to know what he was thinking.

"Because of your unselfishness," the genie said, "your family will have enough to live on for the rest of their lives."

Fahad's smiled, relieved for his family. He looked at the dog and wondered what would happen to his best friend.

The genie smiled and said, "From now on, I declare that all dogs will be man's best friend and humans will never be lonely or afraid because they will always have a friend. A friend, indeed, is priceless."


About the Creator

C C Farley

I loved reading at an early age. Writing is also a passion and I love writing, reading, and spending time with my pets.

I also love photography, independent film making, travel and writing.

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