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The 2 meters of rope

by sissytisha about a month ago in Fantasy / Short Story / Fan Fiction / Classical
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It was too late when the fire was discovered. The man pulled the woman and rushed for the stairs, only to be pounced back by the fire. The fire spread quickly, and the whole building was like a mad burning charcoal, baking every inch of space into a hot iron. Even though they closed the door tightly, tongues of fire and smoke pushed their way in through the door, one by one. The small room gradually became hot and unbearable.

It was a hotel in a city at midnight.

The man and woman stood at the window calling for help, waving their arms desperately. They saw firefighters setting up ladders and approaching them in panic and urgency. But to no avail, the raging fire made the ladder hover and stall like a giant wounded ostrich a long way from the building.

The fire was getting fiercer and fiercer. The air in the room seemed to begin to burn.

The men said, jump!

They lived on the ninth floor.

They tore the sheets and covers into wide, long strips and attached them to a rope. The man estimated the length, shook his head, and took off his shirt and attached it. Still not long enough, the man began to tear at the curtains. A flame leapt in and turned in front of the man. There was no time, the woman said.

The man threw the bedding from the bed out the window, then tied the rope to a sturdy window bone and yanked hard. He said to the woman, slide down!

The woman shook her head desperately. She began to cry.

The man said it's okay, you hold on to the rope and slowly slide down. You will be able to do it. The woman said, "What about you? The man said you slide down first, I'll be right there. He carried the woman up to the ledge and wrapped the end of the rope around her waist. The man was sweating profusely and breathing hard. The man said never hold on tight, remember, little by little down. The man pulled on the other end of the rope and the man said, I love you.

The flames closed in on the man. The woman began to slide down. She was like a clumsy gecko, along the wall of the hot building, inch by inch closer to the ground.

Finally, the woman slid to the end of the rope. But her body, still stuck in mid-air. Flames on all sides, the woman's fingers painful. Her physical strength is flying through.

The man made a decision.

He shouted at the woman, don't be afraid, hold on for half a minute! The man used all his strength to pull the rope upward, and then with his teeth, bite open the dead knot tied to the window bone. The huge impact of the moment made the man's body lean forward violently, nearly being pulled out of the window. The man grabbed the end of the rope and shouted at the woman, don't look down! When I shout jump, you will jump!

The house was already on fire. The man felt his hair and eyebrows were burning.

The man hooked his feet on two window bones and slowly explored his body like an acrobat. The man's expression was painful and hideous, his body hanging completely out of the window. The woman's weight pulls his body completely straight.

The man becomes a piece of rope. A rope of life and death connected between the woman and the window bone. The man's body is still straightening and elongating. 1.75 m man, put that section by the sheet and rope. The man's body was still straightening and stretching. 1.75 meters man, took the length of that section of rope turned from sheets and covers, and increased it by 2.05 meters; lowered the distance from the woman to the ground, by 2.05 meters.

The flames eat into the man's feet hooked to the window pane, and he feels his skin flaking. The man hissed at the woman, "Jump!

The woman jumped. She fell heavily on the bedding the man had thrown out. There was smoke all around. Several firefighters finally broke through the flames and came running toward her position.

Almost everyone who didn't make it out of the building in the first place was killed. Except for the woman - she was the only one rescued.

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