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by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 15 days ago in Horror / Short Story / Mystery / family / Classical
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A Weekend In The Wilderness


This is a story for the Vocal "Weekend Getaway" Challenge which you can read about below.

We drove up the snowy, winding road towards the cozy A-frame cabin. This was a weekend in the middle of nowhere, me, my partner and kid and the dog.

There was no phone signal and the cabin was very off-grid, with a wood-burning stove and heater, a supply of logs outside, and water from an outside pump. It was going to be almost back to nature.

No television, no radio, just us and a wilderness to explore for the weekend.

“Hey Mom, Dad there's a snowman” our kid said as we pulled up to the cabin, snow crunching under the tires. There was a snowman, well it looked more like just a pillar of snow about six feet tall, but it was so cold we had to get into the cabin and get the fire going as soon as possible.

The keysafe was frozen, but after ten minutes rubbing it the cogs turned and we got the key for the cabin and opened the door and got in. I went back out to the car to get our luggage and thought I saw something in the trees, but it was probably just the mist coming down.I got in, shut the door and took some logs to fire up the stove and heating, make some food and coffee and heat ourselves up.

The windows were double glazed so the warmth was kept in the cabin and it was slowly heating up. We boiled the kettle on the stove and made coffee for us and hot chocolate for our kid, and started to heat up a casserole we had brought with us.

Then the dog started to yowl, I wasn’t sure why, he was looking at the door. I didn’t want to let the heat out so I looked out the window, but could not see anything, although the mist in the trees swirled and almost looked like there were snow ghosts out there. I even thought I saw two black eyes, but that was just tiredness.

The coffee and hot chocolate was really appreciated and we started to warm up, and now ready for the casserole. We had intended to go out and explore but the mist was thickening, and the light was fading.

It was amazingly quiet in the cabin, nothing but our conversation and the dog howling every so often.

I think he may have wanted to go out so I wrapped up, put on his lead (I wasn’t going to risk him wandering into the woods) and we went out the door and shut it quickly to keep the heat in.

We walked into the trees and the temperature plummeted, the dog started howling at the mist. I started thinking of frost giants (I love Norse mythology) and believed I could almost see something there, but I do have a vivid imagination.

It was getting colder so we started back and the dog continued howling.

That’s odd

There were three snowmen now , the first that we saw when we came and two smaller ones.

I went up to them, curious as to where the new ones had come from, the new ones were more like ice than snow and when I looked closely I saw that my partner and kid were the two additions, frozen solid. Why weren’t they in the cabin, why had they left the warmth for the cold? Did they think I and the dog were lost?

There was a moan behind me and the dog started barking, we turned and saw a real frost giant. It had a single eye covered by a wired eyelid.

“I am Balahr, you are mine”

The wire was pulled and a freezing cold took me and the dog

The Following Weekend

We drove up the snowy, winding road towards the cozy A-frame cabin. This was a weekend in the middle of nowhere for me and my friend.

“Ooh look there’s a family of snowmen, looks like three adults, a kid, and is that a dog?”

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  • Jason Basaraba13 days ago

    Creative, Love the concept.

  • Cathy holmes14 days ago

    Nicely done.

  • Spencer Woods14 days ago

    Great use of the dog to evoke mystery ;D

  • Very nicely done

  • Omg this was really cool! Has a horror like aspect to it!

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