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Starlight and Stardust: Conversing with the Stars

by Jessica C. 3 months ago in Series

Stargazing Leads Diving Deep into Discussion

Stars twinkled in the navy expanse above their heads, cool breeze caressing their skin. Crickets chirped in the grass around them, singing a summer symphony. Aside from the crickets, the world was blanketed in a hush, so starkly different from nights in the city. Tranquility lay thick in the air, not another soul in sight. They remained sprawled out on the plush My Hero Academia blanket, taking in the serene night sky for who knows how long, at peace with the quiet as stars continued to flicker overhead.

Gazing longingly at the starry night sky above them, Serena sighed dreamily. “Do you think we’ll see anything like Comet Tiamat from Your Name? That was breath-takingly animated, and to witness such a phenomenon in real life with my own eyes would be to die for. All of the alluring colors of its vibrant tail streaking across the sky… I’m envious.”

Long familiar with her friend’s antics, Karissa retorted with a dignified sniff, “A shooting star, perhaps, but something like Comet Tiamat? It’d be ‘a breath-taking view,’ that’s for sure, but it had an orbital period of 1,200 years. It’s highly unlikely that we’d see anything like that tonight. If something like that were occurring today, the media would have been in a frenzy, talking up a storm on the matter and provoking throngs of people to swarm to tranquil, rural places like this. Thanks, but no thanks; I want no part of that chaotic mess. It’d be such a headache.”

Yearning for that view nonetheless, Serena continued, “The animation and story touched my very soul. Why must Makoto Shinkai and his team play with my emotions, so? Weathering With You was also soul-shatteringly gorgeous. I want to experience it for myself,” she sighed. “To live a day, even a moment, in those worlds—it’d be wonderful.”

Karissa light-heartedly scoffed, “Are you sure it’s not the supernatural elements alluring you? Time travel of sorts, resetting reality, and controlling the weather all seem up your alley with your lack of conventionality.” She shook her head. “Granted, with your bright and sunny personality, you wouldn’t need any special ‘Sunshine Girl’ powers. The sun seems to follow you around naturally.”

Serena broke out into a huge grin at the compliment. The two lapsed into silence, appreciating the spectacular view even without any stunning cosmic phenomena like Comet Tiamat illuminating the sky. The “regular” stars still put on a splendid display. It was too bad the city lights always drowned out the sight. Technology and progress were great, but sometimes they came at a cost—so few were able to witness these incredible starry skies. It was a blatant shame. It was such an exquisite sight. The two became lost in the stillness of the quiet country night, just taking in the vastness before them.

“Do you think we came from the stars?” Serena asked in a hushed whisper, a little reluctant to break the silence, but the question had been burning in her mind, incessantly nudging to be voiced aloud.

“Come from the stars? Whatever do you mean? You’re human and were born here on this planet, Earth, remember?” Karissa retorted, thinking the question illogical.

“Well, yes, we were born here on Earth—not that I remember the experience since I was a newborn. That’s our bodies, though. Sure, our bodies were born from human parents, but what about our consciousness, our soul?” Serene insistently pointed out.

“Hmm, well, why are you so certain we come from the stars? Life requires certain living conditions on a planet—none of the other planets possess suitable conditions in our solar system. It just isn’t probable. Just the slightest change would make it completely inhabitable. It has to be just so. And that’s planets. Stars consist of molten gases and plasma—there’s no way they’d have life,” Karissa concluded matter-of-factly.

“Kari, but we’re the stars, right?”

Raising an eyebrow at Serena, Karissa could tell she wasn’t quite finished—there was a determined light in her eyes. Karissa waited for Serena to continue. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Well, you know, since the Big Bang Theory states that the explosion scattered the elements all over the universe and then that the planets formed from it… wouldn’t that mean we’re made of star dust?” Serena inquired.

“I suppose in that light we are ‘the stars.’ But why are you asking? This doesn’t seem like your typical line of thought. Granted, you do have a more whimsical nature than most, but normally your main concerns are sweets, cats, flowers, and anime. You don’t usually transverse this existential train of thought,” Karissa noted.

“It’s just… I feel it. The stars are trying to communicate. They want to tell us something—I just don’t know what…” Serena remarked with a perplexed pout of her lips.

“How do you expect the stars to talk? Again, they’re molten gases and plasma. They lack mouths with which to speak. I don’t understand where this is coming from,” Karissa replied, bemused.

Propping herself up on her side to face Karissa, Serena insisted, “But, Kari, just look at them! They feel so alive! Those two right there—” pointing to the two flashing stars above, “look like they’re holding a conversation similar to Morse code! The blinks and flickers are pinging back and forth, unlike the typical twinkling the others are doing! And with how many stars that are out there, how vast the universe is, there has to be other life out there somewhere!” She paused before adding in a hushed whisper of conviction, “I can just feel it.”

Karissa considered her friend’s impassioned speech. True, the universe was incredibly vast—a handful of planets out there could contain life, speaking in terms of probability. She supposed they would be a vast distance away, though, if they were indeed out there. Karissa narrowed her eyes in focus, eyeing the two stars in question. Serena had a valid point—the two’s flashes seemed too timely and coordinated, as if in a deep discussion, to be written off as coincidence. The longer they witnessed the spectacle, the more unlikely the experience seemed to be “random twinkling.” It was an enigma, leaving her logic-seeking mind perplexed.

“I suppose it does look like they are communicating. Appearances can be deceiving at times, but there’s no real way for us to determine one way or another. And it’s possible for there to be other life out there somewhere, but it may be unlikely,” Karissa conceded.

Serena grinned at her bestie; she may be a skeptic, preferring logic, but she could expand her viewpoint with a reasonable argument and valid point. She tended to be a bit rigid in her perspective of the world, but she wasn’t completely closed-minded. She could be flexible given the proper prompting. Serena adored her friend. They always shared such interesting conversations. Karissa may not see things in the same light as her, but she always sincerely listened and considered what Serena had to say.

“What do you think it’s like on other planets? Do you think it’s lots of fun?”

“Hmm, I’d imagine it would be somewhat similar but definitely not the same. I’m certain you’d find a way to have fun, regardless. Sometimes I wonder if you’re truly from this planet,” Karissa quipped with a wry grin. “You certainly have a… unique way of going about life. Plus, your consumption of desserts hardly seems human, defying the natural laws of Earth. It boggles the mind.”

Serena giggled. “Oh, you love all of my creations—they keep things interesting. They’re full of surprises!” She beamed at her best friend.

Shaking her head, Karissa dryly remarked, “There’s certainly never a dull moment. Monotony and you are like oil and water—you don’t mix.”

Poking Karissa in the side, Serena prodded, “Oh, you know you love me! It wouldn’t be the same without me.”

Karissa hummed quietly in agreement, drinking in the twinkling starlight and the inky, indigo expanse of sky before them.

Quieting, Serena listened to the chirps of crickets before adding in a hushed whisper, “You know I love you, right? I treasure our friendship. I can’t imagine life without you. If I hadn’t met you…” Serena choked up before continuing, “it’d be so empty. I’d be so sad and lonely. You’re the best.”

Reaching over to grasp Serena’s hand in silent affection, she breathed, “I know.”

Nothing more needed to be said. Despite their differences, they understood each other on the deepest of levels. Their friendship ran deep, unshakable. They continued to gaze upon the vast sky in wonder, basking in each other’s presence and the cool, country air, grateful for finding a true friend.


Jessica C.

I have always enjoyed creating, whether it be art or stories. I have enjoyed creating art from a young age and have worked in a variety of schools. I adore anime & cats. We just adopted baby Tsuki/Tsukihime, my moon princess kitten.

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Jessica C.
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