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Suddenly this summer

Suddenly this summer

By anthony baskervillePublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The boy I loved had the most handsome side face in the world.

Memory is the air, love is the distance between the two cities.

So clean green love Sui, let us every moment back to the capital bright green.

At that moment, the high school Zhang Yuan a ruffian cavity to Heluo said: "Little sister, look up ah, let master I have a closer look."

At that moment, Zhang Yuan disorderly hiding Heluo's claws, "now are my people, is the circle is flat is not with me?"

At that moment, Zhang Yuan stood in Beijing for 18 hours and said wearily, "Lazy girl, you just got up?"

At that moment, Zhang Yuan handed him the photo of Heluo Jiayuan Garden, "I thought you would be the hostess."

So crisp, so brave, so proud, even the final cry is full of warmth.

So, we refuse to grow old, just like picking up the book, look again and again.

So, before we grow old, please treasure this book, as we cherish our own memories of youth.

Heluo from Beijing airport, Zhang Yuan did not go to see him off, Li Yunwei sent a letter. Open, is his own painting, a black background of Q version of the cartoon. A small octopus holds a sign that reads "The Ten Commandments of the Octopus."

1. Give up sweets. A girl is so fat that she is stuck in an airplane ramp with a big box.

2, quit staying up late, the same girl, dark circles, eyes full of red blood;


The last one is simple, the autumn wind sweeps the leaves, a few fan-like ginkgo leaves fly down. He said, "The commandment loses faith and trusts in you as I believe in myself."

Once said to him to listen to the words, at this time intact, let Heluo love dearly. She took out her mobile phone, opened the draft box, will always keep the words at length: "I like the person is still you."

Delete text messages and press missed calls.

Yesterday, it was the luggage that couldn't be taken away beyond the 64 kg limit.

The plane flew through thick clouds, 30,000 feet, the distance across the ocean. The voices of conversation died away as the stewardess pulled down one porthole after another. The middle-aged blonde asked kindly, "Miss, it's recess time. May I pull down the window?"

Hollo nodded. Slowly the last beam of sunlight in the Eastern Hemisphere was cut off, and when the last ray of golden light disappeared before our eyes, hearts and souls sank into the depths of the sea.

She could not bear it any longer. She covered her eyes, and the tears kept coming.

That day, standing at the crossroads of breaking up, the red sunset meandering in the sky.

Zhang Yuan asked, "Is this how we say goodbye?"

"Yes, from now on, each..." Hollo's voice stagnated. "Each seeking his own happiness."

She could not go on. Avoiding Zhang Yuan's outstretched hands, she turned and called for a taxi. No longer looking back, watching him stand there, shrinking into a smaller and smaller figure in the backward mirror.

From then on, each fly high, let it in the past, too late, like you from the beginning.

Forget it.

Let it go.

Forget it...

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