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Snow Globe Girl

Micro Challenge Entry

By MegPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
Snow Globe Girl
Photo by Jonathan Knepper on Unsplash

"No," I shouted, "Let me out!"

Snow whizzed by as I desperately shook my fists in the air. My efforts fell on deaf ears. Speaking was pointless, my voice muffled by the snow. Even if she could hear me, I doubt she would listen, I grumbled to myself.

I looked up through the blizzard at the glass sky. My eyes narrowed and I glared, hoping the girl beyond the glass saw me. The surrounding storm matched my rage. It's wrath encapsulating me in a tomb of diamond flakes. The snow that had once seemed dazzling, was now angry and absent of color.

Flakes pelted my cheeks without remorse, but I no longer felt their chilly breath. I had been trapped here for years, with no way out. Stuck between glass and snow, a destination for the desolate, not a place meant for the living.

Exasperated, I collapsed into a ball, clinging to the icy ground beneath me like a blanket. I reminisced about the days when I was free. I remember a time when I held hands with the girl beyond the glass. We had grand adventures and great conversations. She used to listen to me. Now every day I'm unable to venture past the same snow pile. I became an inmate in someone else’s flesh.

I understand why she kept me in here. I'm the one person she could never lie to. But I'm tired of the snow, I want to be heard.


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