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Sleep Well

by I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion 4 months ago in Series · updated 4 months ago

One by One

Sleep Well
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Music has always been apart of my life, and it is known. As for these newbies, who came around when I changed my name, are the same ones who have no idea about my life with my father alone. Let alone the music, they will be in for a surprise, when the lie they are living to scam the Government topples down on them. Call me a hurricane, because ever since I got here, no one has to work, and I am sure all needs are met, but are mine? What is the real reason you don' t have to work? Then to also scam the Government, dang, please let me be the hurricane in your lives.

As this tragic betrayal unfolds in front of my eyes. What is the betrayal about anyways? People looking stupid for beefing with me alone, and in their head. The fact anyone knows I am in pain and am living a lie, a life that is not mine, and never could be, I could never be this lazy without depression making me so. Sunday, the 2nd is the day that the people who aren't who they say, and them trying the subliminal game, has only blown up in their face, they just don't know it yet. They must of gotten kicked from a place they could play at, instead of me being peaceful at.

What do they do, in their last time in Deans house? Obviously yell in my face, how it is their house, when I didn't even question it, that is how stupid they get, they tell on themselves, and I don't have to say a word. While harassing, gassing me for a reaction, which only showed how cruel they are, and not only do they not belong there, I don't belong around them, and they actually reside where I was coursed to. By manipulating others for no reason other than to start a fight, they believe they will never have to fight as themselves. Without saying a word, their actions proved they are the divide and conquer, miserable, cranky crew, who brings my vibration down by being where I am, so they don't have to go to work. Other's deserve that, way more than someone who poison's me every single time I leave, they break and enter into this closet sized room. When I was just in a place that, you do it once, and your gone. Now they are punishing me, for the things they have done to me.

Since they are not a solid 5 football fields away from me, and using whatever comes in the mail, which they steal, then why can't I live where they can't go anymore, because they only go do drugs there, so they don't show the owner who they really are, god only knows what else. Honestly, I don't want to be at that place, unless I was completely alone, even then it's iffy, I like the east/south side and that is my final decision. I don't want to be where a bum, who doesn't give a shit about anything, no wonder my mother left him, on the couch, 24/7. I would of been respected, when I said no to this outcome. There is so many federal laws broken daily, and seems as though an outsider, got inside, and I know who that is as well.

What people don't understand is the damage they have done to not only me, but the ones closest to me as well. As well as their own life, when you no longer get my mail. That is what it is, I get checks from my fathers crew, called my allowance, and they keep it from me, as well as keep me from bettering myself. It's like excuse me, I don't care that you are not ambitious, until you bring your low vibrations into my world. This is my world, so why should I be sitting here broke, because these lazy bitches, who can go to work, mentally and physically steal my allowance, I haven't seen a dollar that hasn't been attached to a fraud for awhile. They don't understand how lucky they are that they can work, they have a car to get them their, and they have their own life, which I am positive isn't effected by someone pretending to be their friend, only to harass and threaten.

The main point of this story is this, if you can watch someone suffer, or be the part of keeping what is mine, away from me, and then sleep soundly, knowing your the reason I am suffering. Ever since the discard I did not see coming, plus deep down, still doesn't feel right, and why is that?

The place they invaded, again was my way out of where I am now, that place people are happy for others, that life truly doesn't exist, after seeing I have a paper trail, stating he doesn't exist. One day these people are going to invade the wrong house, and I'll get back everything they have taken, and then some. Not to mention, where I currently live, they get off on clogging up all receptors that produce happiness. Pre-meditate much?

It is hard to wrap my head around why people are so cruel. Too force me off my bike, that my father made for me, a safe place, and took the second pair of eyes, who has or had common sense to see the dumb shit people be doing.

If you say sorry, and meant it, the simple truth is, I wouldn't be here. You wouldn't keep gassing me, where my limbs fall asleep, but I wish you would run out of it faster, I was shown you will run out of this gas that you put in the air, to ensure I can't feel happiness. If the one who whispers sorry to me often, and as other people, was in fact sorry, I would have been left alone in a place that my father made for me, and me only, but I enjoy sharing my blessings, what I won't do anymore is share with anyone, willing who won't do the same for me.

I am in a fake ass dimension that I could be picked up anytime from, because we are not in South Dakota, but the people here have been, and the lack of connections, is the exact reason I move back to Colorado.

We all live our own life's, I am trying to better mine, and get better. I don't want the kind of attention that these ones around me want, negative, wa wa wa attention, hell nah. I am looking to get better, and there is someone actively keeping me from that, so check out that story, it will be written soon.

When this pattern of people pulling me around, as if I am not me, and my current last name has better security than this. Changing my name has prompted things, anyone who may read this, and thinks your love is reaching me, it is not and it is being stolen. While the females that are suspect in my friends death, pull me from where I was getting better, and my angels bed is at, in my bike room, unless your from way way back, you won't understand, and it shows. The life you took, to try and replace to who knows who, was actually a good person, who did her job great, intentially or not, she had a lighter leash, and just because you drive a car that a lighter leash was once in, doesn't make you anyone important. One thing I believe these wannabes are slowly learning, is that Apt 11, wasn't what it seemed and was made for me, my R and R. Who I wish would strong arm this whole situation and produce change for the better, for me for once, after all anyone with a brain knows that, it's enough. The place the same invaders, hunted me down, knowing that this has nothing to do with them. A place where it's big enough for a dance studio, someone there to connect with daily, oh and not to mention that, the pink and purple was his idea. Unconcerned about it at the time, because that person was also doing their job. A job that many people who loved me before I changed my name, are the only ones who deserve it. I changed my name and that is when everybody and I mean everyone changed up on me, knowing the only reason I changed it was to symbolize our undying bond, and hopefully once again, my reality would appear. Now forcing me into my head without a single connection, and for some odd reason, I can't make money no matter what.

The first weekend after the new year, is when the frauds came in, standing eye to eye, and chasing me around a place that is not even theirs, after seeing me down, they came and kicked me, discard me, since they got this battery dying vape.

My higher power needs to force a change, turn them tables, because I get it now, if you can fall asleep, knowing someone is hurting, you are not family and will never get into my life, if that bike in a place I can come off of trauma mode and rest up, it will return. However the people who sleep soundly tonight in a place they don't even belong, cannot be there if I go back, and neither can the idiots that chase me around, then act hurt after they hurt me.

I need it my way for sanity and to keep alive for my son, so if you go to sleep tonight, without a worry in the world, don't get too comfy, because the only one who has all worries, is the only one who is constantly worried.

People take music so seriously, that only started in 2015, when this went on long before that, this is my wish, when you sleep soundly, not caring if I am dead or alive, and to top the cake, they took away my only connection that would help me get back up. I am human, and the room that was taken from me, before I said yes, I clawed my way to and earned the fuck out of it.

As you zzzz tonight, remember things can and often will can turn at the blink of an eye, and I know this isn't where I belong. A place where me being happy is unacceptable, is never a place for me, if I have to over take meds, to tolerate everything, then its not for me. We are not like minded at all, I want to become better, they want to open sugar packets, empty them, and fill them with salt, and re-seal them with a vacuum sealer that I didn't take when offered, if I knew that it would be used for that purpose, I would of just taken it.

When I say again these people take music too seriously, they only hear what they want to hear, never do they gain wisdom, they just find ways to stay stagnant (a character trait that I don't fuck with) since 2014. Purposely my emotions are messed with for no reason, expect maybe a bully (coward) entertainment, that bitch should change the channel, because nothing lasts forever.

My father (the paid ones) the ones you wish you were, would never allow any of this, therefore what this place has showed me is that they are copy cats, who took me out of a comfort zone, I was trying to adjust to, and just when I start adjusting and become comfortable, BOOM they treat me like I am not the reason they are in any residence they are in. If you house jump, it just means you don't have one, and no matter how many times you say something is yours, it's not. That comfort feeling is one I haven't had since 2011. To remove me from my dead friends bed, to work traffic me, and not pay me more than once, lets not forget daily abuse, gassing, and put chemicals in my body, I don't want, yes I do have so much proof, it's stupid they keep doing it.

They did all this, since they were desperate to be needed again, only to leave me when I need them the most, is a pattern of the newbies 2014 to this day, and I think they have me confused with someone who allows that, because I don't. I have living standards, and if you can't meet them, don't drag me down to your level, because I will never be on your level, simply because I leave people alone, and I should attract like minded people, not the past that is so irrelevant.

Actions and effort, period. The subliminal game they wish they could follow through with, proves that I began to glow again, and people who will soon be specks, just can't stand to see me glow and shine, which is sad, since that tells me they never glow or shine. There is not a female or male on this earth, round or flat that I would want in my corner acting the dumb ass way they do, constantly and it is just their behavior. Does not mean I have to participate in it, but I am being forced to. As I write this with numb finger tips, from the gas in the air, or it's after effects, I just think to myself, how miserable and bothered do ones need to be, to hunt down someone they don't know, like period. Unless I speak to you daily, you don't know me, and I would never claim to know you, that looks embarrassing.

No matter my efforts to be better, I get dragged to a rock bottom that I didn't even know existed, because my actions, would never lead me to where I get forced.

Sunday, like on May 10th, someone was under the impression that someone left and all that progress that was forced on me, because I was doing better with another female figure in my life, showed that they were never in it for me, but for themselves or just to not see me happy.

They must have forgotten that I have a whole ass life outside of this fuckery. Go sleep well, something I should be doing, with what I took, (but gas gas gas) I am sick of being awake for another's benefit, while I am truly in my darkest days to date, but they know that and use it against me. Someone needs to intervene, like bad.

Where I live, the owner saw the pain of what he is allowing caused, so what does he do, the same exact thing, sleep well tonight, knowing I am suffering and you should of listened to the one who said you wont get paid for that, its true, no body is going to pay you real money to hurt the hand that feeds the lower levels, someone who is truly hurting, but sadly that is what this fake world is all about, and I just don't want to be a part of it any longer.

Every electronic device I have would go out the window, if I would never have to be here again, I have a boy or girl, they lost all respect for themselves, so they don't even care, what they do care about is projecting their reality onto me, unaware of how stupid they sound. They were never there before 2016, so they don't deserve to be around in 2022, let alone stealing anything that comes through the mail for me and only me. Due to lack of respect, I have to repeat myself, and here it goes again, I don't allow certain behaviors around me, such as, jumping to calling cops, because someone is crying?? What would you say, this person we are lying to, manipulating, or trying to at least, someone we keep her from her real life for our benefit only, as well as steal her mail and impirsinate the goverment and doctors, is having an emotinal reaction to our abuse, yes I did threaten to kill her multiple times, and it's the only thing I am commited to, well she is upset, from living in our delusional minds. That is the jist. What a gangsta gangsta, to jump to calling the police, shows she hasn't learned yet, but he will come into your life, and everything you have done to others, puropley or not, he will drive you so insane, and you will end up with a charge, see I did my time with the non existant, seems like these frauds need some of that karma. None of this lie is me or was me, ever.

In Oct 2019, someone came around as someone they aren't, using the persona so I would stay in the car, for the whopping hour I did. He told me, he would save me from this Mike problem, and if or when he does, then I will never have to deal with anything I have since 2014, ever again. We have spoke about earsing the bad between us, (my sons father and myself) for awhile, well it's been his idea, and now it can become a reality. He shows up, and the last 6 years will dissapear from my mind, although it will not bring back the time away from my father, or will it bring my friend back. It would however leave these lazy ass thief's on their own for good. Something they need to experience, if they ever want to evolve in life.

Since it wasn't my person that came through in Oct 2019, it lead to the hopes of dividing, since my person or people never leave me empty handed, because I have never done that to them. I know my person legit feels bad I am in this lie, he is being lied to about many things, I wish he would roll up to my residence now to see the awful truth, just like my stalker mentioned at day labor, a washed up street rat was their goal, and that is what I look like considered to 6 years ago. Still pretty, but the lies has worn me down, as it would anyone. I know he could come fuck it up and pull me out, and I would say bye bye bike at any time. I only rock with ones who care about the well being of others, ones like minded. He is suppose to come with me, but if he wants to stay behind and get aggressively stalked like I have been, that is on him, I am in a position to not deny any real one who wants to be there for me, so if someone does what he hasn't yet, then it is what it is, after all he will sleep soundly tonight.

If anyone who has done the job free, wants to come around and find out what they keep from me, then job is theirs. It doesn't take much but a genuine ride or die, male or female, to produce change and take this stagnant idiot out of our lives forever, and yes the one my son doesn't like is still creeping around.

When I was in my bicycle room, (that costs nothing, so there is no excuses) so many opportunities popped up, and I see it now, it was only so I wasn't there, happy and healing on my bike. Now I need a permanent person who I have a connection with to come save me from this situation, that I did not chose, in fact I chose the opposite, and was very vocal about it.

You can't hold onto someone for their father's checks and credit forever, without it coming back on you, after all no one around has a clue about the other side of my family. and you Everyone knows what I am willing to do, to blow this lie up, once and for all.

It's the principle now, and sleep sound tonight fools and frauds, because after every day that passes that I struggle, the ones around me are just putting themselves in a debt they won't be able to pay. They keep me from what is mine, when all I want is a dynamic where others want to see each other win, not steal from them, they want to see others do better, and clap for them, instead of being envious, and plot on how to take what they did not earn, and quite frankly don't deserve.

It is always me first, when it comes to my father and me, It is me ONLY and that is a fact, wrap your head around it before your rose colored glasses fall off. Your behavior has taken many lives, but 2 for sure, 1 physically and 2 spiritually have died.

As my father anyone who knows the bond my father and I share have to believe he is gone to be acting so ratchet to me, remember rock stars don't say no. The ones that believe my father is gone and don't believe in the crew, have and keep shoving me the ground, not even thinking about all the people it's effecting, true colors, bury yourself indeed you did. I am already ran down, and would like to have it stop, asap.

I know my worth, with out someone, dragging me down, the love I can give is unimaginable to ones who hasn't experienced it. Other people deserve it more than the frauds I have dreaded since 2012, I am sure they might want it. However, all the ghosts here clog up my phone, so I can't even get out of here, to connect with anyone, then belittle me as another, knowing damn well who I am, their meal ticket, that when on my free will, I will be taking it elsewhere, sharing is caring, and all you have done is shown, that you are in fact not the type of people I attract. Since I am on the pursuit of happiness until I am happy, I won't stick around for no one, its my time to smile and laugh, it's been my turn, my father used to make me laugh, and if anyone knows how much of a difference like that matters. Anyone who is mad about someone I have had in my life since they jumped on the train, truly doesn't matter.

Sleep well, knowing how dirty you act and are, as well as seeing me doesn't mean competition, it means karma, so sleep well and think about all you have done to the innocent. I am just karma passing through, believe it or not, so goodnight and I will always remember how you treated me during these dark times, when all I needed was a real one and a fucking hug!

Your bionic nonsense, won't last forever.


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I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion

Just someone with a lot going on in her life, currently it's not as positive as my life usually is, but I am writing my way through it. After all nothing lasts forever..

I am hoping for more positive creations, and not true crime issues.

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