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So Vocal Where's My Refund?

This Never Happened

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 17 days ago 1 min read
So Vocal Where's My Refund?
Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

This is a piece of fiction, it could not possibly have happened.

It is a humorous diversion.

Vocal has not been working properly since Friday

We still can't upload our own photographs, the only option is an Unsplash picture or a YouTube or other video, YouTube videos are often withdrawn, leaving a blank space in the heading of the Vocal story which can only be rectified by getting Vocal to move it to drafts and that can take up to a week to get a response.

I have been forced to use Unsplash for this piece and I still cannot add my own photographs.

It is pointless raising a ticket because it will either not be acknowledged or if it is it will

Vocal has not said anything in public, they could do very easily as I point out in this piece:

They only make statements on Discord, ignoring probably ninety-five per cent of their subscribers.

Vocal+ members pay $10 a month for the service that Vocal provides, but they expect a seamless and functional service.

So three days with a non-functional service means I have paid a dollar for a disrupted service.

So, I ask you Vocal, where's my refund?

I hope this is taken in the spirit intended

Music is "I Was in the House When the House Burned Down" by the sadly missed Warren Zevon but we may all feel like this at time

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  • Ameer Bibi17 days ago

    It is a funny read, and we all demand Vocal to give a bonus of 1 dollar to all V plus members, your observation and calculation is hilarious. Hahaha.

  • Mother Combs17 days ago

    My main issue for me is that they only use discord to report issues. And that's only probably a third of the time, the rest of the time they leave us wondering

  • Thank you for writing this. I always think it is just me doing something wrong. I was writing, posted a pic, credited it, and couldn't save it. Took it down and changed my storyline. Then it saved. This should be a top story as I am not on discord and do not want one more place to go right now, but didn't know I am missing Vocal stuff because I am not there. What else am I missing?🤔

  • Cathy holmes17 days ago

    Well said. I can't even get an unsplash pic to save.

  • Mariann Carroll17 days ago

    I am not technology suave but I feel Vocal is being cyber attack due to its successful in attracting creators to its platform around the world. I do not feel AI stories should get Top Story because it was not completely created by human being. I hope Vocal stick to their guns on that. As for this issue that’s going on, I hope Vocal will fixed the issue in a timely manner. This makes me want to go back to school and study cyber technology.

  • I just don't know what's going on. Hmmm

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