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The Anniversary Dinner

A Short Story

By Johnny VPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 6 min read

We drove up the snowy, winding road towards the cozy A-frame cabin. It was late in the afternoon, light snow was falling intermittently every second as it landed slightly covering the view in front of us. The car radio was faintly playing music from a local station. Kara grabbed my hand as our fingers interlocked as she held on tightly. I could sense that she was nervous about going to an unknown destination where she had never been before. I was nervous too. This was the first time we had traveled together for a romantic weekend getaway. As we drove up onto the long snow laden driveway, we could see the cabin up ahead. It was a picturesque postcard view with pine trees neatly surrounding the cabin.

As I parked the car and turned off the engine, I turned my attention towards her and said, “We’re finally here babe”.

“Baby, I can’t wait to see the inside”, she said

The both of us excited, we exited the vehicle quickly. She was looking around at the surroundings standing still taking deep puff of the lit cigarette she was holding in her right hand. I opened up the trunk, grabbed the luggage, medium cooler and placed it on side and closed the trunk. She walked over to me and picked up her bag and gave me a kiss.

“Love you baby!”, Kara said with her sweet innocent voice

“Love you more” as I looked into her eyes

We made our way towards the cabin with our luggage and the cooler in tow as we walked up the snow covered walkway towards the steps of the cabin. As we arrived at the top to the wooden deck surrounding the cabin, I placed the luggage aside, pulled the keys from my coat and unlocked the door. Kara gently pushed wide open and entered the cabin.

“Oh my gosh!! This place looks amazing baby! I love it!" Kara said effervescently as she walked into the cabin.

Like a child in a candy shop, she began exploring every aspect of the cabin from the wide open living room, dining and kitchen in the back to the bedrooms upstairs and the loft area that overlooked the main living room.

“Wow! This is amazing!”, as I picked up the luggage and stumbled my way inside. I walked thru a small hallway, to the left was the master bedroom. I placed the luggage down and started to explore the other rooms of the cabin.

The interior of the cabin was filled with modern furniture, the walls were lined with expensive artwork. The kitchen which was set near the rear of the cabin. You could see the mountain view thru the large glass pane window as the sunlight seeped thru it. It covered the back of the cabin from the ceiling to the floor with dual french doors neatly placed in the middle. Kara walked over to window to take a peek at the view, I stood behind wrapping my arms around her.

“Baby! Look at this view! It so beautiful!", she said

"You are beautiful babe", I said with my chin resting on her left shoulder.

"Look! There’s a hot tub outside on the deck!”

“We could go hot tubbing later. I hope you brought your bathing suit. I’m pretty sure I brought my swim trunks with me.”, I said

“Baby, but you never told me there was going to be a hot tub!”, Kara said with concerned voice.

“Well, I guess you’re going to have to go in your bathing suit then.”

“Ha ha, you would say that. You are such a comedian baby!” As she turned around, looked at me directly with her beautiful brown eyes and kissed me.

Within the next few hours, we stared to unpack our luggage. We talked about what our plans were for the next few days as we finally unpacked everything.

I proceeded to the kitchen to prepare our romantic dinner from the items that were in the cooler we brought. Kara walked over to the TV and turned it on with the remote and scanned thru the stations looking for some music to play. While she was setting up the table, she would start dancing and humming. I could tell she was happy. I was happy that she was happy. After an hour passed, dinner was finally ready. Our first meal during this getaway. It was seared steak, rice pilaf and asparagus. With each dish in hand, I walked over and placed them onto the table.

We both sat down while she uncorked and poured the wine. I looked at her and started to think how lucky of a man I was. Moments before we were about to eat, each of us raised our wine glass.

“Cheers babe! Happy Anniversary! I love you!” I said while staring into her eyes.

“Cheers to you baby! I love you more! Thank you for everything you do for me!”, she responded.

We drank our wine, began to eat our dinner and started having a small dinner conversation.

“Babe, I think we should stop into that town tomorrow we passed by earlier on our way here”, I said

“That sounds like a good idea baby, we need to get some groceries and you need to take me shopping”, Kara responded with a great big smile on her face.

“Sure babe, that sounds like a plan. We can do a little sightseeing as well”

"That would be nice baby! I can't wait!", she said while grabbing my hand

"Neither can I. By the way, I have a surprise!"

"What is it babe?" as she had that puzzled look in her eyes

"Wait once second!", I said

I ran into the master bedroom. I could hear her faint voice echo throughout the cabin, "Hurry up baby! I'm hungry"

I returned to the table and pulled out a small box from my left pocket. Immediately, I could see Kara eyes light up and tears began to form. She knew what I was going to do.

"Yes!!", she screamed to the top of her lungs.

As I pulled out the diamond ring from the small box to give to her, I said with a broken voice, "Will you be my forever?"

"Of course baby! I love you so much!!", she relplied as she stood up from her chair, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

I grabbed her hand and gently place the ring on Kara's ring finger. She looked at it and said, "Baby! It's so beautiful!"

I looked at her and I could see her eyes light up. I could feel my eyes starting to get watery. This was her moment and I knew. After a few minutes, we finally sat down at the table. As we sat there drinking, eating and having a conversation, the night started winding down as the both of us could feel the sexual energy that was imploding between us. I could see it in her eyes and she could see it in mine. This was a special night for us. It was our anniversary on a weekend getaway.

Our night continued in the master bedroom as our love making session seemed to last for hours. It was non-stop, sensual yet very sexual. By the time we stopped, we were both exhausted. We kissed each other good night as we ended up falling asleep.

I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the time on my cell phone and fell back asleep. A few hours later, my alarm went off. I could see the light from the morning sun pierce thru the window. I turned my right and noticed that the side of the bed was empty.

"Babe?", as I spoke with a loud tone

There was no answer.

I was confused. I sat up and I started to remember every detail: the snow, the cabin, the dinner, the ring etc. I started to panic and started to wonder why was I in my own bedroom?

Suddenly I realized....

It was just a dream.


About the Creator

Johnny V

Also known as Jonathan, a part time musician, writer, life stylist at night but a full time business intelligence developer during the day.

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