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Taurus The Bull


By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Taurus The Bull
Photo by 2 Bull Photography on Unsplash

“It was all a dream…” How could it be reality? For Taurus the Bull could not be moved. He could not be persuaded. Determined and stubborn he would forfeit his happiness, fighting for what he deemed as love. Yes. All this fighting for love, when little did he know, “the love planet,” was what guided him.

Still, he raged and raged, mad at anyone who rejected his insecurities, selfish advantages and controlling ulterior motives. Some of the women refused to read into his mindless ways. They too were selfish and thought only of the benefits they could get out of the situation. Lust engulfed the connections, but none stood the time, for it were the intentions behind all else.

Still Taurus the Bull continued to fill the hole in his heart. He slept with anything walking. There were many reasons why. Temptation was too hard to resist, options over inflated his ego, flirtation and drinks went too far, or financial gain had him walking like Martin in the movie “It’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate.” Whatever he could get temporarily made him feel on top.

Throughout it all, he was joined, and prayed for love in his marriage. All he ever wanted was a happy home. You see his parents split, leaving him to pick up their dead ends, and so he attracted what he never wanted. In so many ways all he ever wanted was real love. Neglected and passed around, opened the doorway for anyone to ride on his saddle. All that attention was craved from his widowed childhood days. Stubborn as molasses, he refused to see the truth about love. Until one day, he met the one.

Of course, he didn’t know it at the time. She didn’t either. In his eyes, she was a young, timid, cute, skinny lady. Something drew him to her, but he didn’t know what it was. Flirtation kicked in, and the young lady thought of him as a handsome thirsty cow. Different circles of friends and encounter after encounter linked them up from time to time. They became friends, but the young lady wanted nothing to do with him in sexually. She could see right threw his bull-faced ways.

Still the young lady felt sorry for him. No matter the family at home, he was always craving for more. The young lady saw potential in his heart and tried to open his eyes to care. Through this caring for him, the young lady forgot to care about herself. She too became entrapped in the love the spell, but this was different. There was instant chemistry between both.

When the young lady tried to cut it off, Taurus the Bull was not having it. He would not leave her alone; he would come by her home often and follow up with texts. The young lady knew this was problem, and did not want to continue, but loved him. It was like a feeling both had never had before. They were so intertwined he could not fool her, neither could she, him. The young lady could not live with the guilt of the lie, the corruptness, and the deceit. The young lady could not live with the cup she had left empty for herself. The young lady also knew she lowered her vibration to someone who was living in his past. Actually, they both were. See, you can feel a way about a person, and not know it or acknowledge it. Taurus the Bull was stubborn in that manner.

So, the young lady started to question his motives. She would ask him things like…., “Tell me why does the Taurus look elsewhere if all he needs is right at home? Why don’t you be honest with your wife? You say you can’t be all the way honest with me, so I rather you be honest with your wife. She deserves to know. The questions lingered from both ladies in the triangle. No stone was left unturned. He was not as wise as he thought. The young lady never admitted to the affair, for she believed that jolt should come from the stepper.

Instead of sharing their little dirty secret, the young lady bagged Taurus the Bull to be honest. What followed was lie after lie, body after body. The young lady continued to stay by his side, faithful, unbalanced, and lonely until one day she had enough. The young lady had allowed too much of her life to pass, by staying tied to a fantasy of neglected past childhood trauma. She ended the ordeal. Love or no love, the young lady broke free. It was never her attention to home wreck or take a broken man. It was always her intention to unconditionally love the man placed before her, until he learned to love himself. All the young lady ever wanted was for all parties to be happy and by doing so ruined her reputation of being that good, sweet lady.

But the story doesn’t end here. The young lady stood tall and moved on. The thought of Taurus the Bull still lingers. Even his stubbornness could not escape her dreams. There was really something there, but Taurus the Bull was too caught up in himself to see all the young lady had to offer. He thought life somehow owed him “a greener grass.” While the young lady always hoped for the "green light." Their love for one another was compared to continuously stepping on a mouse trap, striving to get to the cheese. All their attempts failed. The young lady never had it in her to be the plate. Her worthiness was more than the trap, the cheese, the plate, the future. Her time was now. Her unconditional love was returned to herself. The young lady realized what Taurus the Bull could not. For he failed to realize, love lives in us all. I never understood the passion or disturbance behind Taurus the Bull looking for love when he already had it within. The things the young lady tried to teach him, were left behind on a fence. "Lovers & Friends persuaded him to do so.

Taurus the Bull didn’t know that its ruling planet is Venus. “Venus symbolizes love, passion, beauty, devotion, desire and allure.” Maybe if he used these gifts in a positive way, his love relationships could have been paradise.

The young lady is not sure what happened to Taurus the Bull. She continues to rise with the sun and set with the moon. There is all ease and flow within her existence. She believes Taurus the Bull still watches in the distance. The green light has faded. Her “ships have finally come.”


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